PICTURES! New computer, Cat, Snow, Yay.


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Ah, im loving our 90 degees weather out here in cali, but nice cat and computer :D


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I have maybe an inch and a half of snow here in Massachusetts. Damn cold though.

Nice cat. Very cute. Reminds me a bit of one of my cats.


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Im_On_56k said:
Theres only a tad big of snow here in Canada Ontario. Nothing like your picture.
May not be much snow but thairs pretty high wind chill, was I think -25 or so in the morning today. (Ottawa Ontario)

Note to self.. figure out quote-ee things...


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Thanks :D

My cat and I have a nice existance. Don't really interact at all. I work on PC, she sits in the pc chair next to me. I watch TV, she sits on the coffee table and watches outside.

Quiet, low maintanance. :D

Dat why I really do hate dogs - they always want your attention, most are yappy, jump on people who come over, and never shut up. Plus lots more work.

She a real wuss tho; indoor cat. Scared to even jump. Can't meow - she squeeks.

Sorry about your cat Silver. :(


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Nice computer. Saw a fdew screenshots from BF2 on your computer and it looks pretty good, I might have to look into getting one.

WOAH DUDE, damnit I want to move to Ohio. It's 5 in the afternoon and still like 80 degrees here. :( I wish it would SNOW ALREADY.


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It runs it really well

Just had some complications with the power supply and heat in the little box. Thats why I added those two scorpion fans

Then the new power supply? has THEE LONGEST cables I have ever seen in my life. Each trunk of wires is 3' long or so. So it was hard to find places for all the extra; I am thinking about cutting them still.

And the PSU was bigger - look at picture three - I have like ONE INCH in there to work with

But it was a bitch to bore the 2.65" holes into the windows without scratching em, so I mess em a little. NOW after the fact I have better ideas how to do that though. Learning. Definetly a mod job tho.

Came out OK tho


Thing is, it runs it really smooth. But my connection something is wrong.

I join servers with 75 ping or so to me.

But when I get in the game, it jutters with lag.

Like the sniper rifle? I will take my hands of both keyboard and mouse, and touch NOTHING - and the scope jutters around - NOT STAY STILL

People hit me with three bullets and I die.

But I walk up from behind them? And lay DIRECTLY into their back? And they dont die. Its such damn BS and I dont know why

So I like to play commander - online lag is irrelevant.

I have 5mb/s cable (we never see those speeds though) so I DONT KNOW WHY I can't play like everyone else and own

Unreal was never a problem...


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I dont have the new unreal.

I run BF2 at 1024x768 everything on high, its pretty damn smooth

But I went with $120 card not something thats like $200. Does have 256 ram on it. Look - it like cuts my case in half.

Its just that online juttering anoyying god damn lag thats driving me up the frikken WALL


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Thing is that Pent 'D' dual is awesome for multask

Say I doing tutorial site

I have WE open for screen shots, Ulead for editing, text editors, a few explorer windows, a few internet windows, plus the messangers and anything else I was reading or need

And it runs and switches almost instant - its alot better than what I was doin

I still can't switch to windows in BF2 very well - its killer on the comp doin that


That is so cool.

You should put something on the opposite site of where they keyhole is. So then it can look like its alive, and a happy face.

The sofa in the background of the cat picture looks exactly the same as my sofa.


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it snowed a few days ago here, and is supposed to storm tommorow night, been about 25 around my house, gd cold if you ask me

comp looks neat, really teeny though, how does everything fit? my comp is packed and its twice that size


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#1: Full view of setup (dual monitors, Phaser 560 Color Laser printer, systems).

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Speaking of lots of snow, it just stopped snowing over here. We have a good 2 inches more snow than in Ryoko's picture. Which is awesome, because snow rocks.
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