Post your desktop!

The best dock I've experienced is Rocketdock, but I wouldn't recommend docks tbh...

I too am against docks. Way too much resource usage just to make it look pretty, and half the stuff most people don't even use. To each their own I guess, as long as you're happy. haha
ynx6S.jpg (Bigger version)
New desktop image. I like it simple. Picture's from Puerto Montt.
thanks for the link and one further question, for the icons i have the iconpackager installed but it doesnt seem to install the icons for every folder or program... e.g. even as i manually change them they dosent seem to change, any help?
It's still Windows. I'm just using Litestep as an alternative to Explorer.

CD Art Display is the little tab thing to the right and the glass like box with the music info is Rainmeter.


Background kinda sucks, but it's better than a solid color, so yeah.
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