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A marijuana-infused beverage being sold in Washington state where recreational weed recently became legal made more than a splash recently when bottles began spontaneously bursting inside of a retail display case.

Zach Henifin, the manager of Top Shelf Cannabis in Bellingham, WA, told KOMO News that “It sounded like a shotgun going off” when glass bottles of a soda sold in his shop started exploding recently.

The beverage — a sparkling pomegranate drink containing 10mg of THC in each bottle — is manufactured by Mirth Provisions of Longview and is part of the company’s “Legal” line of sodas sold in Washington and other places where it’s lawful to sell products made with potent marijuana.

Top Shelf Cannabis had ordered around 330 bottles of the soda and received them late last month, selling 10 of them on the first day they were available, Henifin told KOMO. Employees found “a sticky mess of broken bottles and shards of glass throughout the store” the next day, however, and soon after saw the bottles explode right before their eyes.

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Does this work like edibles? Never had the privilege of being able to consume such a product ^^
This is sort of a stupid article. The reason why the bottles popped is because of 4 things: 1) Temperature difference was too high ( Bottle to surrounding ). 2) The bottle's material isn't made to withstand pressure. 3) the bottle's filling level has been trespassed. 4) it was aerated too much.
There is more to selling beverages than just having an awesome recipe and a really cool design. I'd rather have a beverage with sweetener than Sugar though. Sweeteners don't make things sticky :)
Because then it would just be some stupid fucking drink.
No instead sweeteners give you brain damage and a bunch of other shit..... real plain sugar is better for you, its all about moderation.
RT should not be taken too seriously :p
Plus your wrong anyway. It doesnt give you brain cancer.
No instead sweeteners give you brain damage and a bunch of other shit..... real plain sugar is better for you, its all about moderation.

I didn't believe that at first. Then I looked it up. Aspertame is more dangerous than I thought, according to the FDA.
It's just as weird as sawdust is in a lot of branded food-products ( any product really, but you'd expect something else from brand products, right? ), most commonly seen in joghurt products with some kind of fruit sauce thing. Or the absence of fish in a supposedly fish-product.
It's not 'sawdust', it's cellulose and people started comparing it to sawdust because they're idiots. I mean it does probably come from cotton or wood, but that's just because they have high levels of cellulose. Anyway, it's a stabilizing agent, they probably put it in yogurt as a cheap, potentially organic method of stopping separation.
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