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Discussion in 'The Writer's Corner' started by hortononon, Jul 29, 2007.

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  1. hortononon

    hortononon "I give em the hip then I take it away"-Jim Thorpe

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    Poetry Contest 3!

    Previous Contests
    Poetry Contest [2]

    [lol] i just copied previous [/lol]

    I'm proud to host the Poetry Contest [3]! So let's make this a good contest!


    XXXconanXXX, Hortononon


    You must write about a life changing experience. The experience doesn't have to be yours. You are aloud to make one up. There is no limit to how you write the poem.

    You may submit any type of poem, so long as it relates to the topic stated above.
    There is no limit on length.
    It must be one that YOU have written, and it cannot be one that you've posted on this site previously. We cannot prevent you from posting an older poem, but it must be new to this site.
    Any copying of another member's poem, or copying of any previously-written poem [even if you wrote it] will result in disqualification. You will also be banned from the next few Poetry Contests, provided we continue this tradition.

    Emotion - Does the poem emit any kind of emotion, or make the reader feel a certain way? Or does it seem flat and uninteresting?
    Flow - Does the poem have any kind of flow? Or does it seem choppy and hurried?
    Originality - Have we all seen poems like this before? Or maybe you've created something fresh.
    Grammar/Spelling - Is the poem legible and grammatically correct? [Very important. Completely unreadable poems will be thrown out of the contest.]
    Word Quality - Do you use some interesting words to spice up your poem? Or did you over-complicate things to the point where we needed a dictionary to understand what you said?
    Visuals - Does your poem create a picture in the reader's mind?


    Each poem will be judged as follows [by the listed judges, that is]:

    Emotion - X/20 - Concentrate on expression whatever emotion it is your poem is about because that will be where you earn the most points.
    Flow - X/20 - Flow is always important in poetry. Most poetry rhymes, some have other requirements, but ALL sorts of poetry should flow. Test the flow of your poem by reading it out loud to yourself.

    Originality - X/20 - You should always try to create something new when writing. Originality will can make or break your score.
    Grammar/Spelling - X/10 - In a contest based upon writing, we assume that all the participants can spell and write fairly well. If your poem is in text talk, it will be thrown out. If you constantly use words incorrectly, or don't punctuate your words and sentences, it will hurt your score.

    Word Quality - X/10 - Using simple words throughout the entire poem means there's not much depth in it. You can use more meaningful words to replace things like "sad" or "happy", etc. etc. However, do not over-complicate things. Big words do not make you smart if you don't use them properly.

    Visuals - X/20 - One of our greatest talents as writers is the ability to paint a picture in another person's mind. It's a beautiful gift to be able to create visuals and it can win or lose this contest for you.

    Naturally, if you add up all the possible top scores in each category, you will get 100. Your score will, obviously, be X/100 Highest score wins!

    August 20, 2007

    The winner should be announced by August 29, 2007.

    The winner will get a bundle of rep from all the judges and participants, not to mention anyone else who may happen to see that they won. Not only that, but you get to host the NEXT contest and choose the theme/edit the rules! You do not have to be a judge if you don't want to, though.

    Lets Do it! (this is my catchphrase):cool:

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  2. Rheias

    Rheias New Helper (I got over 2000 posts)

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    Not one of by best poems, but a decent one I think. Let me know what you think.

  3. hortononon

    hortononon "I give em the hip then I take it away"-Jim Thorpe

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    i liked it
    but im not sure if what im thinking is what its about
    so could you clarify the meaning for me?
  4. Rheias

    Rheias New Helper (I got over 2000 posts)

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    Actually, I hate explaining my poems, I think they should be personal so each one can understand them in his way. Explaining them kind of makes you feel only what I feel when I wrote the poem, which in my opinion kind of cancels the meaning that I put to my poems, which is to give you personal experience. If you insist I could give an explanation, but I rather not to.
  5. TrustFactor

    TrustFactor New Member

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    i'll be joining, just need to think of what to write :p
  6. hortononon

    hortononon "I give em the hip then I take it away"-Jim Thorpe

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    ha i thought ud say that,
    ya u dun have to explain it, just let us interpret it our own way
    but very nice poem
  7. Monsterous

    Monsterous In the Shadows, Lurking.

