Poetry Contest 3

Discussion in 'The Writer's Corner' started by hortononon, Jul 29, 2007.

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  1. Miz

    Miz Administrator

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    Well 2nd whatever
    good enough ^^
  2. Ghan

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    Anyway, at this point, in an effort to put this sticky mess behind us, I'm closing this thread.
    At this point, it seems that Conan is AWOL, so hortononon's results are final until Conan shows up. If ever.

    So, good competition everyone, but there's no point in beating the cat after it's already dead.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    And if you have a problem... go jump in a lake. :)
  3. XXXconanXXX

    XXXconanXXX Cocktails anyone?

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    Sorry for being so late guys, but here are my results -

    1st - Rheias
    2nd - Monsterous
    3rd - Mizuio-Ken
    4th - TrustFactor
    5th - Gman101112
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