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Discussion in 'World Editor Help' started by Ayanami, Oct 22, 2009.

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  1. Ayanami

    Ayanami 칼리

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    I've decided to make spells for those who need some help. I can only do GUI (sadly). Can't do hashtables because for some reason, it's bugged in my World Editor. Please post your request with much details as possible (eg: Spell effects, MUI, etc.) In any case where you detected bugs in your spells, or the spell simply didn't match what you described, feel free to post your reply. I'll try to fix it as soon as possible.

    Note: It may take some time for me to complete the spells, so please be patient. Thank you. :thup:

    If anyone wants to help out with this task, send me a message.

    Please note that spells with insufficient information will be marked. If information isn't provided in 1 week, the request will be removed from the post

    This is not a request thread where spells will be completed instantly. It's based on how free the crew and I are. So please do not expect us to complete your requests in a second. And please do not make your request sound as if it is priority. It is not going to happen. This thread does not accept spell packs, so do not request multiple spells at once.

    Hildagarn, Creaping Death - Completed
    Ph[o]bia, Ring of Fire and Eye of the Devil - Completed
    Avaleirra, Arcane Flurry - Completed
    INCINERATE, Sprout - Completed
    Archideas, Berserker's Rampage - Completed
    NoobImbaPro, Telepathy - Completed
    Hildagarn, Essence of Life - Completed
    GhosTHunteR, Icicle Fury - Completed
    Dest, Charge Current, Eleclipse and Energitism - Completed
    nabbig2, Frenzy - Completed
    Hildagarn, Shock Ball and Heal Ball - Completed
    adeoin, Slash and Shield - Completed
    Ruek, Triple Throw - Completed
    threeninezer, Leap, Dodge, Frozen Shot and Force Shot - Completed
    lionheadxO, Smokebomb - Completed
    ToolTipError, Heal - Completed
    Ph[o]bia, Multishot and Demonic Skull - Completed
    Avaleirra, Chatoic Bond - Completed
    Gwafu, Soul Drain - Completed
    envenger, Blood Worms - Completed
    Failenx, Ditto - Completed
    Gwafu, Raise Dead - Completed
    INCINERATE, Regeneration - Completed
    mariopoop, Explosion and Madness Epidemic Virus - Currently Free
    envenger, Blood Bath - Completed
    Gwafu, Elemental Bond - Completed
    Gwafu, Tech Shield and Psionic Break - Completed
    zxczxzczx, Universal Block - Completed
    envenger, Blood Strike - Completed
    Hildagarn, Defend - Completed
    yuganeigii, Spirit Orb & Celestial Strike - Completed
    Hildagarn, Ultimate Defense - Completed
    Vaynard, Poop Bomb - Completed
    dondonda, Blast & Push - Completed
    Avaleirra, Frozen Core - Completed
    envenger, Curse of the Undead - Completed
    ZZY, Vicious Mirror - Completed
    Crusher, Agony - Completed
    icepig01, Leap, Vanish, Disarm and Sword Throw - Completed
    Hildagarn, Identify, Understanding Identification & Identity Call - Completed
    Vaynard, Pushing Wave - Completed
    envenger, Judgment of Light - Completed
    INCINERATE, Fissure - Completed
    icepig01, Epicenter - Completed
    Gwafu, Rain of Fire - Completed
    icepig01, [Hero] Maliken - Completed
    Undead.Cow, Last Vengeance, Bleed & Ravage - Completed
    puppetmaster, Puppet Master, Fiend's Grip, Plasma Field & Eye of the Storm - Completed
    Failenx, Penance - Completed
    NeuroToxin, Poisoinous Trap, Stealth Through, Ghostly Aura & Spiritual Essence - Completed
    Tarivol, Platoon Overview, Satchel Charge & Sprint - Not started
    Avaleirra, Lava Stream - Completed
    puppetmaster, Star Cry, Laser Beam & Death Ward - Completed
    Steamsteam, Summon Knight - Completed
    The-Shadows, Snipe - Completed
    avalya, Tempest - Completed
    dewouter99, Toss - Completed
    Avaleirra, Jet Pack, Hidden Bomb and Mechanical Cage - Completed
    Crusher, Craze - Completed
    avalya, Mjolnir - Completed
    Hildagarn, Titan Bomb - Completed
    Ranzatsu, Necrobolt - Completed
    Steamsteam, Time Channel - Completed
    Final.Mix, Enchant - Completed
    Accumilater, Lay Egg - Completed
    bryanEX1993, Srafe - Not started
    AbsoIuteZero, Chaos Arrow - Completed
    puppetmaster, Acid Cocktail, Cursed Ground & Sonar Scream - Completed
    Undead.Cow, Burrow Strike & Spiked Barrier - Not started
    Ryuu, Frozen Dragon - Completed
    Murre, [Hero] Pandamonium - Not started
    Finestdeath, Incendinary Grenade & Multi Grenade Launcher - Not started
    Avaleirra, Nanobots - Completed
    CungPowCow, Fortification, Medical Supplies, Territory Spikes & Cannon! - Not started
    puppetmaster, Sword of Justice, Courageous Blade, Presence of Dark Blade & Sonic Blow - Not started
    Accumilater, Multishot - Not started
    Avaleirra, Fear - Completed
    Wild Karrd, Overeating & Death Recoil - Completed
    Avaleirra, Headrush, Burrow, Forked Carapace & Entrench - Not started
    icepig01, Triple Blow, Asura Strike, Magical Shield & Flame Consumption - Not started
    lionheadxO, Betrayal of Flesh - Completed
    rongheng, Exploding Clone - Not started
    LearningCode, Chain Shackle - Completed
    Murre, Reverse Polarity - Completed
    Vaynard, Fake Dead - Completed
    Vaynard, Teleport - Completed
    ZelNaga, Disease Nova - Completed
    Kibaranger, Sand Storm - Completed
    Darkdwarf, Grenade - Not started
    Kibaranger, Dream Coil - Not started
    RangerX, Life Tap - Completed
    Aqkastik, Ripping Wave - Completed
    Aqkastik, Aqua Bouble - Not started
    Finestdeath, DNA Replication - Not started
    DarkSky, Illusive Sacrifice - Not started
    envenger, Charge - Not started
    kingkwong92, Static Needles - Completed
    sidove, Disease - In progress by Salene
    Bananarama1, Chemical Fiends - Completed
    Bananarama1, Healing Elixirs - Completed
    Accumilater, Iceward Intelligence - Completed
    rafaxik, Voodoo Aura - Not started
    OmegaRed1190, Tornado - Not started
    TideOfChaos, Flick - Not started
    INCINERATE, Inner Vitality - Completed
    yami-joey, Dragon Strike - Not started
    xan029, Arcane Disruption - Not started

