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Ouch bro. My cousin is going through something similar (but it's cause of anxiety) so I have some idea of how much that sucks. And yeah, he uses weed to help as well.
Haha, yup. It's saving my ass right now. :p

One last picture for now, of me and my huskey Lola "Lion King-ing", because my mom saw one of her friends "Post a shitty lion kinging picture" on Facebook and she wanted to up it. :D
Ciiiiiiiiircleeee of lifeeeeeeee!
Nice landscape. I would like to live in such a region.

It's a nice zone, weather wise. But recreational wise, theres not much within a 1 hour range of the valley. Drive like 1 1/2 hours in any direction, and you're at the beach, snow, Disneyland, or tons of other stuff though. :)
I just tend to do a lot of hiking and traveling close by, because I'm a hippy and enjoy hiking and nature, and my mom is a photographer so we also go and scout out potential locations for shoots in the future.

Kernville, CA is like 45 minutes away, and its a super cool little rafting town on the river up in the canyon. That place is an awesome town to go to for the day and walk around.,_California

Over that hill is 9999999 cars and buildings. lol.

Haha, nah! Thats south, in LA! North, other than like San Jose and Sacramento, it's mostly hills and dead grass! haha :D
Bakersfield itself is actually pretty looking, besides the East Side. You don't play around over there. :p

We're in a valley, completely surrounded by mountains. On a really clear day, you can walk outside and see mountains on all sides of the valley. It's cool. :)

"The Escape"


Go go go!

Awww fuck! Definite lack of trajectory.

Ahhh shit...


Awww yeee!

Yay for random trips to the middle of nowhere in the name of photography! :D

Photobombbbb! Like a bawsss
Haha, gotta love that photobomb.
Found an awesome boxcar of dead rabbit bones like 20 miles in the middle of nowhere yesterday! Wooo adventure!
Also, have you ever tried to open a boxcar? They're fairly complicated. You have to spin the hatch-like wheel a ton, and then pry it open with those bar things. It's all high-tech like! Lol :D






Pretty sweet find if you ask me. I wonder how much one of those bad boys costs, I can think of some pretty awesome batcave ideas. Hmm...
For all you know, there is some underground lair there, :O

I was half expecting to find some booby trapped meth lab or something. I was quite scared to open it, she was the one that had the idea. Not even gonna lie here. Lol
There was nothing but 3 small-ish boxes of white powdery stuff, one all busted open, like 6 long boards, 2 chairs, and like 6 rabbit carcases/bones. And lets not forget the long sliding thing, that was fun. I think the rabbits just partied a bit too hard. :D
Good shirt! ;)

Damn right! I get so many awesome reactions from it, it's so worth it. It's even better when you're blazedddd in stores. It's either "Thats an awesome shirt!" from kids/teens/cool adults, or you get really intense "Fuck you" looks from people. Win :D

I hope you measure in fahrenheit. xD

Yeah, fahrenheit. 71F is cold here too, it gets like 110F+ in the peak of summer. BLAH :(

But alas, more awesome pictures! We went to the Sequoias today for something to do out of the house. Yeee
This picture. So much win!

This picture is also quite win! :D

My mom and I in front of the sign.


My cow friend :]

I suppose thats enough photo whoring until my next adventure. :D
Awwwghhhh! That is not barly enough information!!
I HAVE to know his address, have you seen the city? It's huge, when you're looking for a single human!
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