AoS Realms of the Genesis v3


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Look who's back :D And by the way, a its lochness monster. Some kind of sea snake. Google it.


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I don't understand. How is that hero related to alchemy? Sounds more like some all-around mage.
He uses his transmutation abilities into a way that makes him more of a mage, so he's like a superior alchemist or something.

Oh ya I forgot about the default ability. maybe this would help..

Forest Shambler (Active, Target Destructible)
Transmutes any wooden destructible (trees,crates,etc.) into a Forest Shambler, a treant-like attacker with Poison attacks. His HP, Armor and summon Duration are dependent on the targeted doodad's HP.

For the model, this would do better (it's under 90 KB).

Nice map header in the thread..


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i though alchemist are the ones who creates poitions and acid bottles, but this was inspired from full-metal alchemist
FMA Rocks. I think Blizzard was also inspired by it when they made "Transmute" for the goblin alchemist.

Also, for the Titan Guy, some spells.

Innate: Fist of Power
Each attack has a chance to knockback and deal extra damage. Knockback range and extra damage depends on your Strength.
Spell 1: Smash
Smashes the target into the ground, stunning it and dealing damage. Does a small amount of damage to himself. Triggers Fist of Power.
Spell 2: Spinning Destruction
The hero starts spinning around without control, causing him to damage himself and enemies nearby as he moves about completely randomly. Has a chance to trigger Fist of Power (chance to trigger is reduced).
[Note: When your hero meets with an obstacle, he will change directions.]
Spell 3: Strength of the Ages
Calls upon the strength of the ages. In exchange for a small amount of vitality, this ability grants the hero extra strength for a short duration.
Spell 4: Titan's Will
The Titan's Will to survive has persisted throughout the ages. When his health is at a critical level, he will gain strength. Gains some strength for every x% of health missing.
Ultimate: Titan's Arena
The Titan creates an Arena which traps nearby units. Anyunit which attempts to escape will be dragged back inside and damaged. During this time, the Titan gains extra health, damage and armour. If the Titan dies, the Arena will disappear.
[Note: When you use Spinning Destruction, your hero can "bounce" off the walls of the Arena.]
Ok, hope this is good :)


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FMA Rocks. I think Blizzard was also inspired by it when they made "Transmute" for the goblin alchemist.
What?. NO

alchemy is a science that can change ones object property to another. prolly atomic numbers etc etc..

transmute is the idea of changing an object into another.

and so alchemy became chemistry. :O

the original idea was to change lead to gold. and the other.
to create artificial life, life (homunculus).

and blizzard used horadric cube.

Titan [APOY]fire.
Comments: I actually based this hero from Kronus. of  Greek Mytho...  so this wasn't really what you are looking for.. but maybe you can use this on other new character.

1st Skill, Soul Thresher:
Titan will release a ball of dark energy to the targeted area. when it hits wall,tree,unpathable area. it then bounces(just like a real ball). it can strike the same unit multiple times. units that get hit will take damage additionally it will reduce their mana by a fixed number.(for every unit hit it will get a damage penalty, 10% less damage to the next target.), the ball will continue to bounce until the ball disintegrate.

Level 1 =  80 damage. 25 mana loss, last 4 seconds.
Level 2 = 160 damage. 40 mana loss, last 5 seconds.
Level 3 = 220 damage. 55 mana loss, last 6 seconds.
Level 4 = 280 damage. 70 mana loss, last 7 seconds.

it's similar to Odin's Balor, Battle Realm's Soul Thresher. and Pinball.

2nd Skill, Pulverize
Titan's attack is amplified by his rage. the ground will then shatter and enemies in the area will take injury in the hamstring. reducing movement speed.

Level 1 = 13% Chance, 250 AoE, 40 damage, 8% Slow
Level 2 = 13% Chance, 275 AoE, 70 damage, 16% Slow
Level 3 = 13% Chance, 300 AoE, 100 damage, 24% Slow
Level 4 = 13% Chance, 325 AoE, 130 damage, 32% Slow

similar to sakura's ground break. because its cool.

3Rd Skill, Demigod
unlike other beings. Titan's body is more durable. additionally
as Titan rise supreme, enemy heores killed leaves Titan a strong sensation for short period of time.

