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  1. Jindo

    Jindo Self

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    This is an attempt to decrease the amount of stickies on this forum :).

    All requests having to do with graphics should go here, this includes avatars, signatures, wallpapers, loading screens, rendering and even models, skins and icons. Any member can take any request and try to make it.

    Have fun!

    - Keep in mind that the max size for avatars on this forum is 100x100 and you need a certain amount of reputation to use animated avatars.

    * A render is usually a character/object that has been readily cut from an image. Usually it is the focal point of the submission.

    A stock is basically an image that part of it is used in the submission.
  2. Method007

    Method007 Guest

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    Render: Not sure what that means, but I would like either a 007 theme either with the graphics or the text because of the '007' in my name or a call of duty 4 sniping theme with a guy in a ghille suit, or you could mix match both and do cod 4 sniper and add the classic 007 style text saying 'Method007'

    Text: Method007

    Size: Standard

    Colors: I'm not picky, whatever would go good with the theme

    Extra: Sorry I can't give a whole lot of info, I'm really not picky, if it looks good and has my name on it, I will be thankful.. Way better then what I do in paint. :D
  3. PurgeandFire

    PurgeandFire zxcvmkgdfg

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    **please Read**

    You can ask us to use a render or stock.

    Render: An image that has been cut out of the original image, disposing of the background to make it transparent. (Find these at and or any others you might know)

    Stock: This means an image. The image you would like to use. Just link it to us and we can use it. :D

    The rest should be easy.

    Just to give a little helping hand to people who want to request.
  4. Jindo

    Jindo Self

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    Added a definition of Renders and Stocks for anyone new who decides to request things, but expect a mod to redo the first post (they'll do a better job, trust me).
  5. konerboy

    konerboy Run piggy Run!

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    I could try to make a Loading screen
  6. zoll3

    zoll3 New Member

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    looking for someone that can render


    im searching someone that can render as my topic title says.. i have been looking for "KalOnline" renders all over the internet for months now, and no results.. so i was thinking of askin here.. if i found some pictures, could anyone then render the part of it i want to a transparent so i can put it into my flash banners?

    i attached the picture where i want the character to be rendered to a transparent.. if anyone can do this, please post ,


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  7. PurgeandFire

    PurgeandFire zxcvmkgdfg

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    I'll try to do that once I get on my Photoshop comp. :)
  8. konerboy

    konerboy Run piggy Run!

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    it's kinda hard to make big footman, rifleman and ghouls. into the loadingscreen
  9. PurgeandFire

    PurgeandFire zxcvmkgdfg

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    Lol, the low quality and lack of contrast made this a really hard render... :p

    Anyways, here ya go Zoll, hope it is good enough. =)
  10. 1)ark_Knight

    1)ark_Knight You can change this now in User CP.

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    [Model Request]

    I am in need of 2 to possibly 3 Warcraft 3 World Editor Hero Models. I just hope that this thread is viewed by enough people that these models could be a possibility.

    So heres what I really really need:

    The 1st model I want is an Undead or "Cursed" Pirate Model.

    It is really up to the creator of the model on this one, almost anything works as long as it follows the obvious guidelines. I couldn't find anything in the Hive or in the Default WE model area that I could use. Any help with this would be GREATLY appreciated and I will reward the modeler any way I possibly can.

    Here is a picture than can be used for reference or suggestion.
    Undead Pirate Picture
    However, I DO want some things a certain way with this model such as...
    I want the pirate to be pretty much skeletal, I want him to have (if possible) one sword that you think fits, and one pistol. If not, then 2 swords.

    Besides that, thank you a LOT and good luck :D


    The second model that I am requesting is a Blood Pirate.
    And I found a picture that is almost 100% exactly what I want.
    Located here:
    "Blood Pirate" Picture
    The only thing I would like to change is the hair and the.. I forget what it's called lol... the ruffly white thing on his neck. So try and not put that in there and make the hair straighter and black. And yes I would like him to have two swords (not necessarily the same ones).
    Other than that pretty much stick to the picture if you can but use your imagination with parts you can't see.


