Practicing my characterizations.

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    Just some stuff that happened at my university today. Sorry if I come off as arrogant in this, but I really think the total collective IQ points of my entire classroom is 101.
    And my IQ is 100.

    I wanted to work on making my character show through my wording and my thoughts, did it work?


    I am surrounded by morons. I concluded as the classmate behind me asked another stupidly irrelevant question. I couldn’t be bothered enough to turn around to take a look at the guy, but I could totally picture him with a finger stuck up his nose as he spoke.

    “Uhhhhh, do you know if you are making the questions for the quizzes or if someone else is?” He asked as if it was the meaning between life and death.

    Does it matter? I mean, a quiz is a quiz does it even matter who writes it? It’s going to be very similar regardless. They’re worth a whole flopping 2% each. That’s all you need to know.

    “We zon’t knowz zet. Za professor iz ztill trying to zet up ze zchedule.” The TA replied helpfully albeit with strained patience.

    The guy was suddenly wrecked with emotion.

    “How do you not know?! It’s the second week!” He sounded very agitated now, like he wanted to strangle the person beside him. Shockingly, it was a feeling extremely similar to how I felt with him.

    Holy shit man. It doesn't even matter. Get over it.

    "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Then, do I have to come to the tutorials? Or could I skip this class?"

    "If zou wantz good markz, zen you should come."

    "Then uh, how about breaks? Do we get them every hour or every fifteen minutes?"

    I face-desked.

    This continued for another ten minutes. Ten. Minutes. I didn’t even realize I was impatiently drumming my fingers against the desk until the TA straight out ignored the guy. She continued covering the most basic of material, like, the stuff we needed to know to even get in the course. The aforementioned annoying guy kept muttering about how bad our TA is and how advanced the stuff she is talking about is.

    My tutorial is around two hours long or something.

    How I lasted a whole hour is a mystery even to me.

    I was looking over our assignment from last week that she was supposed to cover but didn’t. There was only a single question that I wasn’t sure about.

    I regretted asking the question as soon as it came out of my mouth.

    You know that Spongebob episode where Squidward asks Patrick, “Patrick, what is your name?” and the pink starfish goes, “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….” For like ten minutes? [Reference]


    I figured it out while the teacher was trying to teach the class how to start the question, the rest of the class stared after her like she was teaching rocket science or something.

    They were stuck at the part where they had to prove that f(x) = 0 belonged in the set of all Odd Functions.

    Which meant all you had to do was f(-x) = 0, -f(x) = 0, therefore f(-x) = -f(x). Done.

    But they were stuck. Even the TA was like, “IDERNOWHY.”

    So when I patiently pointed out the fact that 0 * -1 = 0, my TA proudly proclaimed, “ZE IZ ZA GENIUS. I WILL REMEMBER ZIS FOR A LIFETIME.”

    That’s when I left the room.

    And I left it feeling like a champ.
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  2. C-Death

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    I'd be asking those dumb questions, as I'm terrible at anything math-related :(
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    By dumb questions, I meant things like...
    "Should I come to class or is attendance not taken?"
    "Why are we learning this? Is there another topic that will use this?"
    "Could you tell us the answers before you give us the quiz?"
    "Can we have a break?" [5 minutes into class]
    All of this. BY THE SAME GUY. ARGGHH!%$!%!#%#!315982461Y

    I don't mind if people are confused by math, but the TA who's meant to teach us all of this also seemed extremely puzzled how you make 0 = 0.
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    Oh, I got ya. Yeah, I salute your patience. I would have screamed something not very nice at the gentlemen.
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    I feel your pain.

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