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Discussion in 'World Editor Help' started by YLivay, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. YLivay

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    I have a really wierd problem with setting the unit's collision size...
    All I'm trying to do is simply making a unit's collision radius bigger so it
    wont be able to walk through narrow paths.

    I changed the Raider's collision size to 96, and nothing changed,
    so I tried changing it to 1000. Suprisingly, it was not its collision radius that grew, it was its attack range!

    I've read somewhere that you have to set the collision size to a collision size of another existing unit, but it didnt work.

    I tried changing the art scale, and that too didnt work.

    What am I doing wrong??!
  2. Komaqtion

    Komaqtion You can change this now in User CP.

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    It isn't collision size that does what you're looking for (Wierdly enough...) it's the pathing map... But units usually don't have that, but try changing it :D
  3. Baldar

    Baldar New Member

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    Pathing maps is only used for buildings I think
    Throught, I always get the desired effect by changing collision and size
  4. YLivay

    YLivay New Member

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    Nah, im pretty sure pathing map is for the shape of the collision area, and units have that set to circle by default and there's no changing that.

    Wierd, eh?
  5. YLivay

    YLivay New Member

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    Well?... where are all the so-called pros?
    Noone can help me with this minor problem?
  6. xXGauntletXx

    xXGauntletXx New Member

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    Try baldar's idea... it worked for me.
  7. YLivay

    YLivay New Member

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    Well, it doesnt work for me...
    This is my map:

    The orc raider should not be able to pass through the trees, but the peasant should be able to.

    So I tried changing the "Pathing - Collision Size" to 100 from 32:

    But it didnt work...
    What am I missing here?
  8. YLivay

    YLivay New Member

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  9. bumbaclo

    bumbaclo New Member

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    Collision size is what you're looking for (pathing map is buildings only, as mentioned), and it seems to work for everyone else but you. Only things i can think of why it might not work: 1) the opening for the trees is still too large - a collision of 100 is only slightly larger than a scout tower. if you can place a scout tower in there chances are the raider can still pass, 2) ive never heard of this but perhaps some units have intrinsic collision values - try changing the collision of another unit and trying again, 3) try changing the movement type from "horse" to "foot", just an experimental guess

    The reason why when you changed collision to 1000 that attack range seemed to increase is because: imagine the unit suddenly became 5 times larger but since you didnt change the model size it looks the same. Thus, their melee attack would become far longer than what it appears.

    Check the paint image to see what i mean :).

    Regardless, the fact that the attack range "increased" is proof that the collision field is working and there is some other reason behind this.

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  10. YLivay

    YLivay New Member

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    Thanks for the quick detailed reply.
    1) I checked with a kodo beast unit, and it couldnt pass those trees,
    having only 48 collision.
    I tried changing the collision to 48 as well with no success

    2) I also thought about changing from horse to foot - didnt work.

    3) I am a programmer. I have at least a bit of experience and logic
    to understand that larger collisions means larger attack range,
    but what I dont understand is why the movement pathfinding is uneffected by the collision size as well...

    How come it works for everyone else but me??
    Could you possibly try changing the collision size for the raider's unit?
    Maybe its something specific to it...

    I'm now experimenting on other units.
  11. HeX.16

    HeX.16 Isn't Trollin You Right Now

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    Base the unit off your kodo and change model and such. There is the problem fixed IMO.
  12. bumbaclo

    bumbaclo New Member

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    Agreed. No need to be so fixated on using the Raider as a base model.
  13. YLivay

    YLivay New Member

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    Still wont work...
    I failed to notice earlier, but it wasnt the collision size of the kodo beast which made it stay in its place instead of chasing my unit between the trees, its the fact that it wont even try to chase it in the first place.

    I tried basing the raider on other units with no success...
    Im starting to think World Editor is simply bugged...
  14. Izuverg

    Izuverg New Member

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    Ahoy, 8 years old mates!
    I think it is a constraint of warcraft.exe, not a bug of editor.
    Maximum collision size working for me is 48. Units behave as intended before this value.
    Float units behave less predictable. Looks like their collision size is even less.
    Most Probably this trouble can be solved by trigger or jass well enough it is worth it.
    Another solution is to reduce everything, so that 48 seem to be a huge collision size

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