Report Public underestimates threat of climate crisis and plastic pollution, study finds

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    The impact of global warming is underestimated by the general public, according to a new study.

    Only a quarter of people correctly identified that all 20 of the world’s hottest years on record had occurred in the last 22 years when questioned by market research company Ipsos Mori for the study by the Policy Institute at King’s College London.

    On average, people guessed that 12 of the hottest years had occurred in that time, the figures show.

    Members of the public also underestimated how much plastic waste has ended up in the environment, suggesting on average that just under half (49 per cent) of the 6.3 billion tonnes of the material created globally has ended up in landfill or as litter.

    The true figure is 79 per cent.

    Read more here. (The Independent UK)

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