Reorganization of Forums


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The staff has decided that for activity and content purposes that several forums would be consolidated, as such the forum order has been slightly altered.


	[B]General Gaming[/B] = Formerly Games


	[B]General Discussion [/B]
		Humor  (Sub-Forum)
		Video Clips  (Sub-Forum)
		Debate*  (Sub-Forum)

	[B]Headling News[/B]
		News Submission  (Sub-Forum)

	[B]Entertainment Zone[/B] = Formerly Movies & Music Forums
		Anime/Manga (Sub-Forum)
		Fighting (Sub-Forum)

	[B]Bugs and Features - Forums Questions[/B]

General Gaming has received its own category in the hope of promoting new game discussions!

The Entertainment Lounge category has been divided to go along with forums that overlap in interest (as such Humor is now a sub-forum with General Discussion, etc.).

Lastly, some forums were absorbed by others. The Movies and the Music Forums both merged together to make the general Entertainment Lounge Forum.

If you are confused or have a suggestion, you are free to ask a staff member or post below.

All rules for these forums remain the same.

Miz & The Helper Staff


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Silly Miz always forgetting things - The order of the Starcraft Forums and Warcraft Forums has been altered so that the Starcraft Forums remain on top.

As said before, post below for any concerns, comments or suggestions.


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Why exactly is "humor" a sub-forum to "general discussion". What do those topics have in common?
Shouldnt humor be placed within the "Entertainment Zone"?
Same for video clips. It doesnt make much sense to me.


Just Smile.
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Entertainment is for things like books, movies, music, etc...

Until an entire industry is built around people taking about how they can't wait for the next big 'lolcat photo' to come out, it's a general discussion thing, not an 'entertainment'.

And if you believe entertainment should be things that keep you occupied, then logically, the world editor or star edit areas are entertainment. So if writing, and graphics

DM Cross

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Well, honestly, considering "General Discussion" is a discussion about... Generally everything ;) [See what I did there?]

One could argue all forums technically belong as a sub-forum for General Discussion. But wouldn't that just be an organizational mess?
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