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Just casually observing atm ;)
Quno Elemental Hero Defence

Greetings fellow mapmakers and everyone else!

Please let me present to you; Quno Elemental Hero Defence 1.0

Download Link ----> (( Click Here )) <----

This thread covers the following (and of course, answers to any questions)
* Map Concept
* What makes it Special
* General Contents
* List of featured Heros
* Screenshots
<< (what most people are looking for, I've noticed) :)
* About making the map
* Credits
* Help with further testing needed
* New version releases
* Contact

Map Concept

The map is a fairly standard Hero Defence map where you select a hero and have to defend against constantly spawning creeps.
There are two identical "lanes" enabling teamplay for upto 4v4 players, but also single-lane playing or anything inbetween. When a creep reaches the Circle of Death in the top middle its soul is doomed and the team in that lane loose a Life Point (default starting LP is 100 per team).

The Elemental part of the game can seem insignificant if you have played maps like Elemental TD a lot, but it does matter and therefore it wound its way into the map name.

What makes it Special

The most special thing about this map is the unique layout that enables the players to open gates in the other team's lane that will make shortcuts for the creeps. This is a powerful tool as much at it is intresting and fun!

Another thing that makes the map special is thatyour Hero do not gain ability points to level abilities, but Power points (a reworked Lumber resource). Abilities must be "trained" in the Hero Tower (does not remove the hero from gamplay). Training an ability to one level higher cost 1, 3 or 5 Power, depending on how good it is. Each Hero have two 1p abilities, one 3p and one 5p.
Power, however, is also what is used to open and close gates, so spending carelessly on abilities is unwise if your opponent suddenly open a few gates and you can't close 'em.
Power as a resource is gained when your Hero gains a level and when enemy Heros die.

Also, there are four Hero Classes; Marksmanship, Combat, Spellcasting and Support.
>>Marksmanship Heros are ranged and focus a lot on speed and high single target damage.
>>Combat Heros are the "tanks" that can take a good beating and most likely have a stunning ability.
>>Spellcasting Heros are masters of many-unit-affecting spells and enchantments, and mana is as important to them as hit points.
>>Support Heros can have basically any kinds of special abilities that enhance the team or make life harder for the enemy team.

The Elemental part of the map is mainly that all Heros and creeps belong to one Element or a combination of two of them.
For Heros, the Elements are;
Flame (Fire),
Leaf (Earth),
Wave (Water) and
Storm (Air),
and the combinations are;
Lava (Fire/Earth),
Mud (Earth/Water),
Lightning (Fire/Air)
and Frost (Air/Water).
Heros attack and armor are based on their Elements, and diffrent Elements differ in strength agains each other.
Creeps can have any element type as attack or armor type, or "Normal" or which is a weaker type that takes more damage and deals less to all other types.
A unit with "Immortal" armor type is not "Invulnerable", but are basically impossible to harm.

There are of course several things that might be classed as special, but I can't take 'em all up in this section ;)

General Contents

Short summary of some other general map contents;
>>Item Recepies that can only be purchased dependant on what Hero Class you are playing.
>>Charged items stacking, how high is dependant on which type of item it is.
>>Game modes Power Mode & Gold Rush. More modes will come in later versions. Modes can be typed by the player highest in the list of players (highest possible slot is Purple, so if that slot is used then Purple must write it aso).
>>User codes to view what class your Hero is, and to view your current movespeed. 'View Players' and 'Vote Restart' will be implemented some time as well, and maybe other things too.
>>The Food counter in the standard UI show how many waves have spawned over how many unique waves there are in the current version (in this beta ther are 20, but we're thinking it should be around 100 or so later on).
>>The Quests Button (F9) have been turned into Game Info Button instead, to not get rid of all irritating information otherwise clogging the screen. It's divided into several sections to make easier to find what information is sought.
>>Currently the hero selection system allows for specific picking for all players, and after a few seconds the random-options become available (to let people who know what hero they want pick it and the random-people can select random as they like). There can only be one hero of the same type at any time in the game, and this is intended to make the matches more varied.
>>Special items and item-abilities (Tome of Homegate, for example) made specifically to suit the map concept.
>>Many custom icons to create the right feeling for everything. Looks so much better when the icon actually reflects what it's representing.
>>Custom minimap image and loadscreen. While they're probably not very good-looking I like to have that touch to my maps.

