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Discussion in 'The Writer's Corner' started by Monsterous, Sep 2, 2007.

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  1. Monsterous

    Monsterous In the Shadows, Lurking.

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    Previous Contest
    Poetry Contest 1 [Mer De Noms]
    Poetry Contest 2 [hortononon]
    Poetry Contest 3 [Monsterous]​

    Against my own will locked in a jail... I am here to say...

    Welcome to the Poetry Contest 4!!!

    The Contest is now Over. Sorry for all those worked up to join .

    The Results!



    War. Thats right, all the troubles, deaths, tragedies and so forth. Write about a soldier's life in the army, a woman who misses her sons, or what its like to snipe someone.

    • You may submit any type of poem, so long as it relates to the topic stated above.
    • There is no limit on length.
    • It must be one that YOU have written, and it cannot be one that you've posted on this site previously. We cannot prevent you from posting an older poem, but it must be new to this site.
    • Any copying of another member's poem, or copying of any previously-written poem [even if you wrote it] will result in disqualification. You will also be banned from the next few Poetry Contests, provided we continue this tradition.

    1. Emotion - Does the poem emit any kind of emotion, or make the reader feel a certain way? Or does it seem flat and uninteresting?
    2. Flow - Does the poem have any kind of flow? Or does it seem choppy and hurried?
    3. Originality - Have we all seen poems like this before? Or maybe you've created something fresh.
    4. Grammar/Spelling - Is the poem legible and grammatically correct? [Very important. Completely unreadable poems will be thrown out of the contest.]
    5. Word Quality - Do you use some interesting words to spice up your poem? Or did you over-complicate things to the point where we needed a dictionary to understand what you said?
    6. Visuals - Does your poem create a picture in the reader's mind?


    Each poem will be judged as follows [by the listed judges, that is]:

    1. Emotion - X/20 - Concentrate on expression whatever emotion it is your poem is about because that will be where you earn the most points.
    2. Flow - X/20 - Flow is always important in poetry. Most poetry rhymes, some have other requirements, but ALL sorts of poetry should flow. Test the flow of your poem by reading it out loud to yourself.
    3. Originality - X/20 - You should always try to create something new when writing. Originality will can make or break your score.
    4. Grammar/Spelling - X/10 - In a contest based upon writing, we assume that all the participants can spell and write fairly well. If your poem is in text talk, it will be thrown out. If you constantly use words incorrectly, or don't punctuate your words and sentences, it will hurt your score.
    5. Word Quality - X/10 - Using simple words throughout the entire poem means there's not much depth in it. You can use more meaningful words to replace things like "sad" or "happy", etc. etc. However, do not over-complicate things. Big words do not make you smart if you don't use them properly.
    6. Visuals - X/20 - One of our greatest talents as writers is the ability to paint a picture in another person's mind. It's a beautiful gift to be able to create visuals and it can win or lose this contest for you.

    Naturally, if you add up all the possible top scores in each category, you will get 100. Your score will, obviously, be X/100 Highest score wins!

    Deadline Reached. Contest Over.

    The winner should be announced (hopefully) by the 10th of October, i'll try to get in earlier.

    The winner will get a bundle of rep from all the judges and participants, not to mention anyone else who may happen to see that they won. Not only that, but you get to host the NEXT contest and choose the theme! You do not have to be a judge if you don't want to, though.

    The Contestents
    Hortononon - Sent.
    Mizuio-Ken - Sent.
    Halo_King116 - Sent.
    Nestharus - Sent.
    Demonwrath - Sent.
    Seth Edgar Cross - Sent.
    Halahan - Sent.
    New_U.S. - Sent.​

    Play Nice People. :D
  2. hortononon

    hortononon "I give em the hip then I take it away"-Jim Thorpe

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    so i guess we are on our own for all the coming poetry contests (we won't have mods operating or judging..

    gl everyone

    and you can count me in Monsterous
  3. Monsterous

    Monsterous In the Shadows, Lurking.

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    Thee has been added.

