Problem finding a genuine Windows xp/vista key? whant to get one legally for free?

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So, today i was gonna build a computer from old parts i had around from old computers for my girl friend. but while i was building i remember that i don't have any genuine Windows XP key that i can use (i prefer using a genuine)

so it got me thinking... I'm not gonna download some program or cracked windows, that's illegal. so i got an brilliant idea!

close to where i live we have a normal recycling area where people trow plastic and metal and stuff, even a container where people trow computers and alike.

so i went there and looked around on these computers looking for a sticker looking something like this:

and you know what?, i found 7 of them :)

as people trow away there computers most "normal" users trow away everything, and getting new computers whit windows vista. so meaning, they have trowed away this genuine windows keys.

atm i cant see why this who'd be illegal, it is allowed to pick up screens or keyboards and such from this container if you want, so why not the keys? :) if it was me tho, i who'd ripped that sticker off and burned it or saved it for the future, i mean that key is pretty expensive :rolleyes:


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If your allowed to take parts from the pile, then i would assume that it would be legal.


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That's where I find my ram for my computer lol junkyard ftw


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OEM licenses are tied to the hardware it's sold with, so yes it's illegal. You can steal the computer from the dump and use the OS on it if you want, I guess.... but on that hardware.

The sticker is just a sticker. Physically having it or seeing it doesn't change the terms under which the license was sold.


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