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    Minigames Mania!
    Official Website

    Brief Intro:
    Hi guys, I'm Fulla, have been mapping in War3 pretty much since it came out. My best map was probably an old one Ninja vs Samurai Legends, some of you might have tried back quite a while ago. Hoping to go put alot more effort and go further in SC2 this time round.

    The very first map I'd thought it would be best for myself to start with is a pretty basic and simplistic Minigame type map. This gives me a chance to truly master the editor and simultaneously create a very fun map at the same time. Although I say basic I ofcourse still intend to have many new exciting and advanced afeatures to truly raise the bar beyond all expectations!!

    I started contemplating this project a few days ago and am hoping by making this thread I can gather as many ideas from you guys as possible, see what you'd like to see any hopefully suggests a few games I could implement. Ideally am working towards roughly 12-20 games pre-planned and ready to be made. Once Sc2 comes out, I'll strive to have the map ready to go within the first week.

    Current Team:
    • Fulla - Coding
    • Oversky - Coding
    • Ragingspeedhorn - Terraining
    • The Community Here - Providing a surplus of good ideas hopefully :p
    Game Overview:
    Venture through numerous challenging Minigames in a chaotic Free For All battle of skill, wit and cunning against other players, earning points along the way depending on how you do each game. Eventually a final victor emerges with the hgihest score! Ofcourse as a reward he gets to select a few extra bonus minigames of his choice to finish up on.

    Game Features:
    • Fully playable up to 10 players (maybe more).
    • Complete AI support for leavers and computer players.
    • 12 unique exciting minigames (more in future updates).
    • Numerous games modes to fully customize the gameplay.
    • A level of polish and variety never seen before.
    Current Games Ideas:
    Here's a compiled list of all the game ideas so far, I've tried to give a brief description & a mini map template/preview. Very open to suggestions and improvements on these, if anything if unclear or not explained properly let me know and I'll update it, thanks.

    • Zergs at night (Zergling/Changeling) - (Thanks to Fussiler1 for idea)
      - Sneak into a terran outpost, killing off guards, destroying objectives and looting relics.
      - Gain as many points as you can by completeing these objectives.
      - Use your abilities to hide, burrow and ambush.
      - Infiltration, assanination and a sneaky patience!
    • Robot Rumble (Immortal) - (Thanks to tieno for idea)
      - Pick your robot and enter a fightning tournament to the death with other contestants!
      - Fight several rounds, earning gold along the way dependong on how you do each time.
      - In between rounds spend your gold purchasing upgrades, add-ons, gadgets and research new abilities.
      - By the end the player with most round wins, clenches the game.
      - Spending and saving your gold up for the long haul would be the way!
    • Bullseye (Hydralisk) - (Thanks to Staticfrog for idea)
      - With just 7 ammo, carefully take aim at moving targets shooting them down!
      - Targets at the back are worth more points but harder to hit.
      - Use your abilities if you wish, consuming more ammo but pontially hitting multiple targets.
      - Keep an eye out for powerups amongst the moving targets.
      - Careful precision and speed make the crackshot!!
    • Forgotten Temple (Dark Templar) - (Thanks to RunninDaGameDR for idea)
      - Sneak through the labyrinyth to the finish, avoiding the deadly traps and guardians.
      - Use your abilities to aid in stealthy and hindering opponents.
      - Patience and deadly cunning will only make it through!!
    • King of the Hill (Viking)
      - Force your way to the center circle, generating points by remaining side.
      - Smash enemy players side, away and all over the place using your abilities.
      - Earn the most points to clench the game.
      - Pure raw aggression needed!!
    • Room Wars (Probe)
      - Numerous rooms all connected together with sealed doors inbetween which open and close at their own specific intervals.
      - Rooms spawn Marines or Hydralisks in intervals for the player who controls them.
      - Starting with just 1 room under your control, spread your forces out and fight your way through securing and holding as many as you can.
      - Have the most rooms by the end to win.
      - A tactical genius mind comes in handy!![
    • Brainstorm (High Templar)
      - A series of rounds, where you answer questions relating to a group of units spawned.
      - Strive to be the first to gain 2 correct answers before anyone else.
      - Fast reactions and a good knowledge needed!
    • The Pits (Marine)
      - As a marine you are on a temporarily shore leave, spending your time gambling on an illegal Pit Fighting Tournament.
      - Each round a group of gladiators fight it out to the death, in which you can bet on the outcome.
      - Gamble on quite literally almost anthing, from winner, looser, first blood, top killer, top 3 etc.
      - Earn the most money before the time expires to win.
      - A combination of luck and foresight!!
    • Nuclear Aftermath (Ultralisk) - (Thanks to RunninDaGameDR for idea)
      - Survive the constant nuclear bombardements by hiding in shelters when they come down.
      - The radiation continously degerenates your health, so scavenge and compete for food and supplies laying about when its safe to do so.
      - Steal off other players, prevent them from finding shelter and evolve into a superior species with your abilities.
      - Only the most cunning and ruthless can survive!

