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    1. What is Python?

    Python is an interpreted, object oriented, high level programming language. It is often used
    for rapid application development, as well as a scripting language to glue existing programs together.

    2. Why use Python?

    Python is a good all around language, and is often chosen for its unique features:
    • Python code is easy to read and maintain, due to its white-space formatted structure
    • Since Python does not need compilation, it is much faster to debug than other languages
    • Python is often much shorter than Java or C++ programs
    • Python is an easy language to learn, and is often recommended as a beginner language

    Other neat stuff:

    • Python can run on Windows, Linux/Unix, OS/2, Mac, Amiga, and others
    • Python is open source
    • Python integrates well with many other languages, such as C, C++, and JAVA.

    Here are a few of the cons to the language:
    • Python runs much slower than other languages, as it is interpreted rather than compiled.
    • Lack of true multiprocessor support

    3. Where can I get Python and Python Support?

    The python interpreter can be downloaded off of Python's site:

    As with many programming languages, you can learn from the official documentation, or the tutorials here:

    Python also has a community/wiki here:
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