Poetry Contest 8!

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Анна Ахматова
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Welcome to Poetry Contest 8!

The topic for this round of Poetry Contest is soup. Soup could be used as a metaphor, a description, or you could just write about plain old potage. Or is this watery concoction of vegetables and meat considered to be plain and boring? Be descriptive, imaginative, and please take large helpings of my world famous Wisconsin Bouillabaisse.​

Contest Rules:
  • You may submit any type of poem, so long as it relates to the topic stated above.
  • There is no maximum limit on how long the poem is. However, it must be at least 4 lines long.
  • The poem must be written by YOU. You cannot take another person's work or have anyone write it for you. Anyone caught violating this rule will be permanently banned from these contests.
  • Winners can not enter the next contest. They must either host and not judge, or host and judge. If they choose not to host, they cannot judge, either. This is to prevent people from winning over and over again.
  • Do not edit your poem after you've entered it. You have until the deadline to work on it, so if you feel you might not be completely satisfied with it, take your time. Once it's entered, if you edit your poem, you can and will be disqualified. We cannot take the risk of someone getting "inspired" by someone else's poem and basically copying them.

Head Judge - Seth Cross
2nd Judge - Ninva

Submitted poems will be judged using the following criteria:
  1. Clarity and Emotional Impact [40 points] - Is the meaning behind your poem clear? If you are describing something, does the poem paint a clear picture? Does your poem make us feel what it is intended to express?
  2. Grammar/Spelling [15 points] - Grammar and spelling should be taken care of without having to be told. Although poems can get away with certain grammatical infractions where prose cannot, if poor grammar obscures the ideas being expressed without reason, it makes it extremely hard to read. Poor spelling, of course, is unforgivable in this age of spellcheckers. This applies to 1337speak nad AOL tlak 2.
  3. Flow and Rhythm [25 Points] - Does your poem flow smoothly, or are there pauses and jolts, making it choppy and difficult to read? This is separate from rhyme - poems do not have to rhyme, nor will be they be penalized if they do not.
  4. Word Quality and Choice [20 points] - Does your poem have only basic vocabulary, or have you used a larger selection of words? On the other hand, have you used difficult or obscure words with no other reason than to confuse people or show off? If you use the same word several times when you could have switched it up, or if you use words so long and unwieldy that they break the flow of your poem, this is where you'll lose points.

Naturally, if you add up all the possible top scores in each category, you will get 100. Your score will, obviously, be X/100 for each judge. The three scores will be added and then divided by three (assuming that we still have three judges by the end), to get the average of the three scores. Highest score wins!

The deadline for Poetry Contest 8 is midnight, November 5th (GMT -5). Time zones do not matter.

The Rewards:
As always, like in the previous contests, winners are given a bunch of reputation from contestants and viewers alike. They can also be the hosts for the upcoming contest if they like.

Poetry Contest 5 was the first contest to use the Award system. With at least 10 contestants or more, awards can be given for 1st place, and 20 contestants for 2nd or 3rd place contestants. So, I'm hoping this time that there will be more entries, and we can give out the awards to the contestants!


DM Cross

You want to see a magic trick?
Staff member
We don't add contestants until they supply a poem we can link to.


Probably won't enter this. Think it'd be impossible for me to write something good at all about soup oO


New Member

not very good, but I didn't really like the topic tbh.

I was laying upon my bed one night,
I looked to the ceiling,
And I got this feeling,
That I did not see the tiles;
But a road traveling down a million miles.

"Am I mad?"
"Have I gone insane?"
That's when the road faded out, not leaving even a stain.
Then a cow appeared, dead.
It was being roasted over a fire, it was red.

The cow blurred out,
I saw the sea,
It was the key.
Animals were drinking,
And I started thinking.

Then I saw the earth.
Animals were walking,
People were talking.
The world had zest,
No one needed rest.

That's when I founder the answer,
The cow let us eat,
The sea let us drink,
The earth contained it.
The noodles let us eat,
The water lets us drink,
The bowl contains us.

Now my eyes are open,
Now I understand,
How life is like soup.
Sometimes it's good,
Sometimes it's bad,
But through it all,
It's not worth getting, stuck at the fall.


Анна Ахматова
I'm sorry to hear that, Anman. I would change it, but something in my head tells me that I'd be a wuss for doing so. See, when I was really getting into writing, my mom gave me a bit of advice. She told me that if I really wanted to be a writer I should and could write anything. That means I should write whatever I can, even the stuff that I don't want to do...

You know, I really need follow this advice up a little more. I haven't done much writing recently because I just don't feel very creative after the school day is done.

I'll rethink the topic, but right now the theme is set in stone.


In the Shadows, Lurking.
Which Soup?

Caldo Verde,Kimchi jiigae,

Some are Red, Some are Yellow
Others rancid, Others mellow!
Some are spicy, some are dicey,
Some are stocked with green Jello!

Vegetables Soup and Stews,
Many choices - you can choose!
In a can, or in a pan!
So then which soup will you use?

Also the first paragraph are ALL real soups.


To die will be an awfully big adventure.
I applaud the soup theme Ninva. Way to go.
If I was entering this contest, it might be a different story lol.


Анна Ахматова
Which Soup?

Caldo Verde,Kimchi jiigae,

Some are Red, Some are Yellow
Others rancid, Others mellow!
Some are spicy, some are dicey,
Some are stocked with green Jello!

Vegetables Soup and Stews,
Many choices - you can choose!
In a can, or in a pan!
So then which soup will you use?

Also the first paragraph are ALL real soups.
I don't care - soup in general. :p

I applaud the soup theme Ninva. Way to go.
If I was entering this contest, it might be a different story lol.
Ah, come on. Join the fun!


Setting sail for fail in the sea of lame.
So simple, so true
"Eat up, be comforted"
Red-and-white checkers dopple my head-down vision with the white porcelain bowl-splotch, filled with pale yellow, flanked by a silver spoon, dulled by my senses.
My swollen eyes watch the steam
My heart slows
My mind wanders upwards
Rising, curling, dissipating
A thundercrack of emotion
The steam rolls in clouds
My heart races
My hand grasps the spoon
Like a lifeline
Holding on for sanity's sake
Dip scoop blow
The gust on the few noodles in the silver spoon banishes the steam
But the clouds remain, idled, curious to see what happens next
Open the mouth, enter the motherly miracle cure
Warm, smooth, far from unpleasant
The clouds above seem unimportant
The kitchen light pierces
The heart feels the warmth and cradles it
Nurture beats nature.


New Member
Some silly little soup rhymes. Count me in!

The Tale Of A Sick Day

Whenever I'm home with the flu,
or earache or pneumonia too,
What do I make? The answer for Pete's sake,
I go get me some chicken soup.

They call it Jewish Penicillin,
It can cure whatever you're illin',
With noodles or not, throw some in a pot,
The taste of it is simply killin'.


To die will be an awfully big adventure.
What the hell happened to mine and Monsterous's avatar.
they like switched.


Анна Ахматова
Alright, the contest is over now. I gave you guys three more days on accident. Oh well, I'm going to review the content now and give my scores over the weekend if I have time.

Thanks to all those who wrote stuff.
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