    Please share your ideas:
    Very open to hearing any features and ideas you'd really like to see in a new potential Minigame map! Think of ones you've played thus far in warcraft such as Uther Party and Pyramid Escape, and what you've always wanted to see, what was missing? how could they be improved?

    Any actual minigame ideas, fire away!!
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  2. Fulla

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    Edited the thread a bit and added a new game to the list.

    Am really open to any minigame suggestions, anything you think would be fun and you'd like to see. Come on guys :)
  3. staticfrog

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    Hydralisk Bullseye

    Objective: Get the most points in an amount of time

    Description: So the playable unit is a hydralisk. There are bullseye's you have to hit. It can be like an archery bullseye where if you hit the center you get the most points and the further away you get less points. Or it can just be a target and once you hit it you get whatever points. Or you can make it so like you have to hit units and depending the size of the unit, you get different points. So if it's a small one you get more points opposed to hitting a large one. It's like a carnival style game so make it kinda like a first person view. You can't move but things fly across the map and you have to hit it. The hydalisk only has skillshots so you press a button and then he shoots it at the designated area. After x amount of time the player with the most points wins that game.
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  4. Fulla

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    Yea nice game thanks.

    - How would you imagine the arena would look thou? Such as everyone in the center and a few targets moving on all sides about the place? Or just 1 side of targets.
    - Any ideas for some abilities to make it a bit more fun? Such as a multiple Spine Spray over an area, A Piercing Spine travelling through targets in a line? etc.
  5. staticfrog

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    Hmm..Well I was thinking everyone have their own individual screen. Like this.You'll be seeing in the little girls eyes and in front of you where the toilets are will be targets moving around. Targets move in all kind of directions. I was also thinking that each person have their own screen but I guess you can have multiple players using the same screen. If that's the case then you should limit the amount of players sharing the same screen. I suggest 3-5. I'm not sure how exactly the stages are going to work but in this stage you can just have an area with different buildings or areas and have the hydra's go into a building to play. Once all hydra's are in the building the game starts. So you can choose who you want to play against. There's a limit to how many hydra's can enter a building or area so all players can't be in one.

    Hm..that's a good idea. Maybe make it so that if someone hits a special target then they get a special ability for a certain amount of time. Make the targets giving these hard to get. Like moves fast and is small. Such abilities can be like twice as fast shooting speed. A bomb like thing where the hydra throws an object(baneling?) towards a targeted point and once it hits it explodes and kills everything around it. Maybe make the other players have their shooting speed halved. Have it so you shoot in 3 different directions at one time. Etc.

    If your still unclear about anything or like more ideas just ask!
  6. Bloodcount

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    you are planning a project before the editor is out and actually making a thread about it ?
  7. Daskunk

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    Yes! If you want a project to be successful, by all means you should be planning it by now! He hasn't set his mind on anything so complicated that the editor might not be able to do it, so why not? You can make maps up as you go along, but its not unreasonable to start planning a map around now.

