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i made a footie type map(4v4v4) and i need suggestions for the other races

so far there are 7 races:

Spawn rate: 9 secs
Tier 1: has defend
Tier 2: hardened skin(mountain giant)
Spawn rate: 15 secs
Tier 1: Berserker Strenth Upgrade(like the one in skirmishes)
Tier 2: Bash
Spawn rate: 10 secs
Tier 1: Ensare
Tier 2: a custom spell--- passive blood lust
Spawn rate: 10 secs
Tier 1: Cannibalize
Tier 2: Raise Skels
High Elf
Spawn rate: 10 secs
Tier 1: Heal
Tier 2: Holy Light (searing arrow)
Night ELf
Spawn rate: 10 secs
Tier 1: Longer range upgrade
Tier 2: Spell Immunity
Spawn Rate 20 secs
Can build machines of war

to suggest a race please follow this format:
oh and btw, please avoid AoE skills and please fill in everything

Spawn Rate:
Tier 1 Unit:
Tier 1 Ability:
Tier 1 Comments: (type whether the unit has a strong attack, weak hp, etc)
Tier 2 Unit:
Tier 2 Ability:
Tier 2 Comments:
other info with regards to my map

and of course... plus rep :thup::thup::thup:


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Elemental Race

Ability - Fire - (dps) Water(or ice) - (Slow) Lightning - (Purge) - Earth (Aoe Damage)

Tiers increase the level of skills

(good for use in diffrent situations)

Demon Race

Abilitys - (Tier 1) - Life Steal (Tier 2) - Demon Spawns

Good for massings units with just a few units


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Tier 1 Unit: Satyr
Tier 1 Ability: None
Tier 1 Comments: It has weak hp and damage, but has high attack speed
Tier 2 Unit: Satyr Soulstealer
Tier 2 Ability: An active ability that takes away 2 hp of enemy unit within 350 AoE
Tier 2 Comments: Has strong hp, moderate - high damage, and slow attackspeed.
Tier 3 Unit: Satyr Hellcaller
Tier 3 Ability: Unholy Aura
Tier 3 Comments: Has strong hp, high damage, and very slow attackspeed. Also the Unholy Aura has only a 10% chance that the Hellcaller will get that ability. (Meaning, 1 out of 10 created Satyr Hellcallers will be granted a Unholy Aura.)


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Race: Dragonspawn
Spawn Rate: 15 sec
Tier 1 Unit: Blue Dragonspawn Warrior
Tier 1 Ability: Berserk
Tier 1 Comments: High attack, low defense
Tier 2 Unit: Blue Dragonspawn Overseer
Tier 2 Ability: Breath of Frost
Tier 2 Comments: High defense, low attack


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Race: Centaurs
Unit: Centaur Archer
Spawn: 12
Tier 1: Bloodlust
Tier 2: Poison Arrows
Unit: Centaur Impaler
Spawn: 12
Tier 1: Bash
Tier 2: Charge (Increase speed and next attack damage)

Race: Harpies
Comment: Low damage, medium health, low armor but flying
Unit: Harpy Rogue
Spawn: 10
Tier 1: Evasion
Tier 2: Sneak (Comment: Modify "Wind Walk")
Unit: Harpy Windwitch
Spawn: 10
Tier 2: Faerie Fire

Race: Worlds Revenants
Unit: Revenant of the Seas
Spawn: 18
Tier 1: Watery Minion
Tier 2: Rejuvenation
Comment: You might consider low heal ammount and autocast.
Unit: Lightning Revenant
Spawn: 18
Tier 1: Static Shock
Comment: Just some chance to crit
Tier 2: Forked Attack
Comment: Keep damage low, but make them hit more then one target.
Unit: Frost Revenant
Spawn: 18
Tier 1: Frost attack
Tier 2: Frost Armor
Unit: Fire Revenant
Spawn: 18
Tier 1: Ignite
Tier 2: Immolation
Unit: Death Revenant
Tier 1: Armor Penelty
Tier 2: Raise Dead


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Race: Naga
Spawn Rate: 15(?)
Tier 1 Unit: Snap Dragon
Tier 1 Ability: Some kind of poison attack.
Tier 1 Comments: (Nothing special)
Tier 2 Unit: Naga Myrmion
Tier 2 Ability: Crit
Tier 2 Comments: High hp, medium attack dmg.

Race: Fulbolgs
Spawn Rate: 10(?)
Tier 1 Unit: Fulbolg Shaman
Tier 1 Ability: Rejuvenation
Tier 1 Comments: (Medium hp, low dmg)
Tier 2 Unit: Fulbolg Champion
Tier 2 Ability: Hardened Skin
Tier 2 Comments: (High hp, medium attack)


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Race: Arachnathid
Spawn Rate: 4
Tier 1 Unit: Barbed Arachnathid
Tier 1 Ability: Burrow
Tier 1 Comments: Very Weak HP, Pro: Fast Movement
Tier 2 Unit: Arachnathid Earth-borer
Tier 2 Ability: Envenomed Weapons
Tier 2 Comments: Low HP, High Armor, Con: Very well effected by chaos attacks.
Comments: Keep the gold cost for this race high
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