Level 1 = Increases Strength by 8, every hero killed increase damage by 10.
Level 2 = Increases Strength by 16, every hero killed increase damage by 15.
Level 3 = Increases Strength by 24, every hero killed increase damage by 20.
Level 4 = Increases Strength by 30, every hero killed increases damage by 25.

Lasts 15 seconds.

similar to sadist of war

4th Skill, The Pit of Tartarus.
in a circular area. creates a coliseum from the underworld where the Titan is in the middle. on this coliseum no one can escape. additionally when Soul Thresher is used inside.
it will then bounce off in the walls of the coliseum. when it bounces. it splits three, the damage of each Soul Thresher is also split however the duration of the ball is kept. the Soul Thresher will continue to multiply and deal damage until it disintegrate. the mana loss of first Soul Thresher is removed after it bounces.

Level 1 = Lasts 5 seconds.
Level 2 = Lasts 6 seconds.
Level 3 = Last 7 seconds.

since Titan is in the middle. the distance between the wall and the titan is.
radius 450
total diameter is 900.

similar to Keita's Barrier.
the ability that is gained in picking it. is 

all enemy units within 450 area will attack this unit. for 1.5 seconds.

similar to. Mountain Giant Taunt.


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thanks for the suggestions, and welcome demotry241, 2 hero suggestions for the titan model, thats great, im just going to finalize the titan hero and post it here, keep it up


Working on a Map
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I always liked the idea of the Pit thingy in AoM (ITS AWESOME! AOM FTW!)
BTW, any plans for a new spoiler map? :)


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yep i have red the 2 suggestions, including yours zack
2 suggestions with lots of physics spells which i am very bad at, if anyone can help, then that would be fine, or i demand remake, lol, yes i am that bad at physics :(

but dont worry guys, ill make sure ill be getting ideas from your suggestions to make the titan hero

im posting the new spoiler map right now, just updating the first page for a new system

updated, new spoiler map uploaded, new system implemented, refer to the updates at the first page


Working on a Map
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waaaks! I think I found a bug with the upgrade system... When I upgraded the stuff, the units don't get upgraded... I think you should look into that, probably something to do with which player you give the upgrade to or something :S


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what a coincidence, i also played the map and found the upgrade bug, lol
i already fixed that, heres the current change log

fixed upgrade bug
fixed ground stomp damage factor and not stunning the enemies
fixed ultimate's required level and level skip requirement
improved cleave special effects
reduced mana cost on False Reality
remade Image Rally
and more to come
ive been trying to make the heroes fun to play, increasing their fun factor, about mirage heroine, she only had 1 damaging spell, and really cant deal that much damage, thats why now im currently working on her, adding some more stuffs to her abilities, because some of her spells need to have an illusion to trigger, which sucks at all


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the idea is great, but does it really need that much model, i mean a lot of file size for just one hero? (skin, summon's model, and panther model)

updates on the map
* fixed upgrade bug
* fixed ground stomp damage factor and not stunning the enemies
* fixed ultimate's required level and level skip requirement
* improved cleave special effects
* remade Image Rally
* remade Mirage
* remade False Reality
* remade Howl of Might
try Mirare the Mirage Heroine out!


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Hero Name: Eventually?
Proper Name: Timeless Archer
Model: Shandris

Combat: high damage, attacks moderatly, low movement speed, low health and armor.
Primary Attribute: Agility


>> Shoots two powerful arrows at a target, each arrow has a chance to crit and stun.

No Interest
>> Has a x chance to miss. However the next attack has a y chance to deal double damage.

>> Locks on a target until it comes in range, for each second waiting the target gets dealt x more damage. However if held for more than 7 seconds, the spell fails.

No rush
>> Shoots an almost invisible wire across a certain point(lasts for y seconds). If an enemy unit passes over it, they fall over for x seconds based on their speed/200. [;) play their death animation if they go over, then pause for x seconds]

Forceful Arrows

>> Regular attacks can now go through their target and continue going.


