Tutorial Potions Heal for a % of max health/mana

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    Screen : Not included as its instant and would not be able to see the results effectively.

    Name : Potion %

    What it does : Makes your potions (health or mana) regenerate a % of your mana/health.

    Made in GUI

    Import info

    Before applying this trigger to your map, be sure you have opened File > Preferences > General > Check the box next to "automatically create unknown variables"

    6 variables, all Real, 3 for health, 3 for mana, names are self explanitory.

    Potion users current X, potion users total X, and the difference between current and total. (X = life or mana)

    You dont need a new item, but you DO need to set the healing ability you are using to replenish 0 health or mana.

    Once you have your item ability tied to an item you like, make that the item you want to trigger the regen, and presto! pots based off 35% of your max mana/health!

    You can change the regen % by going into the trigger and under "Set Pot_user_(x)_difference = Pot_user_current_(x) = (Pot_user_total_(x)/3.50))

    Just change the 3.50 to what ever percent you want recovered!

    I really hope this helps, it is my first tut and took me a lot longer than it probably should have. Feel free to use if you feel so inclined! Hope this helps someone!

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    Just because you found out how to do it doesn't mean that no one else knows how to
    This doesn't qualify as a resource, looks more like a good reply for someone with the issue around the WEHZ forum.
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    Okie dokie. Ill take it down :D
    Never mind... I cant take it down... sorry for wasting space :(
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    You made a mistake it's o.k you're human. You don't have to say sorry.

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