Preloaded music tracks lagging?

Discussion in 'World Editor Help' started by RedOrb, Oct 17, 2016.

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    Hi all,

    Am trying to preload some music tracks so that, for example, when I get into a transport, a new music track plays. But when I enter the transport (or other event) it lags for a second to load the track.

    Any ideas as to why the trigger isn't preloading properly?

    Preload Music and Sounds
            Map initialization
            Game - Preload war3mapImported\03 - The Scumm Bar.mp3
            Game - Preload war3mapImported\14 - Monkey Island.mp3
            Game - Preload war3mapImported\burp.wav
            Game - Preload war3mapImported\reinforcemen.mp3
            Game - Preload war3mapImported\Whoopie cushion fart.wav
            Game - Begin preloading with a 0.50 second timeout

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