    The 3rd model I don't need as much as I do the others.

    The 3rd model I would like is a mix of the two. Basically the blood pirates clothes but slightly torn up and ragged. Also for him to be a skeleton and have an eye patch. So.. an undead blood pirate. If this is possible it would still help a lot. Thank you :)


    OK, so there are my 3 requests and I would very much appreciate any of them getting done. And for anyone who doesn't want to make a model that won't get used, I assure you thins map I am making will be done someday soon. I plan on submitting what is done in a little while to get a team going to do the things I'm not so good at.

    So again, please, anyone, if you can make these - can you please? Thanks :D
    And I will reward anybody who does make these models with as much as I can. If that means excessive rep, an unprotected version of my map (which by the way is a Pirate RPG), or anything I can do.

    If you need more information or pictures or anything please post them or PM me. And if possible I would like to undergo most of this model process through PM's.

    For the millionth time... Thanks :p


    EDIT: One last thing, if possible I would like Hero Glow on all of these.
  11. Pineapple

    Pineapple Just Smile.

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    It would be best that you go to another WC site for model request, not to say it won't be done here. But very few people here work with model programs, let alnoe with experience.
  12. The Helper

    The Helper Administrator Staff Member

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    For this kind of help I suggest trying our affiliate - The Hive Workshop

    They are the best resource for modeling help like you want.

    Also, if you wanted to ask for that kind of help here you would post in the World Editor Help forum. This graphics forum is not for Warcraft Map Editing type of graphics.
  13. 1)ark_Knight

    1)ark_Knight You can change this now in User CP.

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    I was originally goign to post this into the WE Help Zone but I say that the requests thread included "models" so I figured I would post it here.

    But I will repost this on The Hive later. Thanks :)

    And if I get help on the Hive I will edit that last post saying so but untill then any help from the few modelers here would be great.
  14. duyen

    duyen New Member

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    This is more of a 2d graphic zone...
  15. Insane!

    Insane! Shh I didn't edit this, go away.

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    can some body convert this into a blp?
    using war3 image extractor

    (mines bugging up)

    And yeah the image is just a test

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  16. ReVolver

    ReVolver Moderator Staff Member

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    I don't see anything :confused:

    Edit: I guess you have it now... I'll convert it for you :)

    Edit2: Done :D

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  17. Insane!

    Insane! Shh I didn't edit this, go away.

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    It works!!!!! WOOT
    can you convert this?

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  18. Newbwc3

    Newbwc3 Sephiroth_VII

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    Insane search on google for a .TGA to .blp converter
    Or I got the "War3FileConverter" search for that.
  19. forshard

    forshard Guest

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    Hello,id like a World of warcraft themed signature if it doesnt take too much time

    Type: Signature
    (the guy)
    Text: Teleanthil , Blood elf Priest
    Size: 400x120 is fine.
    Colors: Red mainly and a bit of a yellow

    uh if you dont mind try to make it grunge,thanks i appreciate it
  20. Leazy

    Leazy You can change this now in User CP.

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    Hello :D

    This is the new place to request Icons, right? :)

    I got pretty many request wich I hope someone can give me I would thank him / her in anyway I can, add rep and give cred :D

    I need:

    You know the icon that is a gold coin you have at the place that shows your current amount of gold, I want one like that but a silver coin

    A icon that has a singel gold coin to the left and then an arrow pointing like -> to a bunch of silver coins that is to the right (a red arrow), the silver bunch should be kinda like this this is what I want the icon to be like but if you know a way to make it look better that would be awesome :D but i want it to be one gold going and many silver coins =P

    A icon that is like ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtons\BTNVillagerMan.blp
    but scaled down so it has the same size as an armor type

    that was all =P thanks alot in advance
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