    And thanks :)

    Fight the Power!!! :nuts:
  4. Miz

    Miz Administrator

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    Unless Krys or Seth wants to do it but
    Seth busy with his job and Krys jsut moved to collage so Idk

    Sweet I'm good with that :D
    Too bad I already wrote sacrifices of war and posted it but I think I can pull out another war poem so I guess I am in

    Unless you want me to judge of course
    What can I say I alway keep my options open ^^
  5. hortononon

    hortononon "I give em the hip then I take it away"-Jim Thorpe

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    made it kinda quick so the contestants would be in order..
    lemme know what ya think

    You’re watching the news in your comfortable chair,
    Seeing a war and pretending to care.

    A soldier is dying and thinking of friends,
    While your miniscule problems make you think it’s the end.

    You watch on TV as a bomb detonates,
    Then you scamper outside thinking you’re late.

    Men fight with their lives for peace in their home,
    And you don’t even apprehend the freedoms you own.

    Your car breaks down and you batter it with your fist,
    When a man in battle is shot in the wrist.

    This man does not even think of complaining,
    But picks up his gun and keeps on straining.

    Why is it that we think negative things,
    Even though we see what warriors bring.

    The noblest of men fight for us,
    I tell you now, give them your trust.

    They bring hope and pride,
    They are why you’re alive.

    I say with a passion, and passions are true,

    Appreciate them and respect what they do,

    Because they fight for me, and they fight for you.

    Man, do i love spoliers:D
  6. Monsterous

    Monsterous In the Shadows, Lurking.

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    I do like it :)

    Also, Mizuio-Ken has been added <3
  7. Halo_king116

    Halo_king116 Working As Intended

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    Bear with me, for I am no sculptor of words, nor am I a philosopher of war. I know very little about the subject as a whole.

    I am using Spoiler Tags for if someone doesn't want to read it, they don't have to because their ideas may get poisoned by my bad ones.

    The world's not the same, it never will be.
    As time passes by, you'll begin to see.

    It's not the war, pain, or death that I mean,
    But it's the bullet shot through us, ever so clean.

    Through our souls, our hearts, our very existence,
    The bullet stands for hate, the only resistance.

    What is it, you may ask, that fuels our wars?
    Money, lives, and unsettled scores.

    Though some wars may be fought for the wrong reasons,
    It's the soldiers we admire, unchanged through the seasons.

    They hold us together, their bravery within,
    Fighting for us, their countries and kin.

    Though we live our lives, while they’re at war,
    The lives they lived, an unfathomable door.

    They can’t go back, nor take back time,
    But they now understand the worth of a dime.

    I mean by this that they understand life,
    Knowing now that it’s like the tip of a knife.

    It can be used for both the right and the wrong,
    But there’s no happy ending, no tale or song,
    For the wars have happened, death coming along.

    Have a good one. :)
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  8. Miz

    Miz Administrator

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    Well I was going to wait to post it but because everyone else was doing it so early I guess I will too

    Killer of War
    As you end another life,
    You feel like your heart is being Tore out,
    Your emotions are not shown,
    As you take that other's life,
    You can not sleep at night,
    Seeing that person life being taken away,
    You forget why you fight,
    Why you kill,
    You wish to return home,
    As a hero not just a murderer,
    You wish for it to end,
    But the pain shall never end,
    As you are a Killer of War.

    Why not judge today :p
  9. Nestharus

    Nestharus o-o

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    Author Notes: Yes, I'm very pissed off. I hid it before, but I'm tired right now, so now I'm showing it. No, I'm not pissed at anyone, I'm just pissed. And I wasn't pissed about the editing of posts or anything, I only got angry from what followed, and that'll be pretty apparent...
    I'm resubmitting my older poem as it had to do with war... I don't care, it's not new to the site, so sue me. Don't like it, fine, this is the only thing I'm going to do on this thread, I don't want a whole other mess... I worked a long time on this poem and I still update it -.- so I'll be damned if I wrote it for no reason. If it's banned because it was already submitted, don't worry, I can keep submitting it to the next contest and the next etc etc until it's been tried fairly ^_-.

    Yes, this is called determination.

    A Dismal Lake

    A day away from day's last breath
    The moon crept out from 'neath dark's crest
    to light a lake so full of gloom...