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Name: Faran the Battle Lancer
Model: Elven Spearman (This doesn't take up much space, 76 KB when compressed)
Properties: Moderate Damage with short attack range (around 200, but still considered a Melee attack), fast movement speed, fast attack, moderate armor and health, low mana.
Primary Attribute: Agility
Default Skillz:
Wind Feather Strike (Active, Unit Target)
- Swings the lance towards the target, dealing X damage and knocking back the target and nearby enemies at a very short distance.
Extension Strike (Active, Unit Target)
- Faran jabs a target unit with a magically extendable spear, dealing X damage to the target and enemy units behind him. The higher the level, the longer the spear becomes and the more targets hit.
Earth Whirlwind (Active, No Target)
- Faran rapidly rotates his spear repeatedly to form a whirlwind which lifts up the soil, dealing damage and slowing down enemies in a 500 AoE radius. Enemies which are too close to the Hero will get sliced off in every rotation, dealing X damage per second.
Sadist's Strike (Passive)
- Gives a X% chance for Faran to violently gouge and stab a target unit's body, rendering the target immobile while taking up X damage every half second. After 3 seconds, Faran takes the spear out of the victim, dealing another X extra damage.
Rage of Hercules (Ultimate, Self Buff)
- Can only be activated when Hero has really low HP.
- When activated, Faran goes on a raging but controllable berserk. His attack speed and attack damage dramatically increase, and his attacks have knockback effects and AoE damage. Whenever he kills an enemy unit, that enemy unit explodes into chunks of meat, removing the victim's corpse. It is also in this state where Faran doesn't take any damage (he's not invulnerable, but he doesn't take damage, and can still be attacked). Can't be deactivated, and only lasts for 30 seconds.
-- Umaku iku yō ni -|- jonadrian619 --​


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you forgot 1 spell
each hero has four 4-leveled abilities, 1 default ability, and 1 ultimate


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you forgot 1 spell
each hero has four 4-leveled abilities, 1 default ability, and 1 ultimate

i have a feeling that this will be a double post?
now what!? it really is a double post

i dont know why, but when i pressed post message, it requires me to wait for 15 seconds before i can post, then i waited and posted the message, and it appears to be 2 messages in 1 click?


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Its a double post! It seems odd that:
1) The content in the two posts are different
2) That you still posted the second post even though you knew it would be a double post
3) That the error thingy appeared
4) That TheHelper forums does not allow users to delete their posts -_-


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what ive done is this:
1. write message
2. clicked post quick reply button
3. error appeared
4. open new tab
5. opened this thread (looking if i already posted the same message)
6. no message was posted (even if i waited so long and tried to refresh the page)

7. adding new content to the message
8. click post reply
9. double posted

weird right?


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Hero Suggestion:

Arcane Meister. needs a better title... hmmm... ask jonadrian.
MOdel: night elf warden(normal)\lanaya(of DOtA)
[Hero Comment] Should be VERY fragile. AND IS MELEEE!!!!!
Element: probably holy.. but these are sacred arts.. maybe Dark? or even Wind
??? was a gifted student of the arcane arts. when he recieved her? master rank. his knowledge and curiousity had made her? different. she? revised the Sacred Arcane Tecniques. and for that he was exiled. to prove that she? was right on the path she? chose. hejoins the King of Fighters Tournament.. or ROTG.
Primary Attribute:AGI

Free Ability: Arcane Snap!.
??? manifest the minds of the enemy for a moment scrambling it.
[Effect] Mini Stuns All enemy Heroes for .01 seconds. range of 450
Cooldown 200 seconds.

ability I: Ouroboros
Target:Self, notarget, .5-.7 second cast.
summons 2 magical balls of light that rotates around the caster both in the oposite side of each other.
it automatically attacks enemy units using phoenix fire.
additionally. when these magic balls come in contact with the enemy. they explode dealing damage in an 150-175 AoE
these do not explode when they disintegrate.

Level 1 - Lasts 8 seconds, autofire damage of 10, explosion damage of 35 each.
Level 2 - Lasts 9 seconds, autofire damage of 15, explosion damage of 55 each.
Level 3 - Last 10 seconds, autofre damage of 20, exploson damage of 75 each.
Level 4 - Lasts 11 seconds, autofire damage of 25, explosion damage of 95 each.

