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I could change this in my User CP.
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Name: Rames
Server: Jubei'thos
Class: Druid
Level: 80
I hate Feral / Resto Hybrids in arena... finally learned how to counter that, ran into it for the first time last week... been facing them 24/7 now, right outta the blue too. Dropped my rating bout 50 points from them, but now revenge will come... Druids will fear the Disc priest!

[B]Name: [/B]Shadowwordgg
[B]Realm: [/B]Tortheldrin - US PvP
[B]Class:[/B] Priest
[B]Level:[/B] 80
[B]Armory:[/B] [URL=""][/URL]
Still need to enchant my mace, just got it yesterday and can't find an enchanter with 45 spirit :-/


Death is Not the End
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Name: Anarchý [Armory]
Class: Blood Elf Paladin
Guild: Liquid Courage [Guild Launch]
Spec: Protection (0/58/13) [Talent Build]
Server: Icecrown (Icedown) - Nightfall Battlegroup

Got this character to level 80, 9 days from the release of Wrath of the Lich King (11.13.08). His total played time is 138 days (18 days at 80) and is currently in his Holy gear (including talents).

His Protection gear is not all too shabby, considering he is crit-immune with decent avoidance and damage mitigation. His tanking weapon is to be replaced soon enough. At least, whenever the Four Horsemen or Kel'Thuzad feel like they need to give our tanks some love (This goes for all the 25-man Naxxramas bosses out there, especially Anub'Rekhan for not dropping the shoulders).

His talent build is best suited for Malygos in phase 2, which is what my guild needs to work on in 10-man especially. It can also be used for giving the maintank an extra hand (I maintank some bosses, the raid leader constantly shifts these positions to prevent favoritism), considering its effectiveness. Throw a Hand of Sacrifice on the tank and use Divine Shield (triggers Divine Guardian if talented), and that's pretty much a Shield Wall. Nothing to sneer at, right?

One thing I love about this character is that he has 9 titles. Go sift through his achievements if you don't believe. I'll list them all if you're too lazy to search for them.

Bloodsail Admiral Anarchý
Ambassador Anarchý
Merrymaker Anarchý
Elder Anarchý
Anarchý Jenkins
Anarchý, Guardian of Cenarius
Anarchý, Champion of the Naaru
Anarchý the Argent Champion
Anarchý of the Shattered Sun
I also took a screenshot of my character a few minutes ago in his Protection gear. See below:

And that's pretty much it. Still playing, but bored when I'm not raiding.


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My Spec is ideal for DPS. Well, it would be if Frost interfaced with Blood correctly.
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