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Summon your favourite DotA based towers, defending the insane waves of creeps. Make sure the amount of creeps always stay below 250, else you will lose.
A game will take about 30 minutes to complete.

Maximum Players:
10 (5 vs. 5)​

Tower Types:

Number of Creep Waves:
40 Levels and 1 Ultimate Creep​

Difficulty: Easy to Hard

Game Modes:

  • All Pick [ap]: Select your favorite worker!
  • All Random [ar]: You will get random worker!
  • Easy Mode [em]: Creeps have 50% initial life.
  • Difficult Mode [dm]: Creeps have 100% initial life.
  • Extreme Mode [xm]: Creeps will gain full life once they entered checkpoint.

[YOUTUBE]<object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="640" height="385"></embed></object>[/YOUTUBE]

Newest Version: v1.48f
Stable Version: v1.48e for 1.24b patch

1.48f Changelog:
  • 1.24b compatible.
  • Trigger System added.
  • Timer System updated to v5.0
  • Unit Indexing added.
  • Unit Damage Detection added.
  • Undone creeps creating special effects.
  • Creeps creating script optimized.
  • Removed Spectre Tower.
  • Lightning Revanant Tower added.

  • Rewrote Soul Rip.
  • Rewrote Chain Frost.
  • Rewrote Powershot.
  • Rewrote Starfall.
  • Removed Dispersion, Plasma Field added.

  • Cooldown System introduced. (Prevent spells from spamming)
  • Ion Shell damaging period reduced.
  • Unworked Sun Strike's fire effect.
  • Optimized Tower Upgrade script.

-> Chain Frost
Old: 0.33 second cooldown, 650 Damage * Level
New: 1 second cooldown, 800 Damage * Level

-> Ion Shell
Old: Damage every 1 second, stack on single unit
New: Damage every 0.6 second, add old shell's duration

-> Plasma Field
Deals (300 * level) + (distance/600 * 300) damage to units.

Beta: 1.48g Revision 07
  • Changed model for Chain Frost missle.
  • Changed attachment for Lich.
  • Fixed some group leak.
  • Performance improvement.
  • Fixed bug where Undying does not want to cast Soul Rip.

Unprotected version is here also.

The beta session is going end soon, the final version of v1.48g will be released at end of the session.
Please do tell me what you liked to see in the new version.

Credits to:
  • Those who left 2 cents. :thup:
  • BlackRose, for designing the thread.
  • Icons and models makers.


Working on a Map
I played v1.45 with my friend a few days ago and here's some things to say:
Axe sucks. His Counter Helix has horrible damage and 2% health to instant kill is...
Juggernaunt and Shadow Priest is not very useful compared to Undying and Windrunner (the two pwns).
Lich's Chain Frost doesn't work (not sure if you fixed it :S)
Witch Doctor Pwns, he works extremely well with AoE spammers and such.
Venomancer's Venomous Gale is not very good, units can only get hit once -_- Even if he keeps spamming, it work deal the initial damage again and stuff :(
Mercurial is not bad, but I didn't really like her.
Tormented Soul is ok but all he does late game is to stop the enemies from regenerating -_-

Also, it would be good if the game encourages UPGRADING instead of spamming. I doubt 10 lvl 1 Undyings are much good again 1 Lvl 10 Undying in DotA (or are they?)


Visitor (Welcome to the Jungle, Baby!)
Thanks for your comment. Axe's Spin AoE has been increased to 1000 AoE. I will improve the tower cost. Chain Frost has been fixed, but i found some glicthes during late game, so i will fix it later. Venomancer has been fixed. Tormented Soul's damage.. i will increase it at level 2 or 3. I will throw away Juggernaut or change it's skill into Omnislash. Any bad tower, i will change or remake it. Since the v6.60 is coming soon, may be I implement the new heroes skill and it. ^^


Starcraft II Moderator
Staff member
>>Theme :

Don't you mean AoS :rolleyes:

Well good luck with the map.

Sounds fun. Will test later.


Visitor (Welcome to the Jungle, Baby!)
Trying to imitate a game is not advised and why don't you attach screenshots and upload the map?
The map link is there. Check it out at above. Hmm, currently my pc cun screenshot with warcraft 3. However, i will use fraps to shot it! Now 1.48c is going to release now! Currently I am changing the gold cost of tower. Other stuffs had been improved.


Visitor (Welcome to the Jungle, Baby!)
v1.48c is here, try it out and tell me if you have any suggestion/comment/bug report.


Visitor (Welcome to the Jungle, Baby!)
v1.48d is available now.

>>Internal System Changelog
Renew attach system to faster version. HVAS v3.1 -> HVAS v5
Spell Triggers now intergrated in event ->UNIT_ATTACKED, provide faster method.
Rewrote entire Tower Upgrade trigger, now only calling a function instead of using mass of "if".
The most important - Have more FPS now!!!!!!!!!

>>Gameplay Changelog
Can be found in the map.


Visitor (Welcome to the Jungle, Baby!)
Update is coming! =)
I am going to release it today or tomorrow. Stay tuned. :D

1.84f Changelog :
Spells :
Rewrote Soul Rip.
Rewrote Chain Frost.
Rewrote Powershot.
Rewrote Starfall.
Removed Dispersion, Plasma Field added.

Cooldown System introduced. (Prevent spells from spamming)
Ion Shell damaging period reduced.
Unworked Sun Strike's fire effect.
Optimized Tower Upgrade script.

And some gameplay improvement.


New Member
Ok so the first time I tried to host I fatal errored, then I loaded it all back up rehosted and I played a game 1v1 with my friend and he got owned but we got a feel of what to do now, So I decided to RM. Fatal error again.. coincidence maby but Ima continue to play it until my friend gets bored.. Though Ill edit this if I get any more fatals.

Edit #1 - I hosted it and it didnt fatal though my friend fatal errored when he joined the game.. I am not sure if these are all just coincidences or not

Edit #2 - When a team loses you should stop the spawns on that team and kill all the creeps so it reduces some of the lag


Visitor (Welcome to the Jungle, Baby!)
Thank for reporting the bug and feedbacks.

ok, it maybe is the optimizer problem.
However, I do not face any problem. =.=

Anyway, can you provide more info about the error?
Like in what situation, when, how..

UPDATE : Hmm, I forgot to update the razor tower's tooltip.
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