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Discussion in 'Starcraft 2 (SC2) Editor Help' started by Fulla, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. Fulla

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    Hmm. I've never actually played that wisp one, sorry could you explain it a little more, not quite sure how it works? Does the fire randomly fall from the sky and you need to dodge, staying alive as much as possible?

    Thats Thunderball I believe, pretty fun yea hehe :)
    Hungry hungry felhounds is in Uther Party 2, its epic I agree, a pass the bomb like game is certinaly possible, hopefully with a bit of unique flare and diversity from Felhounds.
  2. Jedimindtrixxx

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    well the wisp one wasnt fire from the ky it was the blood mages fire ability, where it showed a green thing before the fire came givving time to move, and they had the blik ability, and eventually the density of the fires became super great. when you took damage from fire (wasnt a instant death unless you stayed in it for like a full second) anyway you became smaller hence the icicle :p anyway it was fun.

    also i liked the game where it was a 2d shooting game, forget the name, but you had like a jet pack and you got to choose like sniper, smg, ak47, and the like but most people went sniper cuz it was a oneshot kill and it increased your view range. i raped at that game.

    also i like mazes a short maze maybe as a minigame.
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  3. Fulla

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    Updated the first thread qutie a bit, games are a bit more detailed and added some picture samples of how the arena/terrains per game could look like.

    I'll start adding all the good ideas for games we've gotten so far in the list. Thanks everybody so far!

    Ah ok, so sort of like a dodge/survival game.

    Hehe, that sounds quite cool, weird I've never played that one. A mini 2d shooter I think would need some extra elements in there thou, you know like a Zombie onslaught, or even just alternative stuff around the place for you to kill.

    Someone atually suggested a maze one with some cool ideas, I'll add it up in the list soon.
  4. Fulla

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    Added another 2 games in there, from the suggestions I've been recieving. Anymore keep them coming guys!!
  5. azareus

    azareus And you know it.

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    Maybe a dodge game where you had something flying thorugh a maze of some sort, without touching the edges/obstacles.
    Kinda like this game, but maybe with slow movement in the start, then faster and faster.
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  6. rover2341

    rover2341 Is riding a roller coaster...Wee!

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    Wow that is cool.
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  7. Armentia

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    You little scoundrel you. I've already been thinking up a minigame map for SC2 with the same goal to release within a week of SC2's release. Heh. I have more planned for outside of the minigames than the actual minigames themselves. This may be some fun competition!

    Oh, and someone mentioned making a Bound? Oh God, that might take priority over the minigame map for me. I made a handful of bounds on SC1 back in the day, and I think we could do some amazing things once SC2 comes out.
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  8. ZugZugZealot

    ZugZugZealot New Member

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    Burst Team War:
    Each player gets to pick from one of 4 units (maybe more).

    For 5 seconds, players are all allied, and can roam anywhere.
    After the 5 seconds is up, the game will randomly choose players for two different teams for a team elimination match.
    All players on the winning team will be awarded 2 points, and players who are alive will get an additional point.
    Not sure how many rounds it would have.

    Ignite: Sets a target unit on fire doing damage over time and lowering target's armor
    Burst Flame: Requires a charge up time (can't attack, can't use other abilities, but can move), one charged firebat can launch a wake of fire doing damage and pushing back enemies.
    Backdraft: When firebat attacks, or uses any fire abilities, a smoke charge is added. When smoke charges are maxed, Fireback can use backdraft to pull enemies to him.

    Tranquilizer Gun (Passive): Medic's attacks slow targets
    Enzyme Field: Costing energy over time, Enzyme Field heals all allies and self over time.
    Stim Pack: Increases target unit or self's move speed and attack speed

    Blink: Stalker warps to a location, if the warp is on an enemy, it will deal damage
    Phase: Target cannot move, use abilities, attack, and is invincible for a duration (can target enemy, ally, or self)

    Brood Lord:
    (set to non-flying)
    Spawn Broodling: Summons one Broodling
    Spawn Broodlock: Summons a Broodlock (uses Infester model). Broodlock can summon broodlings (with a longer cooldown than Brood Lord).
    Brood Shield: Requires 3 Broodlings in play. Target unit or self gains broodshield which reduces damage from enemies.
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  9. Fulla

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    Lol I gave that game a few trys, pretty fun. Would be a bit hard to imagine for a minigame thou. Like them to be very competitive with the other players.