    Demo Maps
    Jet Pack, Hidden Bomb & Mechanical Cage by NoobImbaPro & Moridin
    Nanobots by Weep
    Death Recoil & Overeating by Weep & Glenphir
    Chain Shackle by millz-
    Time Channel by N(O.O)B
    Lay Egg by N(O.O)B
    Chaos Arrow by N(O.O)B
    Frozen Dragon by N(O.O)B
    Reverse Polarity by Glenphir
    Betrayal of Flesh by Glenphir
    Titan Bomb by Glenphir
    Fear by skyblade333
    Teleport by Undead.Cow
    Enchant by skyblade333
    Tempest by Glenphir
    Fake Dead by skyblade333 & N(O.O)B
    Disease Nova by millz- & Glenphir
    Sand Storm by N(O.O)B
    Acid Cocktail, Cursed Ground & Sonar Scream by NoobImbaPro
    Life Tap by skyblade333 & N(O.O)B
    Ripping Wave by Glenphir
    Static Needles by Glenphir
    Iceward Intelligence by N(O.O)B
    Chemical Fiends by kingkwong92
    Healing Elixers by Glenphir
    Inner Vitality by Gtam
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  2. Hildagarn

    Hildagarn Member

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    ok, Here's pne

    Creaping Death
    The Shadow Walker throws out a skull (death coil art) that Does his mind (intell) as damage, then splits into 3 smaller (doesn't have to be smaller) skulls that do his Mind divided by 3 to each target

    Clarify: It shoots a skull at one unit and when it hits it splits into 3 lesser skulls that hit 3 other units

    only one person can be each hero so it doesn't have to be Mui
  3. Ph[o]bia

    Ph[o]bia New Member

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    My english suck , so I'll try to do my best :p .

    I don't have a name but this isn't a problem^^.
    It create 10 fire ball (idc about the model) then each ball move to make a kinda big spiral around the caster

    second one:
    Eye of the devil:
    When the caster cast the spell , it create an oval and a circle in to make an eye at the target point , 2 seconds later the eye is destroyed and it create an explosion in the middle of the circle.

    I hope you did understand.

    Edit: can it be Mui pls , if its possible
  4. Ayanami

    Ayanami 칼리

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    I'll get started on this first right now.
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  5. Hildagarn

    Hildagarn Member

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  6. Ayanami

    Ayanami 칼리

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    Completed the spell Creaping Death. Enjoy! :thup:
  7. Lyerae

    Lyerae I keep popping up on this site from time to time.

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    Why can't you do hashtables? Are you using NewGen? That doesn't have the new GUI functions, if I remember correctly. Using the normal editor will work (unless you want to use JASS natives).
    If not, reinstall.

