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This is based off an AoM spell, however my spell is simpler and does different things but all in all it looks the same.

In AoM, the bats bring to life any units it kills for your army and the arrow does not stun.

This is not MUI.

Shoots out a black arrow, which when it reaches the target point, it stuns the units hit and, bats fly out in all directions dealing damage to all units in range. Damage increases the higher the level is.






(The little ripple in the water was where the Black Arrow landed)

(Also take note: It looks way better ingame)

Black Arrow
        Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability
        (Ability being cast) Equal to Black Arrow 
        Set BA_Points[21] = (Position of (Triggering unit))
        Set BA_Points[22] = (Target point of ability being cast)
        Set BA_Level = (Level of Black Arrow  for (Triggering unit))
        Unit - Create 1 Dummy Unit for (Owner of (Triggering unit)) at BA_Points[21] facing (Facing of (Triggering unit)) degrees
        Unit - Order (Last created unit) to Neutral Tinker - Cluster Rockets BA_Points[22]
        Unit - Add a 5.00 second Generic expiration timer to (Last created unit)
        Custom script:   call RemoveLocation(udg_BA_Points[21])
        Wait 0.80 seconds
        Trigger - Run Bats <gen> (ignoring conditions)

More Code:
        For each (Integer A) from 1 to 20, do (Actions)
            Loop - Actions
                Set BA_Points[(Integer A)] = (BA_Points[22] offset by 10.00 towards (18.00 x (Real((Integer A)))) degrees)
                Unit - Create 1 Dummy Unit for (Owner of (Triggering unit)) at BA_Points[22] facing (18.00 x (Real((Integer A)))) degrees
                Unit - Set level of Black Arrow Dummy  for (Last created unit) to BA_Level
                Unit - Add a 3.00 second Generic expiration timer to (Last created unit)
                Unit - Order (Last created unit) to Undead Dreadlord - Carrion Swarm BA_Points[(Integer A)]
                Custom script:   call RemoveLocation(udg_BA_Points[bj_forLoopAIndex])
        Custom script:   call RemoveLocation(udg_BA_Points[22])


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>>This is based off an AoM spell
Actually, what is "AoM" ?
Aircraft Operating Manual came to my mind.

And, where is the screenshot?
>>probably the best coded wc3 game out there
Obviously you are pointing about other games are rubbishes.

I wonder why not put 2 code in 1 spoiler tag?..

And, have a nicer tooltip next time in your spell?
Have a nicer tooltip? Um wtf?

>I wonder why not put 2 code in 1 spoiler tag?..

Spoiler tags are pimp.

Anything else that really is about the spell? Like codeing, eye candy etc.
Did you realise that the enemy is stunned before the arrow is reached?

Edit -
>>Is this spell MUI ?
I don't think so... there is Wait 0.80 in his code.
so, its essentially a nova spell that has almost no relation to the AoM spell apart from visuals... imo, its pretty bland, nothing really original in it (considering A: you made it look like an AoM spell and B: its a nova, and there isnt anything new/interesting about nova spells as far as im concerned)

edit: also, you could have just used 2 points variables with no arrays, rather than using one variable with arrays. creating/destroying points that dont have an array is alot easier than doing it with points that have arrays
In case you didn't notice, a spell with a similar name has recently been approved in the section. You might want to change your spell's name.
Anman64 if you would like I can make a JASS version probably tomorrow or into the Weekend and post it.

  • The tooltip and spell name don't fit. This is Phantom Arrow, not Black Arrow. Might want to fix some syntax issues in the tooltip. There is also no "Learn" tooltip.
  • I noticed one thing while testing (and fixed it): The arrow is launched from far above the head of the ranger. Reducing the "Art - Projectile Launch - Z" field under "Dummy Unit" in the Object Editor solved this.
  • This spell is maybe a bit too simplistic...

The spell being too simple shouldn't prevent it from being approved, although further spells should be developped a little more ;)

Fix those small issues and I will approve it.

Keep it up!

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