Gaming PSVita Slider Prototype Unit with HDMI Output running FW 0.990 now on sale on eBay for USD $20K

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    Back in 2015, a video of a PSVita prototype went live on but it was taken down shortly after only to be reuploaded in early 2016. Now, that PSVita prototype has resurfaced and it is currently on sale for $20k on eBay!

    PSVita Slider Prototype Unit? What’s that?

    As mentioned above, the PSVita slider prototype unit has been known to the public since 2015 and it’s quite a bit different from the final PSVita model that Sony released in late 2011.

    First of all, the prototype unit uses a sliding mechanism similar to the PSP GO and Xperia Play which were seen as pretty ambitious pieces of tech at the time. Secondly, it makes use of normal SD cards rather than Sony’s proprietary memory cards that cost an arm and a leg compared to other flash storage (market prices are around $35 for a 16GB Vita memory card on eBay while a 16GB microSD card retails for a few bucks).

    Other differences from final retail units include:

    • As this is a development unit, it has an HDMI output similar to final ones
    • The buttons and analogue stick have a different design and look more similar to the buttons found on the DualShock 3 rather than the PSVita
      • Like final PSVita units, it has two analogue sticks rather than one
    • It runs FW 0.990 which, from the video showing the system in action, is quite similar to earlier versions of the retail Vita firmware
    • It has a bit sticking out with all the I/O ports (Vita port, microUSB and HDMI) which is similar but more prominent than that found on present-day dev kits
    • The back of the device doesn’t have the square/circle/triangle/cross finish
    • It doesn’t have a built-in battery

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