Cooldown of 20-25 seconds.
[Comments]Prefer if the orbs have a tail like design. just for the meaning of ouroboros. costs lots of mana.

ability II: Sky Striding.
Targets: Self, notarget, instant
by using Arcane arts. ??? is able to phase herself?. giving her bonus movements speed. and gains zero collision.

Level 1 - Lasts 3 seconds 30% Movement Boosts.
Level 2 - Lasts 4.75 seconds 30% Movement Boosts.
Level 3 - Lasts 5.50 seconds 30% movement Boosts.
Level 4 - Lasts 6.25 seconds 30% Movement Boosts.

Cooldown of 15\13\11\9 seconds
Mana Cost: 65 ~ 100 , prefer 70~85
[Comments] I tried to think of a combo with Ouroboros.. I tried blink. but that would be quite... instant.
so I think about windwalk. well it will become too powerful since the target is invisible + ouroboros autofire is there.
So this is what happened. it turned into a sudden boosts of movement speed with no invisible and can go through obstacles such as trees.
the idea of 30% movement bonus was because at Maximum speed it will probably used to runaway. which is unfair. going thru trees + blindspot :(

ability III: Arcane Modification, Arcane Revision
the Arcane Knowledge that was past down from generation to generation was absolute.
Seeing as it was plain.??? broke that law. seeking to have her? own style of Arcane Knowledge.

Level 1 - Passive Increase Attackspeed by 3%,
Ouroboros Effect+, when the Ouroboros orbs disintegrates,expires, and explode. Gives Fan of knives effect dealing 20 damage.
Sky Striding Effect+, on-cast gives 10% Dodge to caster. Lasts 2 seconds.
Arcane Burst Effect+, Vacuum Knockback distance of 45.

Level 2 - Passive Increase Attackspeed by 6%,
Ouroboros Effect+, when the Ouroboros orbs disintegrates,expires, and explode. Gives Fan of knives effect dealing 40 damage.
Sky Striding Effect+, on-cast gives 20% Dodge to caster. Lasts 2 seconds.
Arcane Burst Effect+, Vacuum Knockback distance of 90.

Level 3 - Passive Increase Attackspeed by 9%,
Ouroboros Effect+, when the Ouroboros orbs disintegrates,expires, and explode. Gives Fan of knives effect dealing 60 damage.
Sky Striding Effect+, on-cast gives 30% Dodge to caster. Lasts 2 seconds.
Arcane Burst Effect+, Vacuum Knockback distance of 135.

Level 4 - Passive Increase Attackspeed by 12%,
Ouroboros Effect+, when the Ouroboros orbs disintegrates,expires, and explode. Gives Fan of knives effect dealing 80 damage.
Sky Striding Effect+, on-cast gives 40% Dodge to caster. Lasts 2 seconds.
Arcane Burst Effect+, Vacuum Knockback distance of 180.

Ability IV:[Ultimate] Arcane Burst
Targets: notarget,2 second cast ,enemies.
??? uses her? most Destructive Arcane Arts. Arcane Burst. Arcane burst.
Arcane Burst is an ability that uses both Mental and Physical Strength of the caster. Deadly to the caster, and was Forbidden.
It tooks a Lenghty Time To memorize the spell and can't be interrupted. when it DO succesfully cast.
Burst of Arcane Spears of Light(Arcane Rays). are released around the caster. Each Ray Deal damage. so the more rays that hit. the more damage the unit will take.

Level 1 - 200 Fixed Damage.
Level 2 - 400 Fixed Damage.
Level 3 - 600 Fixed Damage.

Mana Cost = 0
Cooldown 140 or 160 or 180. who knows :D you decide.
AoE = 600
Targets = All enemy units.
Number of Arcane Rays: 40
Sacrifices: 80% Current Hit Points and Mana Points.[non-reduceable]

Damage Calculation of a single ray is = (sacrificed HP + Sacrificed MP+Fixed Damage)/40

[Comment] Arcane Burst is similar to Requiem of Souls of Nevermore(from DOtA) but of course this is different.

[hero was based from]
Strider Hiryu~~~~!
Davey Jones of Pirates of the Caribbean.
Nevermore of Dota.

you still have the final decision on everything.
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