    A short game of quick-thinking. You start out as a larva, and a slow Ultralisk is chasing you. The way to the end is an obstacle course, and to get past the obstacles you need to evolve into another Zerg unit. For an example, you might need to fly (Muta) be fast (Zergling) burrow (Roach) See invisible (Overseer) Mind control\immobilize (Infestor Spells) ect. And make sure you don't accidentally change into a Baneling, which is slow and explodes. :p

    You'd have to fine-tune the details, but the basic idea is if you spend to much time thinking of what to turn into the Ultralisk catches up and kills you (He's tall enough to hit air) and if you turn into the wrong thing you either die or get stuck their long enough to get killed. (Theres a cooldown on Morphing to another unit)
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  8. Sevion

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    I would like to see the threads about the minigames, but seeing as I'm banned from (and I have no idea why... I've never even been there o_O') via IP. So... yeah.
  9. Bloodcount

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    sure it is not unreasable to plan paiting a painting when you have not seen your art tools.

    Anyway, no flame ment, I just think that threads about future projects should be unwelcommed for now, we have a few thousand unfinished projects in WEHZ I don't want us to swarm this sub forum with Ideas..

    Then again, perhaps a thread that is stickied up where everyone can post their ideas will be rather sucsessful....

    Anyway, good luck =]
  10. Daskunk

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    Phuagh, its not like we have no clue of how sc2's editor will be. As I said, he isn't planning anything complicated that might be impossible. :p

    Anyways, I wasn't aware you were complaining about the thread part, I though you meant the planning part. I see were you're coming from, but I really don't think theres any reason not to discuss a couple of planned maps in a sub-form called "Starcraft II Galaxy Editor". I don't see why we should have it at all if we were to leave it empty. =D
  11. Ice Bane

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    By looking on Wc3EDIT and the features we know about GalaxyEdit and base your plans that knowledge; then you can plan very precise.
  12. Mcbeazy

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    "Catch the Zergling" All the players have their individual areas, definitely boxed in. They have a unit that has an ability for a short sprint, and they have the ability "hog tie 'em"" which casts basically at melle range. The zerglings begin running around at a very quick speed , the first person to "hog tie 'em" x amount of zerglings wins.
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  13. Fulla

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    Thanks again, can sort of visualize what you mean.I'd actually prefer to generally keep all games 'RTS' like thou, not delving into say 3rd person.

    Would also nice to keep lots of interaction amongst players where for example they are competing to hit the same targets. Something similiar like this I think would be cool, a form of shooting range, with targets moving in different lines after each other. A quick pic example:

    Ok so far got 3 abilities so far then, need to think of 'cooler' names thou but these will suffice for time being:
    Multi Shot:
    - Sprays a cluster of spines, potentially hitting multiple targets in an arc
    Explosive Shot:
    - Empowers a shot in acidic toxins making it explode on impact ponteially hitting multiple targets in an circular area.
    Power Shot:
    - Fires a shot with such force it continues through targets upon impact potentially hitting multiple targets in a line.

    Yea as Skunk said, am just basically trying to get as much planed out as possible, if I want to make say 20 minigame, I'll need alot of ideas to keep them all varied, unique and different which can be a difficult thing to do. I've made alot of maps in war3 and have alot of experience so learning Galaxy shouldl be nps. Am very enthuisatic about the whole thing and ready to get mapping :)

    As the for the unfinished war3 maps, all I can say its that really down to the guys making them. Shame that most of them will be abandoned with sc2.

    It should work now? If any problems please let me know and also thanks for your interest :)

    More planning the better I say!

    This sounds quite fun, so you need to keep changing your form to be able to carry through the course, like fly, swim, burrow, walk etc.? Perhaps the Ultralisk might not be necessary just force units to be constantly moving.

    Could definitely work, be nice to get some interaction between players thou and maybe add some more elements in there making it real exciting.

    Hmm well Nuclear Afermath is quite similiar, in fact I think merging this together maknig alot of the 'health packs' you pick up, instead actual living creatures roaming around would be epic.
    You'd grab one and need to bring it back to a shelter to actually be able devour it, outside enemy players can ram you and force you to drop the food.


    thanks for the ideas so far guys, think I;ve responded to everyone. Anymore please just fire away with everything you got!
  14. Daskunk

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    Yeah, It probably isn't necessary. It would be cooler though. :p
  15. Sevion

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    Yes, thank you. I sent the webmaster an email about it, but there was no reply :(

    Anyways, I'll try to think up something ;)

    Here's an idea:

    Minigame Filler:

