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Hi everyone,

I'm making a summoned unit that has a initial attack damage of 100 and a fast attack rate. What I'm hoping to achieve is to make the attack damage and attack speed of the unit decrease by a constant every time it attacks.

Is that possible? If so, how?
Give the unit one ability that decreases the attack damage (like a negative item damage bonus) and one ability that decreases attack speed. Make the negative abilities decrease damage/speed more and more for each level, with a maximum limit where you want the minimum damage/attack speed for the unit. On level 1, these abilties should do nothing. Then trigger

  • Summon Attack
    • Events
      • Unit - A unit Is attacked
    • Conditions
      • (Level of (ANY OF THE TWO ABILITIES) for (Attacking unit)) Greater than or equal to 1
    • Actions
      • Unit - Increase level of (-DAMAGE ABILITY) for (Attacking unit)
      • Unit - Increase level of (-ATTACK RATE ABILITY) for (Attacking unit)

The bad thing with this solution is that the damage will have a red -x number and attack speed will show red as if there is something changing the unit's attack (which there is :eek:)

Another way could be to add levels in an upgrade for the unit, but then it won't work if a player has several of the same summoned unit type in play at the same time.
Here I think this is what you want? Reply if something isn't like it is suppose to be.


  • Temporary Strength.w3x
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Thank you for all the help.

I think I will go with Necrach's method. Just one question: if the attack damage goes to negative, does this mean it heals life on every attack?

Igor, correct me if I'm wrong, I think your method can be only used for Heroes. So I cannot implement it to my summoned unit. Actually, I don't really understand all parts of the code; it would be helpful if you can explain them in plain English.
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