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yeah i really dont like importing custom models, except for models that are made for my map
bump, please go on with your hero ideas, while im still thinking about the item concept, and having some 3d sideline (learning autodesk maya 2008 unlimited for future use)

I do not know if you have a hero consept but

Saran, The lockness monster.

Model: Hydra.
Attack: ranged 250 range
Main att: str
Some info high dmg and hp. Low attack speed and armor. Moderate mana.
Note: I won't fill in the exact dmg, because I do not know what is moderate for your map.

Spell 1 Devour. Bites an enemy unit and attempts to eat it alive. X dmg per second for Y seconds. Channeling. If the unit dies, the monster is healed for Z of it's max hitpoints/

Spell 2 Aqua Thirst. when staying in water, the monster will gain X moovment and Z attack speed

Spell 3 Lake. The monster creates a lake. When standing in the lake (lake is big) it will have +x hp per sec regen, +Z armor, and enemy units will have reduced attack speed.

Ultimate: Rejuvination. For each -10%hp the monster has, it will gain 5% life steal and X.

Hope you like it.
Hero Name: Titan
Proper Name: Colossal
Model: Seige Golem

Combat: High damage, attacks slowly, low movement speed, high health and armour.
Primary Attribute: Strength

Innate: Great Defense
Grants Armour and reduces damage taken by a % of your total armour.

1st Spell: Titan's Fist
Does damage and stuns target unit, also slows that unit and nearby enemy units.
2nd Spell: Titan Slam
Slams the ground and causes a line of thunderclaps towards the target point. Each thunderclap has a stacking slow but can only damage a unit once.
3rd Spell: Titan's Strength
Increases strength of the hero. Increases the attack damage of the hero by a % of his total strength.
Ultimate: Titan Form
Becomes a titan. Gains strength, armour and temporary magic immunity. Also enhances the power of his other skills when activated.
for the saran lockness monster idea, maybe ill change the model of the hero to something more humanoid

for the titan hero, i can use this model, think of some spells for this model here

btw it takes up like 500kb, but just look at the quality
reduced the texture, now it just takes up 300 kb, yeah its from age of myths, but its distributed by oniwaga from (now long ago
now working on a new feature of the map, calling it Elemental System: this adds element types for each hero, and for some abilities and items

Fire owns Earth, Earth owns Wind, Wind owns Water, Water owns Fire
more like of a paper rock and scissors

this will add some more strategy on picking your hero and items, like how can a fire bolt damage a water elemental summon? with this, im going to remake some abilities, like the Fire Bomb, good for me I only created 4 hereoes for now, there are lots of things to be done, because each damage done except for attack damages must be triggered for now, even the simpliest storm bolt ability needs to be triggered

also im going to change the hero pick message each time a hero is picked, like im going to remove the message to avoid he's-picking-paper-im-going-to-pick-scissors game style, how will you know what did your opponent pick? check it out yourself

heres the list of element types that can be used by spells, items and heroes

for the members who wants to contribute hero ideas, please follow the format

real name (rol john torralba [who's he?])
name (the mapper)
element type (Universal [no such thing])

story (hes a F*cking god damn mapper)

can learn 1st ability, 2nd ability, 3rd ability, 4th ability, ultimate
default ability (poke!)

str 99 + 9.0
agi 1 + 10.1
int 19999 + 1009.54

move speed
attack range

im not taking item ideas for now
watch out for updates

OK I've made up my mind for an idea but (sry for suspense, but it took me days to refine this idea set, and loads of inspiration from Fullmetal Alchemist), you mind if I give out an Alchemist-Type hero? (purely transmutational abilities)
OK I've made up my mind for an idea but (sry for suspense, but it took me days to refine this idea set, and loads of inspiration from Fullmetal Alchemist), you mind if I give out an Alchemist-Type hero? (purely transmutational abilities)
hit me!

