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im here to announce that, my pc has crashed...joke! yesterday i really thought that my pc was broken again...but i tried it today and it works perfectly fine...

need item ideas please, with names gold cost, requirements and effects


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How about this:

<Recipe Name>
- 1 <Potion of health over time>
- 1 <Potion of mana over time>

==> 1 Potion of health and mana over time
Recipe advantage: Where the 2 lesser potions regen over, let's say, 30 seconds; the combined potion regens the same amount over 15 seconds.


300hp/30s potion + 200mana/30s potion = 300hp+200mana/15s potion.


Working on a Map

Hi, I have made a response to you request on THW for the model of Nerzhul. I made it but you have yet to respond so I checked here.
Its sad but the model is greater in size than the other one (mine is 250+kb) but IMO its better, here it is. Its not tested though :p.
Anyway, I played this map and it really could do with more triggered spells.

Some ideas:
Rip some things off your old maps! (Jk)
Items idea:
Potion of reverse, costs 1000 gold
Causes damage to heal you and healing to damage you (triggered XD)
Ring of Rejuvanation, recipe, 600 gold
Ring of Regen, (forgot the gold cost)
Potion of health and mana (XD the one stated above), (cost)
results in...
Ring of Rejuvanation, gives
3 hp regen
Rejuvanate- Regenerates (1/2xoriginal regen from potion), cooldown, 60 seconds, charges unlimited.


thanks for the ideas....but i think that potions must not be combined into a greater potion, because it would be too easy...i mean, the player doesnt waste inventory space for carrying a mana and life potion, because the 2 potions are cheap, getting a high regen mana and life potion will be a piece of cake

also the mana and life potions are charged, when u have 10 life potions in ur inventory, and u will buy 1 mana potion, it will combine into 1 larger potion, wasting 9 charge of the life potion

i viewed the model in magos model editor, but why does the model has no arms when animating?
BTW melee heroes inside the map has less triggered spells...while the 4 heroes below them has more triggered spells than the melee ones
anyways thanks


Working on a Map

I fixed the model, so here. I'm still unhappy about the file size though :(.
Try squishing it. Its still not tested ingame :p.


i think it will took longer before 2.08 is released, because i need to create 8 heroes for it, and im still working on the third hero, but i already finished sponge bob, thx to olofmoleman btw, because he's the one who made spongebob


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Ok, I finally have an internet connection. Sorry to answer your request after ~a month but now I have the opportunity. Here's the item exchanger you asked.


library ItemExchanger initializer InitTrig_ItemExchanger

    private integer array OLD_ITEM
    private integer array NEW_ITEM

// This is where you should set the items that will be removed (OLD_ITEM) and replaced with the new ones (NEW_ITEM)
// You may be asking how it works?
// Well, when a unit takes item, a loop will be ran to check which item it took.
// If it detects OLD_ITEM it will replace it with NEW_ITEM with the same array value.

// E.g. Bob picks Potion which is OLD_ITEM[15]. Loop runs and detects OLD_ITEM[15].
//        Bob loses OLD_ITEM[15] and receives NEW_ITEM[15].

// That's it. ^^
private function Execute takes nothing returns nothing
// start from array 0 and increase by 1 
    set OLD_ITEM[0] = 'pghe'
    set OLD_ITEM[1] = 'rat6'
    set NEW_ITEM[0] = 'pgma'
    set NEW_ITEM[1] = 'rat9'
// End. Don't touch past this point <img src="" class="smilie smilie--sprite smilie--sprite7" alt=":p" title="Stick Out Tongue    :p" data-shortname=":p" />

private function Actions takes nothing returns nothing
    local unit u = GetTriggerUnit()
    local item i = GetManipulatedItem()
    local integer l = 0
    local item a
        exitwhen OLD_ITEM[l] == null or GetManipulatedItem() == null
        if GetItemTypeId(GetManipulatedItem()) == OLD_ITEM[l] then
            call UnitRemoveItem(u, i)
            call RemoveItem(i)
            set a = CreateItem(NEW_ITEM[l], GetUnitX(u), GetUnitY(u))
            call UnitAddItem(u, a)
        set l = l + 1
    set u = null
    set i = null
    set a = null

function InitTrig_ItemExchanger takes nothing returns nothing   
    local trigger trig = CreateTrigger()
    call TriggerRegisterAnyUnitEventBJ(trig, EVENT_PLAYER_UNIT_PICKUP_ITEM)
    call TriggerAddAction(trig, function Actions)
    call Execute()


It is executed when a unit takes an item. Wasn't sure what you wanted but if you don't want that I'll edit it and give you only a function call (at least if it's not too late and you already have one exchanger.. ^^).
EDIT: Wait, I forgot to test a stupid issue that might happen. I'll write after ~10 mins to tell you if it's not a problem.
EDIT2: Ok, no problems at all. I guess it will work perfectly ;)
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