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Dragon Age: Origins

Hi everyone :)

The other day I went over to my friends house and he showed me this game and got me completely hooked. I was wondering if anyone else in thehelper community plays this game? Unfortunately my computer doesn't have a good enough graphics card to run the game and I'm banned so I can only play at his house :(.

I played for 7.5 hours at his house (lol). My character was a city elf warrior and I was based on duel wield. My party included Morrigan, Sten, and Lelina (I forgot her name). I ditched Alastair and my pet dog because they weren't very good.

I had just defeated the first boss in the Redcliffe Castle (the revenent).



Is back. Probably.
Avaleirra's Review for
Dragon Age: Origins

This game was surprisingly really enjoyable for me. When I originally saw the trailer my first thougts were "Pfft, this looks like crap."

But when I actually had the chance to try it out at a friend's house I ended up only getting 5 hours of sleep because it was so fun.

The character development within the game is amazing. Every choice you make will affect the outcome of the story/game. The game really allows you to create your own story of your hero.

Gameplay itself is really good as well. You start out with your own character that you are able to completely customize. Eventually gain more people you are able to fully control and customize into your party. Almost every fight you encounter is a challenge and has the potential to kill you unless you use some critical thinking.

Although there are only 3 different classes in the game they each can branch off into 4 different styles (e.g, warriors can go into templar, champion, berserker, and another thing that I forgot)

In addition, each class can choose from a multitude of fighting styles (e.g, warriors can go 2 hand, dual wield, shield and weapon, and ranged with bow and crossbow).

The player can pause the game during fights to set up each characters abilities. You may think "Wow, that makes the game a total pushover" but in reality if you don't pause in a battle after the frist few zones, then you will be destroyed. You need to be able to control the aggro/threat of the creatures effectively in order to win a battle.

The creatures you fight in the game are really interesting as well because they all have their own abilities and fighting style. The bosses are especially challenging and usually take up 3-5 attempts to defeat.

There are also other factors within the game that make combat interesting including fatigue from wearing heavy armor.

Average completion time on normal difficulty: 150 hours.

Here is how I would score the game:

Graphics (I played on low): 7.5/10
Combat: 9.5/10
Character and Story Development: 10/10
Trailer: 4/10
Environment and Terrain: 7.4/10
Controls: 6/10 (because you can't jump or swim. Which is stupid.)
Creature Appearance: 8/10
Creature Complexity: 9/10
Quest Diversity: 9/10

Overall: 9/10 Amazing.

I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys having plenty of challenges in their gameplay and is a fan of lore.


This is my first review and I was wondering if I could get some feedback on it. Please feel free to suggest what I could include as well as constructive criticism.



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You could divide the sections with more eye-catchy things. Bolded titles, lines, etc. Don't just say whatever comes to your mind, make different parts of the rating and explain it. You have graphics, combat, character and story development, etc - evaluate all of them.

I don't think the trailer is a fair score, lmao. And your overall score is just an overall score, right? Because the averages of the other scores aren't 9, unless it's the mean, ha. But you have a 4, a 6, and a 7 out of 9 total, so that should already pull it down. So... the "way you score the game" is a bit strange. Shouldn't gameplay be there, too?

And you could also add a simple "pro/con" section for people to see.



Is back. Probably.
Thanks for the tips :) +rep

I guess the way I was weighing sone parts heavier than the other parts for the overall evaluation. Like the trailer isn't actually part of the game so it shouldn't be weighted to heavily right?

And the reason the trailer was rated so low was because it does no justice for the game.


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I think the trailer over glorified it personally.

I played it for like 30 minutes and hated it. But I thought it'd be awesome from the trailer.


Is back. Probably.
Huh. Other way around for me. I have to admit the beginning isn't really fun but when your about an hour into the game, it starts to become very challenging :).


Is back. Probably.

Turns out I saw the wrong trailer. I think you guys are refering to the one where the party kills the dragon. I have to admit they do slightly overglorify it. I also think it gives the viewer a false feel of the game being "hack n' slash" because it really isn't. This game requires way more strategy then what they show. Each character has to combine their skills together in order to kill merely 4 of the monsters when in the trailer, Sten (the guy with the 2-hand) pushes 20 of them off of a cliff.

Remarking the trailer with
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