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    A man walks down a road
    Carrying a silent gun
    He comes down into a house
    Angered - shoots the mum

    He comes down upon the father
    Shoots him through the head
    He tries to shoot the daughter
    Angry though, she fled

    Yes this is the event of my life
    And things will never renew
    The Murderer has not been caught
    Anger has never flew

    Whatever you may think of me
    Beware of what i say.
    For everyday in your life
    Anger will rule the way

    It does not matter if your path
    Be askew or very straight
    It does not matter by temper
    Anger will rule your fate

    It only matters on control.
    Have little or alot
    From small things to big things
    Angry things you forgot.

    Anger, Anger, Anger.
    Anger rules your way
    Anger will always lead...
    Lead your path Astray!

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  8. Miz

    Miz Administrator

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    I may enter depending if I have time ^^
  9. DM Cross

    DM Cross You want to see a magic trick? Staff Member

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    I will not be handling anything in this contest. Hopefully there won't be a tie and if there is, figure out another way to break it or get a third judge before it happens. Sorry, guys. Maybe next time.
  10. Miz

    Miz Administrator

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    I could be tie break Judge if you want if not
    I'm still deciding to enter...
  11. hortononon

    hortononon "I give em the hip then I take it away"-Jim Thorpe

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    fine fine well just figure something out, there prolly wont be a tie, if there is maybe we will just use favoritism:D
  12. hortononon

    hortononon "I give em the hip then I take it away"-Jim Thorpe

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    why is this not with the "please read" threads anymore seth?
  13. Halahan

    Halahan To die will be an awfully big adventure.

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    I'm guessing its not stickied cause of someone is going to enter then they won't forget about it and it will soon be back at the top of the list anyway for anyone who hasn't heard about it yet, which is a small chance :shades:

    This was my five hundredth post :)

    (lol Seth you disabled rep?)
  14. Miz

    Miz Administrator

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    I found the 1st part of this poem one of my pages in my Journal
    I had no clue what it was written or called but it was unfinished so I finished it....

    Anyway this is quite easy what it is about

    Inconvenient Truth
    As the clock ticks,
    We try to find happiness,
    Unknowing that we have found it,
    When life and death become apparent,
    We forget what we were looking for,
    As our Sins are measured,
    We treated Life as if it was nothing,
    In till we saw the end of the dark tunnel,
    Then all we wish for is life,
    As the your eternal destiny is found,
    You find that ,
    This is inconvenient truth,

    And Yes Death is a life changing experience.
  15. hortononon

    hortononon "I give em the hip then I take it away"-Jim Thorpe

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    lol more of a life threatening experience but ill give it to ya.
    I liked the poem.
    But one of the things well judge on is grammar, i dont think im aloud to point things out in your poem and tell you to fix them, but i will say there are grammatical errors.;)
  16. Nestharus

    Nestharus o-o

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    I find true peace in my own solitude it seems. No lights beckon, no bridges expand beyond the dim shores to the other worlds afar.

    Perhaps it is in my own solitude that I will find happiness, for to depend upon others or be with others seems to only end in terrible battle.

    With free will comes the difference of opinion, and with that comes that eternal fight that seems to wane on and on through each age.

    I hereby withdraw my poem so that I may keep it to myself. I will no longer share my works..

    I take my leave
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  17. Halahan

    Halahan To die will be an awfully big adventure.

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    I don't know If I'm going to enter now.... that poem is one of the best poems I've ever read, and I don't think mine could stand up to it, and I don't see the point in entering. :rolleyes:
    Maybe I just need to work on the poem.

    definitely + rep
  18. hortononon

    hortononon "I give em the hip then I take it away"-Jim Thorpe

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    ummm the apocalypse? im not to good at finding meanings

    cmon Halahan if your a quitter than you dont belong in the writers corner you belong in the [laugh at this pun] Quitter's Corner [/laugh at this pun]
    o and great great poem nesth, but dont be discouraged halahan ur a good poet so enter!
  19. Nestharus

    Nestharus o-o

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    Nop ^_^

    A lot of people have been thinking it was about an apocalypse, but remember

    The contest was about a life changing event? ^^

    Look deeper

    I usually write poems with many more meanings than one... Meaning one poem can tell lotsa different stories = )

    The deepest story is the true meaning
  20. Miz

    Miz Administrator

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    > but i will say there are grammatical errors.

    Lucky for me that grammar isn't worth that much but you can't give me a 0 for a few errors. ^^ so I'm not that worried
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