UK News Psychic Sally Morgan hears voices from the other side (via a hidden earpiece).


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According to her website, Sally Morgan is "Britain's best-loved psychic". She is certainly a very successful psychic – she has just released her third book and is currently filming the third series of Psychic Sally on the Road for Sky LIVING. But an incident that took place a few days ago may cause a few of her fans to wonder whether Morgan is deserving of their adoration. Could it be that, like so many self-professed psychic superstars in the past, Morgan is nothing more than a self-serving con artist?

Let me describe what happened so that you can make up your own mind. On Monday 12 September, a caller named Sue phoned the Liveline show on RTÉ Radio 1, an Irish radio station. Sue said that she had attended Morgan's show the previous night at the Grand Canal Theatre in Dublin and had been impressed by the accuracy of the readings she made in the first half of the show.

But then something odd happened. Sue was sitting in the back row on the fourth level of the theatre and there was a small room behind her ("like a projection room") with a window open. Sue and her companions became aware of a man's voice and "everything that the man was saying, the psychic was saying it 10 seconds later."

Sue believes, not unreasonably, that the man was feeding information to Sally through an earpiece attached to her microphone. For example, the voice would say something like "David, pain in the back, passed quickly" and a few seconds later Sally would claim to have the spirit of a "David" on stage who – you'll never guess – suffered from back pain and passed quickly.

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A Psychic turns out to be a fraud? :eek: Who would'a thunk?

I actually applaud her. She got rich exploiting the stupid, that's something I admire.


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A psychic appears to be a conartist, since when is this news?

Otherwise, pretty unprofessional illusionism there ^^

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I heard somewhere that even though Police have turned to Psychics on missing person cases and crime that not ONE case has been solved by a psychic.


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But con artists can use cold reading to convince complete strangers that they know all about them. It relies on the clever use of language, careful observation, intelligent guesswork, and the production of vague and ambiguous statements that the sitter interprets (and remembers) as being more specific than they actually were. In a skilled practitioner, cold reading can produce much more impressive results than the rather amateurish readings produced by most psychics.
People who are inherently good at cold reading, but also attempt to practise actual prophecy, can sometimes have quite some trouble shutting their own thoughts out.


The Case of the Mysterious Camel.
My friend is researching into cold reading =P
He's actually pretty good with it now
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