    Anyway, make sure you destroy/remove/null variables when the values aren't needed anymore. Leaks are no fun for anyone.
  8. Ayanami

    Ayanami 칼리

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    Well the problem is, my normal World Editor screws up for some reason. Just auto shuts down after having a "Windows is not responding error". Tried re-installing but just doesn't work.
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  9. Lyerae

    Lyerae I keep popping up on this site from time to time.

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    So it just crashes? Odd... Your sure your running 1.24b, with no addons (plain World Editor, without addons like EGUI)?
  10. Hildagarn

    Hildagarn Member

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    ....the creaping death spell doesn't work on the headhunters, or the raiders, and if you move, not even the blademaster

    edit: nevermind, you had "turn off this trigger" without ever turning it back on
  11. Ayanami

    Ayanami 칼리

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    Hmm was working perfectly for me. That turn off was meant to disable multiple cast, so that your projectiles won't end up being stuck in mid-air when the spell is cast again.
  12. Hildagarn

    Hildagarn Member

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    It will have a cooldown so it won't be able to cast multiple times

    Say, would you like the help me make ability triggs for my RPG?
  13. Avaleirra

    Avaleirra Is back. Probably.

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    Hi, I have a spell request :)

    Arance Flurry
    The Phoenix guard unleashes all her arcane energy and begins blinking rapidly at all targets in a 900 radius around her. The Phoenix guard will continue to blink until all units in the area are dead. Units that leave the 900 radius will no longer be blinked at. Units that enter will count as a unit that needs to be killed. The Phoenix guard I'd invulnerable in this state.

    Level 1) blinks every 0.7 seconds, does her normal damage per blink.
    Level 2) blinks every 0.6 seconds, does double her normal damage.
    Level 3) blinks every 0.5 seconds, does triple her normal damage.

    To make it more clear, the hero basically begins a rapid series of blink strikes at random enemy units in a 900 radius around her. The hero will nit stop until all units in the 900 radius of her starting point are dead. Units that leave the radius will no longer be blinked at. And units that enter will be blinked at until they die or leave. The hero is invulnerable in this state.

    I'm using the blood elf Phoenix guard model, so when you're adding special effects fire or arcane stuff would be cool. If there was a way to show the radius (runes, flames, or somethin) that would be great.

    A few requests:
    Does not have to be MUI
    a demo map would be awesome
    ask questions if you are unsure of something!

    Rep and credits will be given.

    Thanks a ton,
  14. Hildagarn

    Hildagarn Member

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    you could use the omnislash ability in the spell section and modify it so that it hits until all units in the area are dead or gone
  15. avalya

    avalya New Member

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    Yeah, Avaleirra, it's really a simple spell to do, just base it on Omnislash, and modify so the point of the caster is instead the point in the middle, and don't have a slashcounter, just turn it off if there are no nearby alive enemy units that can be hit by the spell.

    INCINERATE New Member

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    hi i got a spell request

    im trying to make this awesome berkserker head hunter hero, and im not good enough with the editor to make this spell.

    basically i want a troll to throw a rather large spear as an ultimate spell that can impale all targets it hits in a straight line , sending them into walls /cliffs/trees/shops.. basically it stops moving the affected units once it hits something solid. i would like missile speed/ damage and range to be improvable via leveling

    it would be pretty cool to see alot of blood effects from the impaling :D

    thanks in advance if you can do this
  17. Lyerae

    Lyerae I keep popping up on this site from time to time.

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    I'm not sure that's possible in GUI.
  18. Joccaren

    Joccaren You can change this now in User CP.

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    It is, probably using a sliding system and a dummy unit as the missile.

    BTW, Glephir, did you ever see Preditors thread? it was pretty much the same as this. If this ends up like it, be prepared for a lot of work.
  19. Lyerae

    Lyerae I keep popping up on this site from time to time.

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    Which would use JASS, which would mean this isn't possible in 100% GUI.
    Doesn't matter anyway. Doesn't hurt to try it in GUI.

    You'd be surprised what people can do in GUI. I knew a guy who did some pretty crazy shit. Said he knew GUI and (v)JASS, and used GUI 99.999% of the time. Only time he used JASS was for removing leaks.

    (If you ever play a map called "The Scourge of Lordaeron", by Pman (or whatever he goes by these days. AFAIK, "Costin_Razvan" currently updates it), look at the early versions. This guy I'm talking about did most of the systems, and he can do a lot cooler stuff)
  20. Joccaren

    Joccaren You can change this now in User CP.

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    Sliding Systems and dummy units are easily done in GUI. JASS is just more efficient (And easier for those that know how to use it)

    I know, a ton of things can be done in GUI, I'm not the one saying something can't.
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