    People don't always like sitting around waiting for others to finish their games. So, why not make a filler game? I suggest a bound. If you don't know what a bound is (I'll beat you upside down and around) then you should find out. They're like explosion mazes from the good old Starcraft I. The goal is to dodge explosions and get to the end before your lives run out. A good incentive to do the minigame is to avoid boredom and also, if you finish, you get points ;) Sort of like a bonus. However, you only have X amount of lives. I figure 3 is a good number. That way, people won't get too far ahead with their points. And yes, 3 is a good number because if you look in some bounds, there are well over 250 and you still end up wasting all of them! Also, don't forget variation! Perhaps a random bound each time?
  16. staticfrog

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    Hmm...I like that. The camera's going to have to be rotated a bit but it can work. I still think 10players is a lot sharing one area but I guess you can always test what works best. If all the players work out sharing the same area, great! If not, you can always change it.

    I think that if they're going to be other players in the screen there should be debuffs for them. So if a hydra hits a target they get to use a debuff on any hydra. All they have to do is press a number key corresponding to the hydra they want to hit. In the drawing you show me, they're all lined up next to each other so you can make it so the one on the left is highlighted 1, next to it is 2, so on and so on. They don't have to use the buff right away, they can still continue to shoot. With debuffs this will also balance the game a little more so if one person is far ahead of everyone they can just all use the debuffs on that player.

    I also have another idea for a minigame. I'll tell you after the hydralisk bullseye (or whatever it's going to be called) game is all figured out.
  17. Fulla

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    Ok well just keep in mind, only really want one sort of racing game so the best overall idea will win :)

    A friend suggested a really awesome Viking race, where you fly round and can transform/drop onto small terrain patches along the way picking up powerups and gear before jumping back up and rejoining the race. Use all sorts of abilities for speed boosts, shooting missiles, firing guns etc. quite similiar to a flying sort of Mario Cart.

    Maybe your suggestion might fit better in a sort of arena battle, where different forms own different forms like a rock, paper, scissor matchup, 'Evolution Wars' :p

    I'm actually the webmaster, sorry need to setup a proper email for that.
    Is it all working now ok for you?

    Hmmm well, I think if ppl are waiting a long time that would purely be down to bad game design on my part. People shouldnt get removed within a few seconds of a game that early and also can actually be quite fun to watch the survivors.

    Could for example give ppl respawns on certain games, but penalize their final score that game if they win/survive etc. I made a Mountain King Arena minigame once and at the end I placed people in order of highest remaining health. So a game where you can die, but are likely to just make it through in the end is still very possible, checking other things apart from just whether you're alive or not.

    The game you suggested could in fact be an actualy minigame, sounds pretty cool!

    Just to make sure we're both thinking the same way here, the pic I provided is actually 2D, not 3D. so you're shooting at 4 lines in a row, not on top of each other. You just aim left/right and shoot forward type thing, it's mainly the timing and competing with others players that is the tricky part.

    Yea debuffs sounds cool, there could be quite a few special barrels that give temporary bonuses and such letting you manipulate the game to an extent and empower your shots with specialities. Hydalisk Bulleye, haha I like :) I'll draw a better picture and add it to the main list, really like this one.

    Feel free to share your other idea anytime. Thanks again.
  18. Sevion

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    Website is working fine, except I still have not received the activation email to activate my account so I can't post :(

    Truly it depends on the minigame's finish conditions. If you finish quickly and the others get multiple chances to play the minigame, then the filler game can be useful ;) Depends on what you do!
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  19. Fulla

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    Ok should be able to post now :)

    Yea I think minigame filler would be something I'd really consider once the map is playable and tested it a few times. Ideally I focus more on keeping players in the game than opting for a filler alternative.
  20. Jedimindtrixxx

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    in uther party there was the game with the wisps, where it was an icicle and whe nyou got hit by fire you became smaller and the last alive won, i loved that game. maybe make something like that with zerglings and meteors striking the planet, with a shadow as an indication where it will hit.

    also in uther party 2 i loved the game where there was uthers and you had to hit the lightning orb into other people and it bounced of walls etc, and when you picked up strength orbs the ball went flying faster when you hit it. i loved that game

    EDIT: i also loved Hungry hungry felhounds and 99 rounds in wc3

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