List of featured Heros

Currently there are 8 selectable Hero types (two of each Class), which are listed below. Listed is also what they look like to give a general idea of what they're like.
This list will be added to as new versions come and new heros are "unlocked". In the end there will be one Hero type per Class for every Element (and every combination). Most Hero types are already planned out, but ideas are always welcome.
  • Red Ranger - Lava Marksmanship (Sylvanus Windrunner toned red)
  • Ice Shaman - Frost Spellcasting (Ice Troll Shaman)
  • Archdruid - Leaf Support (Malfurion with Stag)
  • Glacial Avatar - Frost Combat (Whendigo)
  • Storm Huntress - Storm Marksmanship (Priestess of the Moon)
  • Ashbringer - Flame Spellcasting (Blood Mage)
  • Frozen Ghost - Frost Support (Bane Elemental toned blue)
  • Lava Champion - Lava Combat (Chaos Grom Hellscream)


About making the map

This is a project I have been working on roughly since midsummer (don't judge me on my mapmaking-speed, I can be both effective and very busy with other things hehe). It started with me and two wanting to come up with a unique and cool idea for a map, but we ended up feeling like making a HD map since we all like the game style and my two friends were playing Enfo's HD a lot at the time.
I still wanted the map to have some measure of uniquity so we came up with the gates-idea and then it just built up and kept growing with more and more ideas as we went along.
Being the only of us three who are really any familiar with the Editor I have done almost all of it myself (abilities, game functions, teraining, custom icons a.s.o.), but it surely wouldnt've been the same without the other two as brainstormers and enthusiastic testers :)
To be completely honest I feel I little proud of what we've acomplished with this map. It's the first map I've ever made that's got around to being this far on it's way to completely finished and perfected. Sure there's a long way to that still, but I always get new ideas and rarely finish my would-be-grand maps. :p


I wish to send a note of deep thanks to the following people, who have contributed to the completion of this map:
  • Mangler ~ Pre-construction brainstorming, main balance calculating, further ideas and extensive testing.
  • Myrek ~ Pre-construction brainstorming, further ideas and extensive testing.
  • Your name here soon perhaps ~ ?
And a general thanks to TH as a communit that still keeps wc3 mapmaking alive and thriving even now almost ten years after the game was first installed in my computer.


Help with further testing needed

As the paragraph title reads, there is still quite some testing that needs to be done. I have tested a lot of things myself, and many things have been tested with Mangler and Myrek as well. However, I have no illusions about the map being free from bugs, typos, complete crap and such things, and I hope for those of you who test it to find these things and post here (or pm me if you like).

Another thing I seriously need specific help with.. is Leaks. I haven't bothered yet to learn how or why it's important, I've just figured it seems to be :p
So if there's anyone who feel that it'd be worth some +rep here, official credits in the map, and possible a dedicated ingame recepie item; for the trouble of going through alll triggers and help me fix the highly probable leaking I currently cause, I'd very very much appreciate it :)

No matter if you want to help with anything in particular or just feel like poking around, you're most welcome to open the map in the editor and have a look at my triggering and such.
I apprecite all feedback I can get, so please post something about what you think about it all :)
(( Download Link ))

New version releases

The "Quno EHD 1.0 BETA" version that this post describes will be available as soon as it's passed the Map Submission control.
The BETA should be relatively balanced and hopefully free from most obvious bugs and disfunctions.

Newer versions will come every now and then according to when I have the time to create new content. Like I said above somewhere I sometimes have two whole days of pretty good effectivity and then suddenly I might be tied up at work and not even look at the map for a few days.
But hang in there, as long as there are people playing it I'll look in on this thread several times a week and do what I can to update the map version regularly :)


The easiest way to contact me about the map (with questions, ideas, bugreports, or whatever it may be) would be to post in this thread or send me a pm here on TH.
Otherwise it's fine to send me a message at [email protected].

And lastly, thank you for reading through my short novel about this project.
I hope you're intrested, and I can take most kind of criticism and I'm really really eager to get some feedback on this ;)
So post away with your comments and everything! :)

Download Link ----> (( Click Here )) <----



Just casually observing atm ;)
As much as I hate double-posting, I feel the need to lift this again now that the map is downloadable :)

I hope that some of you try it and post some comments.
As already stated in the main post I'm really eager to get feedback on this! :thup:
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