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We already covered that the optimizer is busted (can't be used with AI natives). Until the optimizer is fixed, the var names stay ;p
I don't get it.

Which of those can't be triggered?
>implying the world cares about .0003 seconds
It's a lot more than .00003, especially with


native GetUnitGoldCost takes integer unitid returns integer
native GetUnitWoodCost takes integer unitid returns integer

Those 2 are hardcore to code from scratch.

This one can't even be done
[ljass]native GetUnitBuildTime takes integer unitid returns integer[/ljass]

This one would be a lot slower (huge enum, lots of dynamic code)
[ljass]native GetPlayerUnitTypeCount takes player p, integer unitid returns integer[/ljass]

It's not just about speed here, it is also about simplicity. A huge cumbersome lib for retrieving unit costs or the natives. A group enum + a filter method for retrieving unit type count (with a global read, code gets messy) or a simple native call...
If you just get an MPQ editor (dime a dozen) and just manually correct the naming of the AI natives and any ExecuteFunc or TriggerRegisterVariableEvent, your problems are solved. Best of both worlds - readable variable names and speed.

That's the best solution to this problem.
Sanely better solution that requiring you to study the code for loads longer than necessary in order to find out what it does. MPQ editor every time you OPTIMIZE the map. How often does that happen? Not nearly as often as you find yourself debugging the thing or having a user figure out how it works, I can assure you of that. Optimization should be only for publicly-released maps, and maybe for benchmarks.
Better yet, make another function that returns UnitAlive. It's one function call slower, but then you just correct the UnitAlive inside of it.
While this has uses, I don't think it is worth its own system. Using PlayerAlliance should be good enough, unless you're a nitwit.

I'm going to graveyard this for now, as it is too map specific.
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