Crime Ransomware Encrypts Victim Files With 1,024-Bit Key

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Now more than ever, it's important that Windows users ensure their machines are safe from hackers. A dangerous new strain of malicious software that holds the victim's computers files for ransom has been unleashed, and Kaspersky Lab is warning that security researchers have yet to crack the encryption key.

The malware in this case is the latest version of Gpcode (Kaspersky calls it Gpcode.ak), a nasty piece of "ransomware" that scrambles all of the victim's data files with an encryption key known only to the attacker(s). Victims are told via a pop-up message that they need to purchase a special decryption program to regain access to their data.

Kaspersky and other anti-virus companies have previously unraveled the secret encryption key for all previous versions of Gpcode, but this time, the malware author apparently has learned from his previous mistakes. Now, the Gpcode author is encrypting victim files with an extremely strong 1,024-bit RSA encryption key.

This looks like a job for the Playstation 3 Super Computer!
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I'm sure it does. Otherwise word would spread that it doesn't and no one would buy it.

But if it works then most people that get infected would buy it, which means more money to the makers of the virus. ;)


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sh!* thats awesome.. yet fierce, think about one day trying to open wc3 and... w00ps you require a password to open this.... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.... etc
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