Power of Corruption RC 2.3 is now live

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    BUG REPORTING HERE or in this thread​

    At last, this is the almost finished version of this game. it will be released to have feedback and report issues before the final version.

    As a RELEASE CANDIDATE version, this game show a debugging tool, just to help define any possible issue.

    What this version does not have:
    • Fel Orc Assassin (AKA Bounty hunter) spells Completely implemented (she can be found at the Tavern). I require suggestions for a set of abilities.
    • Possibility to remove the handle counter dialog.

    What this version DOES have:
    • The most awaited new hero: Demon Saboteur (AKA demon archer)
    • Demon buildings TOTALLY CUSTOM, they now fir with the race making it look gorgeous -_- .
    • Improved the code, it should be faster and efficient, that's where you can tell me if it's true or not
    • Jump ability improved for demons.
    • New unit models, credits goes for Grendel and Whitehorn
    • Neutral heroes (Arachnian Queen and Fel Bounty Hunter (in progress))

    List of Credits:

    Models - Skins - Spells:
     - Naga Enchantress
     - Demon caster spells
     - Arachnian Queen
     - Demon Birth model
     - Chaos Razormane
     - VolcanoShieldTarget
     - Fel hound Rider
     - Fel Orc Rampager
     - Chaos Altar of Terror
     - Fel Orc Assassin
     - Ogre Iron Fist (modified)
     - Legionnaire (modified)
     - CruelCloister
     - Demonic Sanctuary
     - WarQueen 
     - incursor (terror king)
     - Naga Royal Guard
     - Dragon Turtle (Transport turtle)
     - Death Knight (Burning Knight)
     - Rock Prison
     - Demon Archer
     - Brutal Lord
     - Lord of Darkness
     - Spiral Aura
     - Fanactism Aura
     - Greater Geiser
     - Aura of Damnation
     - Aura of Damnation buff
     - BlackHole
     - ManaThirst
     - Treacherous Attack
     - EnergyBreathDamage
     - Legion Teleporter model
     - Naga Town Hall
     - Lava Bomb model
     - Venom Warrior skin
     - Diabolic skin
     - Despoiler skin (Demon Soldier)
     - Satyr Worker model
    Script & suggestions:
     - Av3n (Your valuable help with items, abilities and other stuff)
     - RedDragon (Abilities help and other stuff)
     - Tarrasque (Your models and feedback were very useful)
     - JetFangInferno (For his suggestions and FX development)
     - GaDDeN (he has been a great helper with this project)
     - Kyrbi0: Abilities and some other ideas
     - Tim. (Thanks for his comments and for directing WC3C 
     - Veev. For his help in grammar
     - Archmage Owenalacaster. For his help with the AI improvement.
     - Earth-Fury for Board script.
     - WC3C community (for all the feedback received)
    Some of this icons are as is, others were modified in borders and/or recolored in some cases, but they are based on the original work of the following authors:
     - CrazzyRussian
     - FrIkY
     - Handclaw
     - M0rbid
     - neo1989
     - NFWar
     - TDR
     - TripleDotta
    Other Credits:
     - Vexorian: For your excellent WC3mapoptimizer. This map was reduced and protected with wc3optimizer 5.0
     - RedDragon: A great supporter, thanks a lot.
     - scumedit.net (R.I.P.): I have an special gratitude with this clan for its support and bugs comments.
     - PitzerMike: For keeping alive JNGP. This map has been developed in Jass New Generation Pack (5d).
     - WC3Campaigns.net: For all the great support and hosting of this project.
     - This map has been compiled using Jass Helper version 2012-03-10. Credits to Cohadar and previous authors."
     - Cohadar (For improving JassHelper and keep it alive)
     - Pipedream (Grimoire is too sexy)
     - PitzerMike (safety dance :P)
     - Zoxc
     - RedDragon: Ideas and suggestions
     - Red-Bones-Ghoul: Ideas and suggestions (Lord of Darkness abilities)
     - Blade.dk (his war stomp spell making tutorial opens my mind to the JASS world)
     - scumedit.net (R.I.P.)
     - www.wc3c.net
     - "Blizzard: For creating patch 1.24 and fuck the WC3 modding community
    Screenshots & Videos:

    Coming soon -_-

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