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Pineapple Tower Defence is an interesting tower defence. Why? Because it’s both a solo and a team tower defence! You probably don’t know what I mean by that; let me explain.

It’s for up too eight players, and all the players are on the same team, working to win. Each player has their own area that the others can’t reach. But! Once the enemies get through your small square of defence they go to the center of the map, which is no-mans-land. Here they make a final break for the very center, and once they reach it you lose a life. The catch is, as no-mans-land implies, anyone can go and build there. So everyone can work together to catch the leaks and maybe get a few extra kills while your at it.

Sounds a little more like a team tower defence than a group one. But, new to Version 2.0 (Currently under construction) There is a new feature, your Score! When you kill an enemy, your score goes up, when you make a building, your score goes up, when you get placed in a quest your score goes up. When you leak into the center? Score down. When you lose a life? Everyone’s score goes down.

Wait, Quests..?

Yes, a new feature for this version to go hand in hand with your Score. Quests work like achievements, you need to perform a certain action or meet specific requirements to complete the quest. Each quest has three places (first, second, third). When you complete a quest in first you get 100% the Score boost (To get first, you have to get the quest before anyone else); second gets 75%, and lastly third gets 50%. After that, you get nothing for meeting the requirement. As you can imagine, it would be best with more people per game so quests can actually be a race.

So what does all this quest and score stuff give you? Some quests might give away gold. But every five levels the game will see whose in first place and gives them a random tower (Weaker towers earlier on). And by random, I mean it can be from any race! The guy playing undead could get himself a troll!

The Towers Man! The Towers!

Okay, enough about Score. What else is there? Well, unlike version 1.23, version 2.0 aims to make all towers unique in some way. Most common method is through abilities. Each tower will have unique abilities or something that makes them special. (For their race) So, unlike most TD’s there won’t be a tower that’s just a direct upgrade of an old one.

That’s nice. What else can you expect? Towers can be set by you to attack a random target (within its range). What’s the point of that? Funny you should ask. A single target slow tower is unless, isn’t it? It just slows one unit till it dies; then moves on. So, what if the tower was to attack a bunch of enemies, slowing them all, instead of trying to kill them? A slow tower should work to slow, not kill! Of course, you can have fun and set any tower to attack randomly or not! It’s entirely your choice.

What Races are there?

So far there are the Trolls, the Undead, the Elementals, and the Venom.

Trolls – The trolls are the easiest race to start with, fast towers, plenty of icy slow and some splash. The Dark Trolls are all able to critically hit, the Ice Trolls can all slow. A Forest Troll Trapper can net a flying unit, immobilizing it for a time. The Troll Warlord makes your other trolls stronger. They also have a variety of attack types. They are the most user friendly race.

Undead – Here is a race that’s a constant struggle from start till end. They have slower than average projectiles and very poor slowing ability. On the bright side they have great splash and great damage; though they can be slow at times. They like to hit hard and hope they don’t need to hit again. With mostly siege damage you will laugh of fortified enemies, but some other levels might prove difficult. Placement is important for these guys! Half the units are plagued with a disease cloud they are eager to share.

Elementals – These guys are hard to use. Their towers are all over the map! Some fast, some slow, some with effects, some without. And yet, there are two tier four towers in this race instead of the standard one. How does all this work together? Harmony, you got to balance all the elementals have to offer to succeed.

Venom – Ah, the Venom race is filled with poison towers; three different kinds of poisons, spider, muscle, and toxic. Toxic poisons deal damage, muscle poisons slow, and spider poisons do a little of both. This race is tricky to play and is a difficult race in the early levels. Tower placement is key to the Venom race. With lots of single target slows and damages, the few towers with splash should hate to be after those. Single target slows really breaks groups apart. Once you can find where all the towers belong, the race will soar ahead to victory.

Can They Upgrade?

Yes! Well, some can. It will probably be best for me to explain. There is two ways to upgrade. Tier one towers can be upgrades fairly cheap, they end of serving the same purpose as before, but they get stronger so they don’t become obsolete. The other form of upgrading is on your Race Selection Hub. You can upgrade all your abilities here with just one button. How?

Well first off, all abilities start of disabled. You need to train your first stage of abilities (thus enabling it.) This is typically one of the first things venom would do, whereas undead wouldn’t mind waiting for it. Then you can upgrade to Advanced Abilities, this makes all your abilities stronger and more effective, then you can get your Heroic Abilities, just like Advanced ones, they become stronger than before. But, it’s a game of balancing, upgrading isn’t cheep, and why upgrade if you don’t have anything that would benefit from it!

Now for the Short Version...
  • 4 races, each with 10 or more towers.
  • 30 levels, ending with a play time of around 30 minutes.
  • A new and improved Multiboard, showing off all the players names, amount of kills, their Score, the teams lives, the difficulty, and the current level.
  • 4 Difficulties to play on, the harder the difficulty the faster the enemies!
  • Tower Requirements! You need to get the early towers to open access to the best!
  • Score System to bring an edge of competitiveness and reward to the game.
  • Quests, so there is more to do than just build towers aimlessly.
  • Ability to set towers to attack random targets instead of the same one constantly.


This game was Made by Pineapple, me. =D

Anyone interested in testing just drop a post and I’ll be sure to contact you. Any and all ideas are welcome! I will not how ever credit you for mere ideas, if you provided the work to make it such as a system I would be sure to credit however. (I.e. telling me that I should have a tower that explodes wont get credited if I chose to make that. Giving me a system that makes towers explodes would get credit.)


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I'd be able to test if you want, just reinstalled Warcraft III.
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