Question. How to add animations to model in Blender

Discussion in 'World Editor Help' started by rover2341, Jan 29, 2020.

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    Hi, Working on fixing my RC Project. Reforeged appears not to respect Pitch angle anymore.

    Pitch Angle.PNG

    So I looked up how to export and import my existing modal.

    I read that I could use set animation by index. to postion the angle. If i create a bunch of animations with a single key frame.

    set Unit animation by index.PNG

    I am using to export my model from blender to mdl.

    Set animations.PNG

    In the editor I can see how to changes animations mannauly But for my modal it doesnt show up with any animations.

    None Showing.PNG blade master showing.PNG

    Looking for this approch or any approch that can set the Pitch.
    Warcraft 3 roller coaster isnt the same when all of the tracks are at zero pitch.

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