Gaming 'Ready-to-wear' Diablo 4 clothes at Milan Fashion Week seem unwearable, have nothing to do with Diablo 4

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Blizzard paid for Diablo-themed outfits and, frankly, got exactly what it deserved.

When I think 'Diablo,' I think 'fashion'. Between the unmatched zaddy energy of Deckard Cain and the effortless drip of the necromancer, it's both a crime and a mystery that the fashion world has so far turned a blind eye to the sartorial perfection of Blizzard's beloved ARPG series. Well, no longer. A recent tour de force at Milan Fashion Week, which concludes today, has finally made the obvious match with a show "inspired by the dark side and complimentary conflict" of Diablo 4.

The clothes were designed by Danish fashion house Han Kjøbenhavn, and centred around a theme of "hell as a beautiful place". The brand's creative director, Jannik Wikkelsø Davidsen, said the match-up between the fashion company and Blizzard was a natural one, and it was their shared "emotional DNA" that compelled him to swaddle an innocent supermodel in a chrome(?) recreation of the Olympic flame.

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