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I got a new monitor today, so I figured I'd 'refurbish' my desktop to go along with it. :)

I failed at centering the 'Now Playing' thing for that image. Meh.


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Omg. TheHelper quick reply told you that there was an error in your post but you didn't bother to check or correct it >=(

Btw, nice desktop. here's mine:

(Nothing is behind the windows.)



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Currently sporting one of my favourite Victoria Frances pieces, which I also happen to have a huge poster of (and it looks so much better in full size):
The shortcuts I have realised are virtually the same as when I last took a snapshot over 18 months ago...


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ooh this topic got revived :3
just last week decided to clean up my desktop. got new icons for programs too :> (my desktop) (open start menu for kool icons)

currently cycling through 125 different wallpapers every hour i think it was.

P.S. anyone know how to change the icon of the recycle bin by any chance? is it even possible?
I would use IconPackager or Microangelo but both of them are trial programs.
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