    What war past thoughts flowed through the air,
    All ling'ring mem'ries ever snared.
    They lay in peace at bottom's shores
    To whither, whisp to nothing more.

    Lake! Veiled beneath the smoke of past
    Your children come from near and far.

    All sought such hopes that could be sought,
    But none would have your grimly heart,
    For day away from day's last breath
    You gave your light for naught but dark.​

  10. Halo_king116

    Halo_king116 Working As Intended

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    How many people usually enter in these contests? My sincerest apologies, but this is the first I've entered.

    Anyways... Nestharus. I don't know what happened last contest, and I tried to find out and it didn't turn out too well. Just make sure you don't cause any commotion.

    By that I don't mean it as something against you, or that you have done wrong - I just think it would be best if there were no arguments (Assuming this may cause some).

    Have a nice day. :)
  11. Miz

    Miz Administrator

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    Well when i was judge for the 1st and 2nd one
    There was I think 4? the 1st one and 5 or 6 the 2nd one

    The 3rd one had less i think
  12. Demonwrath

    Demonwrath Happy[ExtremelyOverCommercializ ed]HolidaysEveryon

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    I will join :D

    Now lets see what I can whip up...
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  13. Zakyath

    Zakyath Member

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    I'll probaly join. It's a matter of time and how I feel.
  14. Monsterous

    Monsterous In the Shadows, Lurking.

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    Come on people. Lets get busy!!! :D

    Its been silent for 4 days! Perhaps you are in a state of poetry? Or your just asleep thinking of a word to rhyme with "orange". (thats impossiblr by the way.)

    I await more submissions and posts! Lets get cracking!
  15. Demonwrath

    Demonwrath Happy[ExtremelyOverCommercializ ed]HolidaysEveryon

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    >Or your just asleep thinking of a word to rhyme with "orange". (thats impossiblr by the way.)

    Orange - Door-hinge (I think that is how you spell it)

    Ta-Da :D
  16. hortononon

    hortononon "I give em the hip then I take it away"-Jim Thorpe

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    the sounds are similiar but technically it doesnt rhyme, a word that rhymes with orange would have to end with "ange" and there is no other english word that ends in "ange," with the a having the same sound as the a orange so put your dictionaries and guides away..

    case closed:)
  17. Demonwrath

    Demonwrath Happy[ExtremelyOverCommercializ ed]HolidaysEveryon

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    i have always learnt that there r 2 types of rhyming:

    1. where they end the same
    2. where they soudn the same

    Case Opened, and closed :p
  18. hortononon

    hortononon "I give em the hip then I take it away"-Jim Thorpe

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    ima open it for the last time,
    they dont sound the same either.. they sound similar,

    "ange" and "inge" is what ur saying sound the same, but its just similar theyr not alike in sound,

    now, you could use orange and door-hinge in a poem and say it rhymes, i was just speaking the technicallities... its a draw


    case closed....
    for good.:cool:
  19. Halahan

    Halahan To die will be an awfully big adventure.

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    I'm back from my ban, Better then ever! But in all seriousness, I apologize to any admins or moderators, I realize (now) that I was out of line.

    I'll submit my poem soon enough, due date is the tenth right?
  20. Demonwrath

    Demonwrath Happy[ExtremelyOverCommercializ ed]HolidaysEveryon

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    Well I got my poem finished.

    Hope you all like it. Took me a while to do

    What is War?

    What is war?
    The child asked me.

    He was a small boy,
    Too young to know the pain,
    Too young to know the sorrow,
    Too young to know the grief.

    I looked at his face,
    So full of curiosity and joy.
    And then I looked at myself,
    Worn, and distraught from battle.

    We men were just returning home,
    At least those who lived.
    And I began to remember,
    Those horrors I saw,
    On the battlefield coated with blood.

    The memories I had,
    They were an etch in my soul.
    Yet I could not bear,
    With any ounce of my heart,
    To give this child the memories I had.

    So I lent down to him.
    I looked into his eyes,
    And once again I saw his joy.
    I saw his want for an answer.

    So finally I spoke,
    And I hope what I said meant something to that child.
    For as I walked away I simply told him,
    “War…is something I hope you never endure”

    -Adam Gadal
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