well.. good luck on your element idea.. i bet it would be a pain to code :p.
thanks, yeah it will be hard, but i already have an idea (an easy one) to implement this system
Jon Adrian, the Earth Alchemist​

Element Type: Earth
Movement Speed: 300
Attack Speed: Fast
Attack Range: 600
Suggested Model/Skin: --ClickHere or ClickHere--

Story: He was, an ordinary Filipino villager in the northern areas who helps his grandfather toil around the crops and fields. Unknown to him, his grandfather is actually a renowned alchemical expert who fought in many battles. Now that he is old, he has to give his grandson every single bit of knowlege he has on alchemy. Day by day, he is improving his alchemy skills. Around 3 years later on, his grandfather died of a heart attack after too much work. Jon was in deep sorrow for all time, until he discovered the sacred relic and what it can do, and so he was trained by an alchemist and he went search for this relic, and thus siding with the Beholders to fulfull his dream.

Strength: 16 +2.5
Agility: 19 + 2.3
Intelligence: 23 + 3.12

Hero Abilities:
Stone Burst (Active, AoE, Target Point)
Transmutes all trees within the radius of this spell, and turns them into an earth-nova-like explosion that sends rocks flying outward from the target point, dealing damage and stunning enemies. The more trees transmuted, the more powerful the nova becomes.

Earth Servant (Active, Target Point)
Summons an elemental derived from the terrain-type of the target point. Lasts X seconds.

For example, if you use Earth Servant in Sunken Ruins tiles, then you get a Stone Servant, and if you use Earth Servant spell in Any Kind of Grass/Sand/Mud/Water, then you get a Leaf/Sand/Mud/Water servant, respectively.

[Please read Properties below]

Impaling Fury (Active, Target Point)
Sends shards of stone/grass/water rising up in a line (impale-like effect) which flings enemy units in the air, stunning them when they reach the ground.

NOTE: This works like Impale. When you cast this spell, each Impale shard will take on the properties of the terrain it's in. In other words, if you cast Impaling Fury in an area with plenty of terrain variation, then you can Poison and Slow down enemies with the various shards, and more, making this spell effective.

[Please read Properties below]

Alchemical Expertise (Passive)
Cuts off the Mana Cost and Cooldown of all the rest of the Alchemist's spells. This important skill improves Stone Burst so that now you can transmute Corpses and Summoned Units with only 10% of their HP, and increasing its power. It also improves Earth Servant skill so that your Servants have special properties that vary in this skill's level (Spell Resistance, More Armor, Lifesteal, etc.).

Medley of Mother Earth (Ultimate)
The Alchemist lets loose the full fury of his powers, therefore bypassing the law of alchemy and summoning a V-shaped formation of Earth Rocks that roll in a line like an avalanche, dealing unspeakable damage and destruction. (like Baal's Hoarfrost spell from Diablo II) From left to right, the Earth Rocks take on Leaf, Sand, Water, Stone and Mud forms, each with different effects with one thing in common, they deal plenty of damage.

This spell costs Mana and HP.

Earth and Servant Properties:
  • Leaf: Poison Damage (Kills enemies)
  • Sand: Sand buff (causes enemies to miss) and reduces sight range
  • Water: Reduces move/atk. speed and armor
  • Stone: Has a Bash ability, Stunning
  • Mud: Reduces move/atk. speed and sight range

Hope you like it. If you don't want this idea I'll gladly give you another one, though it takes time.

-- Umaku iku yō ni -|- jonadrian619 --​
can u pass me another skin for that model, i cant use the skin u suggested because i already have a hero similar to the skin, also for the model, it takes up to 300 kb, im trying to maintain the file size, thats why i compressed the titan model ranging from 600kb to 300kb

the hero idea is great, it lacks 1 thing, the default ability, im sure im going to make this hero, thanks for the idea, do you want to add more hero ideas?

I don't understand. How is that hero related to alchemy? Sounds more like some all-around mage.
i though alchemist are the ones who creates poitions and acid bottles, but this was inspired from full-metal alchemist
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