Requirement (data module) for a global var (trigger module)

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  1. Maarten

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    Hi there,

    i seriously want to solve this, but I can't figure.

    I have a leveling bank system with global var integers. There are some certain upgrades I want to give an requirement that the global var needs to be a certain value. I know my english is a bit vague.

    I want this:

    A requirement for an upgrade/ability, only purchaseable if condition, for example: Global Var (integer) => 10

    Is this possible via the data module (requirements)?? :D
  2. X-maul

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    well, not directly, but you can work around it. You can make it required to have a specific upgrade, and then you can have a trigger that will change the upgrade level from 0 to 1 (or reverse it) when your variable hits 10.

    For this you just need a dummy upgrade, which does nothing.
  3. Maarten

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    Aaaah.. Excellent.. Thanks!!! SOLVED!!!

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