    Thanks, any ideas by any chance? Feel free to share them.

    I love a bit of competition :)

    Sorry whats a bounds map? i did a little google search couldn't find anything.
  10. Sevion

    Sevion The DIY Ninja

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    A bound is timed explosives in which you control a unit (usually a Ling) and you dodge the explosions to get to the end. Here's one:

  11. Fulla

    Fulla Evil Overlord

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    Ah right got ya, yea has to be one or two of those type of maps. Definitely a frogger as well!!
  12. Fulla

    Fulla Evil Overlord

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    Really like this one and all the variations of units you can pick from, some cool classes you;'ve come up with.

    Currently it's all FFA thou. Team based ones will be coming out after a while thou for sure.

    Although it would make the medic pretty redundant, a death match one could be quite fun, with a few rounds, chooseing a fighter of your choice each round.

    Alternatively could be a survival, vs an onslaught of attackers, where if you die you become on of the attackers as well. Last to die wins!
  13. Ice Bane

    Ice Bane Member

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    Hello mate!

    I got this idea which is kind of a gladiator arena where you steer a ball around trying to tackle your teammates into holes etc.

    I'll write you a wall-of-text some day when I get the time! :D
  14. BlowingKush

    BlowingKush I hit the blunt but the blunt hit me.

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    2 words...

    Marble Madness =)
  15. Fulla

    Fulla Evil Overlord

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    Marble madness lol? Maybe maybe! What starcraft unit thou could work :)
  16. BlowingKush

    BlowingKush I hit the blunt but the blunt hit me.

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    I am gonna remake the NES classic Marble Maddness using the new units and the sphere shields.

    You will roll around the hills and valleys smashing little marine men and ramping bumps and jumps in the terrain.

    Hopefully you will be able to ramp into the air and smash into other marbles like a gladiator match.

  17. Fulla

    Fulla Evil Overlord

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    That actually sounds really fun, I could imagine a very High Hilled Terrain with narrow crossing etc. Rolling around avoiding rolling off the sides, competing with other ppl's to reach the end asap and avoiding the obstackles along the way.
  18. ZugZugZealot

    ZugZugZealot New Member

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    Burst Team Mode was intended for FFA. It randomly acquires two teams, and for the next round, it randomly acquires for the two teams again. So in the grand scheme of things no one is truly your ally. Just a bunch of common short term goals.
  19. Beetlebomb

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    Just popping in to say good luck with your new project, Fulla. I've loved everything you've produced in the past, so I'm very happy to see you and your crew working in SC2 now!

  20. No_exit

    No_exit Regular User (What is Custom User Title?)

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    It kind of looks like the nuclear aftermath but the details and hopefully gameplay are different.

    Probe massacre

    Set up
    - Every player has one probe.
    - Banelings pop up from under the ground and explode after a short while.
    - Be the last probe standing.

    - Push (close range) (Pushes a target baneling/enemy probe away from the casting probe)
    - Forcefield (to block other players in; also stops baneling pushes)

    Possible twists
    - The probes have a (very low damage) attack to harass other probes
    - After a time (or when there are only a number of players left), a (slowish) hydralisk joins to run around.
    - When pushed, a baneling will explode as soon as it comes into contact with something (other baneling, probe, wall, forcefield) and no longer explode if the "explosion timer" runs to 0.
    - The banelings run slowly towards nearby probes.

    - You can show a "lemmings" like timer above each baneling to show the time left until it explodes.

    Balance suggestions
    - Forcefield regenerate rather quick
    - Push regenerates slowly
    - The probe can survive a couple of hits and its normal HP is much higher than it's shield.
    - More banelings pop up near the edges of the map.

    Map suggestion
    - Very Tiny; No suggestion yet on layout but something asymmetric could work.

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