[RESULTS POSTED] The Tower Contest - The 5th Iteration


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The Tower Contest - The 5th Iteration

Once again the fabled Tower Contest returns to challenge coder and artist alike. Without further ado, allow me to present the rules!

  1. The Theme
    The general Tower Contest theme has always been, and will continue to be, very much up for debate. I am quite loose in terms of what I want to see.
    Cannon towers = :mad:
    Awesome eye candy and cool tower effects = :D
    You know what to do.​
  2. The Rules
    As always, we can't let things get out of hand, now can we? So take a look:
    1. Your tower must be unique to the contest. In other words, it must have been created specifically for this contest.
    2. Imported icons, models, and whatever are fine for use.
    3. Code may be done either in GUI or JASS. Systems such as a Casting System and vJASS are fine to use. Just make sure you use systems as utilities and not to completely do all of your tower without you doing any work.
    4. Please include importation instructions with your tower.
    5. I will create a testing map that will be posted in this post. Please use this map when submitting. When you submit your tower's map, please include your username in the filename of the map.
    6. Your tower may upgrade. However, having tons of tiers will not get you any more favor. So don't be silly about it. Make the upgrades mean something.
    7. You may have more than one tower if both towers must work together to produce the effect. I would rather not see a second tower that simply increases the damage of the other or something like that.
      Download test map here.
  3. The Rewards
    Ah, yes. The rewards. We certainly want to make sure that those who come out on top get a judicious amount of rep, don't we?

    Here's the breakdown:

    1st Place - 20 rep
    2nd Place - 15 rep
    3rd Place - 10 rep

    And anyone else who wants to give rep will certainly be welcome to do so. :D

    But that's not all. This contest features an additional surprise award. It is my pleasure to announce that the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place contestants will also each receive 1 Starcraft 2 Beta Key for access to the beta of Blizzard's most anticipated RTS ever! TH.net has recently come into possession of some keys, and we can't wait to give them away to deserving members!

  4. Anything Else

    The due date of the contest is below.
    The judging will be done solely by me, Ghan_04. I will award points based on several categories which may earn points. These categories are as follows:

Tower Art

How nice does your tower look? Does it have anything attached to the model that applies? Is it the right size? Would it fit in with other towers nicely?

Points Possible: 10

Special Effects

What do the projectiles look like? If it doesn't use projectiles, what kinds of eye candy does it have? What do its abilities look like when used? Is it noticeable?

Points Possible: 20

Adhereance to Theme

Does your tower fit the contest? Would it be applicable in a Tower Defense map? Is it innovative? Does it incorporate new ideas that have never been seen before?

Points Possible: 20

Coding Efficiency

Do your tower's trigger-enhanced abilities work as intended? Are all the leaks eliminated? Is it done in the best way possible? Are there any errors?

Points Possible: 30


Does your tower have the right amount of power? Is it not just an "ownage device"? Is it actually viable in a TD map?

Points Possible: 10


Is it easy to incorporate your tower into a map? Could the common sea slug follow your instructions?

Points Possible: 10

Total Points Possible: 100


Q: Where do I submit my tower?
A: Into this thread.

Q: How big can my tower be?
A: Much bigger than 4 Guard Towers is getting excessive.

Q: What can my tower do?
A: Anything, really. We just hope that it has something to do with stopping those pesky creeps....

Q: Can I use system X/Y/Z in making my tower?
A: As long as it doesn't require me to install anything special (like EGUI) in my NewGen editor.

Q: How many abilities can my tower have?
A: As many as you need for it to accomplish some one objective. Don't make a tower do a ton of different things and then some.

Q: Leaks?
A: No.

Q: Is X/Y/Z too complicated?
A: Up to you. My advice? KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid!

A: Naturally.

Q: What are you going to do if you don't like something about my tower?
A: At best? Grade it. At worst? -rep and/or disqualification.

Q: What happens if my tower is borderline offensive?
A: Ask first.

Q: Can I have more than one tower?
A: If they work together to do something, yes. Separate towers, no.

Q: Your rules are crap.
A: Then make your own contest.

Q: I'll do that, then.
A: Good luck getting it approved.

Q: I'll host it on my own site!
A: You do that.

Q: What if I need to make a change to my submission before the deadline?
A: Let me know there is a new version, and I'll get it.

Q: What if I need to make a change to my submission after the deadline?
A: Too bad. No harm in asking about it, though....

Q: Wtf SC2 beta key? I don't want that.
A: Give it to someone else, then.

Q: Can our tower be SC2 related?
A: Yes.

Q: Does our tower have to be SC2 related?
A: No.

Q: Why are you hosting another of these boring contests?
A: Need to give away SC2 keys somehow.
A2: I like hosting contests.
A3: Because I can.
A4: Because I hate you.

Q: What if I already have a SC2 beta key?
A: Cool.

Q: I don't have any more questions.
A: Hm? Already? Well, let's get to coding, then.

This Contest Will End On

May 10

As you can see, the contest will end just shy of three weeks from now. So don't hesitate to join! WIP screenshots welcome!


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Woo, another contest, another chance, I suppose.


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> Can I use EGUI?

I would prefer not since I am not set up to use it.


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AS, this is the first time i've seen this contest, is it about:

To Make a Custom Tower:
With Custom(Triggered) abilities??

Rules about MUI/MPI?


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What is the maximum number of spells a tower can have?
Can submit more than once?
Or u make can many towers in one map?
And call it as different submission?


Godspeed to the sound of the pounding
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Hmm... Time to see if I can come up with a successor to avenge my Wispwhirl Spire. ;)


I'm still looking for my Tangent
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I might decide to join in on this ._.

It can be as innovative as we want?


Truth begins in lies
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OMG! Did you just say a SC 2 Beta key comes with it???? I'm joining! I hope I actually finish it this time...Is there a template map?


Isn't Trollin You Right Now
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Please sticky this so we wont need to go look for it after a few days/weeks.


You can change this now in User CP.
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How important is it that the tower suits for a TD? I mean, wouldn't an original and nice tower for a melee map do?

EDIT: nvm, I get it. The submission map are a TD :p


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> With Custom(Triggered) abilities??

That's generally preferred.

> Rules about MUI/MPI?

The same ability written with and without MUI will get different scores in the coding section since MUI is far more efficient.


All of that should be fine.


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1. Are people who already have a beta key allowed to enter?

2. You get 20 points for following the theme, but there isn't really a theme? So you're short 20 points for using a cannon tower or for not having eye candy? :p

3. Is the beta key a personal one, or did blizzard give TH 100 keys for being a sc2 community, like the hive? If not, have you considered asking blizzard if you qualify for the "Blizzard Sc2 Fansite" program? Heck, we're just as much of a sc2 community as they are!


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> Are people who already have a beta key allowed to enter?

Yes. If you already have rep, you are also allowed to enter. :p

> but there isn't really a theme?

Pretty much common sense. I don't want a unit. I want a building - a tower, to be exact. :p Now certainly your tower could create units or something....
It needs to be something that would work in a tower defense map of some sort. It needs to do something. It can't just be a wall tower and sit there like a lump on the ground.

These points are there for me to constrain the contest somewhat since I cannot possibly predict all of the crazy things that some people might try to do....

> blizzard give TH 100 keys for being a sc2 community, like the hive?

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