Restore Units to previous states?


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I was trying to make the photon cannon into a different tower (while using it as a base), but in short I screwed it all up and the unit file is all messed up. This happened because I have NO clue how to delete actions or effects or models, or whatever . Anyways, is there any way that I can restore the unit files to what they were before i screwed them all up? Also, on a related note, how do I get rid of actions or effects and things?


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You can't remove the blizzard made objects. Notice that when you make a change to an object
2 object appear, one in blue and one in green. The blue one is the blizzard created object that
cannot be changed and the other one is the duplicate of the blizzard created object with the
changes you made (the green one). If you decide to edit the blizzard made object again
the editor will just apply the changes to the duplicated object.

If you want to remove all the objects you created (by editing blizzard objects or creating them yourself)
find a dropbox in the data editor named Data Source, then select the entry that is for the current
map only (usually it is displayed as the path of the map on your hard drive, for example C:\...\mymap.sc2map).
By selecting that data source the editor will only display the green entries (i.e. the one you edited/created) and
that way you can easily spot and remove any of them.

I've never had to do a full reset of the data editor, and I can't find an option that can do that at first glance.
It is possible there is such an option and I'm missing it, but if there is not, just follow the instructions above
and it should be the same.

EDIT: If we are talking about a single object that you want to restore then right click on it in the data editor
and select the option Reset Unit to Parent.


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Thanks for the response. However this still isn't really working... For example, when i look at Photon Cannon (the blizzard made one), it shows me two of them (both blue), and they both show:
-----Build in Progress
-----Default Ability (CAbilAttack)
-----Stop [greyed out]
-----Marine Attack
-----Marine Attack [green]
-----Marine Attack Copy 3 [green]
-----Photon Cannon
-----Photon Cannon Splat
-----Protoss_PowerDownSmall Copy [green]
-----Protoss_PowerDownSmall Copy 2 [green]
-----Protoss_PowerDownSmall Copy Copy [green]
-----Protoss_Powerup Small
-----Protoss_Powerup Small Copy [green]
-----Protoss_Powerup Small Copy 2 [green]
-----Protoss_Powerup Small Copy Copy [green]
-----ProtossBuildingBirthSmall (Unnamed)
-----ProtossFlamesSmallBuildings (Unnamed)
-----Detector (11)
-----Power User (Queue, Base Defense)
-----Power User (Queue, Small)
-----Under Construction
-----Marine - Gauss Rifle (Damage) [green]
-----Marine Tower - Marine Tower (Damage) [green]
-----Marine Tower - Marine Tower (Shot)
-----Splash Damage [greyed out]
-----Footprint 2x2
-----Footprint 2x3 (contour) [green]
-----Blood Target Impact
-----Executor Portrait (Unnamed)
-----Marine Attack Impact
-----Marine Attack Launch
-----Photon Cannon
-----Photon Cannon Attack Impact
-----Photon Cannon Birth
-----Photon Cannon Death
-----Photon Cannon Death Unpowered
-----Photon Cannon Placement
-----Photon Cannon Splat
-----Protoss Building Birth Small
-----Protoss Small Unit Death
-----Protoss WarpinDeath (Unnamed)
-----Terran Small Unit Death
-----Zerg Small Unit Death
-----Not Under Construction
-----Protoss_PowerdownSmall Copy [green]
-----Protoss_PowerUpSmall Copy [green]
-----Photon Cannon
-----Dark Shrine
-----Robotics Bay
-----Protoss Shields
-----Protoss Shields [green]
-----Protoss Shields [green]
-----Protoss Shields [green]
-----Protoss Shields Level 1
-----Protoss Shields Level 2
-----Protoss Shields Level 3
-----Terran Infantry Weapons
-----Terran Infantry Weapons Level 1
-----Terran Infantry Weapons Level 2
-----Terran Infantry Weapons Level 3
-----Is Flying
-----Is Not Flying
-----Phase Cannon - Photon Cannon

Sorry, LONG list. I'm sorry if I made any typos but that took a LONG time to write out. As you can see, I messed up the file pretty bad. Treying to Reset it to Parent does nothing at all. (By the way, I was trying to make a tower with the skin and attacks of a marine). Thanks for any help, I REALLY need it.


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Try right clicking on all the green items in that list and use Reset Linked Item to Parent. It seems to work for me without any issues.

Also I notice that when I modify a blizzard unit, I don't get a second copy of it (a blue copy). It just changes to green and sets the source to my map.

Also have you installed the most recent patches? I know there was some issues about resetting units to defaults during the early versions of the editor.


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Yeah it's the most recent version. I tried to reset linked item to partent for the photon cannon file (the one that I just posted), and absolutely nothing happened.


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You could try reseting each field individually for each object, but that would take a while. The only other suggestion I can make is for you to upload your map. Then we may be able to determine why the other solutions are not working.


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Your map most likely uses 4 Data Sources: Core.SC2Mod, Liberty.SC2Mod, LibertyMilty.SC2Mod and your map's local.
Now if you have the button "Display All Object Sources" on the right of the dropbox pushed, than you will see the objects
from all the data sources and since Blizzard have most of the units (Brood Lord, Photon Cannon, Greater Spire .....) in both their
modules (Liberty and LibertyMulti), that's why you get 2 blue Photon Cannons.

Both are Blizzard made and cannot be removed from the editor. Only the green one (user created) can.
If you create a new map and open the data editor you will notice that most of the objects are doubled
without you touching anything in the editor (except pushing the Display All Object Sources button).

EDIT: If you don't have the Display all object sources button pushed then you will see only the most recent instance of the object.
If you edited an object then the edited one is displayed (the one in green).
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