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The Helper Bachelor Southern Chicken Alfredo

This is my own recipe I make it all the time. I cook for three people and I love this stuff but you can cut the ingredients if you do not want too much. The stuff saves well though and I like to eat on it the whole week :) This is not a scratch recipe - it tastes much better if you make the Alfredo sauce from scratch and use grilled chicken.


3 jars Alfredo sauce
1 can Rotel or Diced Tomatos and Chiles (any temp you want I have used the Habanaro Rotel before)
Half a White Onion
Squeezed Garlic or the stuff in the Jar (fresh will work too)
1 package fresh Mushrooms or 1 can of Mushrooms pieces and stems
1 lb Fettucine (or any noodles)
1 frozen Chicken Strips or Diced Chicken Bag (You can use any kind of Chicken - Grilled tastes best but the frozen works and is faster for the bachelor - Rotissere Chicken is good in this too)
Olive Oil
Cajun Seasoning (use instead of salt and pepper I use Slap Ya Mama)

If you have a big pot you can do this in that one pot just saute the vegetables in the pot. Otherwise use a saute pan and the big pot.


Chop Onion and Mushrooms
Add Oil and Butter to a Saute Pan on medium heat
Saute the onions and mushrooms for 5 to 7 minutes, carmelize them
add garlic, Cajun Seasoning and the can of Rotel
Simmer for another few minutes then add the frozen chicken
Stir it all up, at this point if you are using a big enough pan or pot you can add
the Alfredo Sauce or move to the big pot and add the alfredo sauce
Stir it up and heat until simmering and let simmer on low.
Cook your pasta according to the package directions
Add your pasta to the pot and stir it all up.
At this point you are good to go.


If you want you can move this to a casserole dish and preheat the oven to 350 and
top with Mozz and/or Cheddar cheese, or whatever is your favorite, then put on copious
amounts of Parmesan and/or Cracked Black Pepper if you are so inclined
and bake in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes to get the cheese layer melted and
brown. Let it sit for like 10 minutes and top with something green if looks matter.

Enjoy. Picture is coming soon.
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