[Pen 'n' Papper] Thugs and scoundrels!

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Anderzzon, Mar 11, 2012.

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    I have no idea if this is new or not to the forums (or even if this is the right section) but here goes:

    I am planning a campaign of sorts for my friends and it'll be my first 'serious' attempt at DM'ing. We're playing the Swedish role-playing game called Drakar och Demoner, and even though it has been called the equivalency of D&D for quite a while, there will be no rule related questions since they use different systems. Here is the gist of it all:

    The heroes have arrived in a town near their home. The travelers are guarding a caravan sent from their tribe (they are part of a tribe of mountain men) and the first thing that happens is that they get robbed blind by the ‘racist’ city guard, they are left with a dagger and some gold pieces which the hunter in the group had enough foresight to hide in his boot. One thing leads to another and they end up in a crazy slummy tavern called “The Vulgar Simpleton” where they start finding work.

    The idea is that they have no real choice in the matter, they have to eat and they can’t leave the city since they need to get their wagon, which holds most of their gear, back. And even though they are a proud people and have never even thought about going into a life of crime they are now forced into it.

    Anyways, why I am here is simple. I am looking for people that hang out in this tavern. A short back-story and some appearance. Why do they hang out at the Simpleton? Remember even though most people that do hang there are thugs and scoundrels not all have to be.

    Do you have a shady character that might even have a quest? Then share! All contributions are more than welcome.


    EDIT: I just realised that this might be a tad bit light on the information side of the town and so on. If you are interested and want some more information on background, setting and so on tell me.
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    erm, is this on any sort of game? Eg a w3 or SC map?
    If so, this is the wrong place to post this. Look at the Members' Projects under the correct Game Heading.
    If not, then please describe in more detail as to what this will be like.

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