Poetry Contest


The Silent Pandaren Helper
Staff member
Here is my entry. Gave my best. :p

In My Dreams

Oh, my troubles are so high,
they keep on plummeting from the sky.
Waking me up in the middle of the night,
rendering me paralyzed in deep shadow fright.

Some things make you old,
some bring warmth and banish cold.
But in my dreams, they always make me die,
so, this literally means good bye.

Good bye.



There are some who would use any excuse to ban me.
My entry is as follows; I wrote it for school, but that's only because we're doing our poetry unit right now. Is that ok?

Virtual InsanitY

The walls are shut, the roof is locked, and I’m without a key,
The dog is drawn, the curtains fed, in this virtual insanity.
The table top, which I forgot, moves silently
Enough that ‘till the hour of my demise,
Its movement thus, I have surmised, would. have. continually–
Evaded the notice of a man such as me,
If it weren’t for the message that arrived not Irreversible late.
Delivered via a Monster from "Ye Black Lagoon"
Which stated rather definitively that by nine oh-three,
Travis Thayer is to have finished his “Poet-Tree”.
The dreaded end is almost here, yet
Without a doubt , the subject I need to write about
Is staring me straight in the face, so it seems,
Because there’s substance enough to engender a book on my relationship to poetry.
Albeit I may be virtually trapped in this virtual hell, this deranged place,
That which is my virtual…in-sanity,
It’s really not
That bad.

It looks better with formatting :)


New Member
Hmmm... is it too late to join? Oh well, i'll post it anyway... wrote this in my spare time...

Left It All Behind

Well, I just left it all behind.
Forgot it all, gave me time, just unwind.
Now I see, I once was lost once was blind.

Don’t need it anymore because
Now that it’s all gone, not the same as I was.
Now I know none of it will change, what does?

Focused now, figured out what to do.
Back then needed everything. If I only knew,
Really needed none of it, except maybe you.


Certified Badfish
"Judging will be complete on June 5th."

Ok judges, lets get those up as soon as you can :)

No new submissions, or changes to already posted submissions will be taken.

Great job everyone, and thank you to everyone who participated. Good luck :shades:


1st place for me is Mer_de_Noms

My 2nd place is Johnnyfire

My 3rd place is Pyrogasm

Sorry Andrewgosu But you got last place on my list

But everyone did a nice job :D
It was close by everyones I did like them all
I had to put by how they were set up and how it made me afterwards

And remeber just because you didn't win this contest there will be more after this. A writer gets rejected many times before pubishing it

Well lets hope to hear from the other judges soon...

DM Cross

You want to see a magic trick?
Staff member
Mer lost points due to a spelling error o_O C'mon, man. You go through all the trouble to write something, you should run it through a spell checker or something :D

Wirship is not a word.

He gained some extra points from his extensive vocabulary. I actually had to look a few of those words up to double check I had the right meaning in my head.

Pyrogasm lost some points because of the last few lines. A line, to me, induces a break in flow. Not to mention that your rhyme scheme works off of lines. Now, not all poems rhyme, this is true. But yours did. And it had a scheme. Until the last lines o_O

You gained some points from the creative imagery you used, especially in the first few (3-5) lines. I had to read it twice before I realized what was sticking out :D

Johnnyfire lost a few points due to the sheer shortness of his poem o_O Next time, I think we should include some requirements, simply so we do get something fairly lengthy.

Johnny also won back a LOT of points from his great sense of flow. It did not skip a beat when I said it out loud, and that's very good. Good job.

Andrew also lost a few points for shortness. Again, next time, I think I will be requiring a minimum line count o_O

Andrew won back points because not only did he keep good flow, but his rhyme scheme was simple, yet very effective. His wording wasn't very complex, but that isn't always a bad thing.

All in all, the ranking goes:

Mer de Noms

I think what we're gonna do, since I didn't actually do numbers o_O (We have to work things out better for the next one) is that I'm going to take the rank for each judge, add three numbers for each person before dividing it by 3, thus getting the average.

Yeah. Next time. We need much better ways of doing this o_O

I might start doing MONTHLY contests at GH.com for Poetry, Short Stories, Hand Art and Graphic Art. Just a heads up for anyone interested :p


can I be a judge on that :D

And I hate spelling so I only count that as a small part of my judgine :D
but w/e its all up to night now

I think Judging points should be this

1st place - 4 points
2nd place - 3 points
3rd place - 2 points
4th place - 1 point

then who ever has the most wins


Leader Board
Mer de Noms - 7
Andrewgosu - 5
Johnnyfire - 5
Pyrogasm - 4

Would that work?

DM Cross

You want to see a magic trick?
Staff member
That's what I meant, kiddo o_O
I'm going to go with:

Pyrogasm in first
Mer_de_noms in second
andrewgosu in third
johhnyfire in fourth

DM Cross

You want to see a magic trick?
Staff member
Mer De Noms wins!

Mer De Noms - 3.33
Pyrogasm - 2.33 TIED!
Andrewgosu - 2.33 TIED!
Johnnyfire - 2

WOO, congrats to Mer De Noms and good job to Johnny, Andrew and Pyro ^.^ Hope to see ya entering the next one and good luck if you do!


There are some who would use any excuse to ban me.
Thanks for your feedback, all of you! It was an interesting contest, and I look forward to another one. Should such a contest come to fruitition again, I shall definitely enter again!

Seth, the lines in my poem that dont't have punctuation are intended to be read continuously into the next line, and the end part of the poem was supposed to be rambling. I wrote the poem as I was saying it to myself, and that's the way I said it: slow and plodding as if fading off into the distance.

Oh well :p


In the Shadows, Lurking.
Damn! i was bout to enter this as soon as i saw it (i'm great poems) but then i saw its finished :(

DM Cross

You want to see a magic trick?
Staff member
We'll probably have one next month. We didn't really plan on multiple contests with this one, but I think we'll start to, after all...

I'm considering making one for June on GH.com, but that's something else all together :D


To die will be an awfully big adventure.
I'm sorry guys, I forgot. I've had a lot of things going on lately.

DM Cross

You want to see a magic trick?
Staff member
We'll probably have it open all month, then close it for the last week so we can do Judging ^.^


Hm, there'll be any risk of getting lower points because it's too long?

My longest poem was almost 6 pages long, not so good though x) I'll try to keep it short if I join the next...
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