Robot Wars coming to Star Craft 2!


Let the game begin...
Heya people, you might or might not remember the map Robot Wars to wc3, well you thought you saw the last of it? Not a chance.

Introducing Robot Wars2!

Plans so far:
I have thought over what was good and bad with the last robot wars map, and I feel that a lot of people playing it for the first time was a bit confused about how to get items/abilities and also what tank to choose. Therefor everyone will most likely start out with the same tank, a couple of basic spells that can later on be improved to new unique ones during the game.

In the last robot wars you had knockbackresistance, health and speed, it will pretty much be the same deal now but you will have four attributes to keep track of:
Hull - Armor, armor reduces all damage taken.
Engine Power - Health, says itself, more health more survival.
Steam Power - more mana and or mana regeneration
Weight - Weight will slow you down but also reduce knockback.

Q/A, more will be added as of people asking.

Q: What about the Houserobots, will they participate?
A: Of course they will be in the game, what did you think? ;)
But I will probably add an option to enable/disable them, on request for the former Robot Wars.

Q: How do you get items/spells?
A: This is still not confirmed but items will most likely be gained the same way as in the last Robot Wars. You gain gold for all the damage you deal and kills you get , and for this you can buy items between the fights.

Spells will most likely be in a similar way, having upgradeable spells to choose from, normal and ultimate ones, by choosing one you lock some others out.

Q: Will there be any teamplay in this game?
A: I hope so, I must look further into how this works and can be prepared, I will come back to this later.

Q: How does the pit work? Will you simply die if your knocked down into it?
A: Yes and no, the pit will work as the last one did. It's a little bit like a magnet, if you get inside the pits area you will be dragged towards the middle. If your dragged in all the way you will face an instant death and the credit will go to the last person dealing damage to you. However, if you travel with a great speed (far more than normal movement, this requires an extreme knockback), and you slide at the edge of it, you might survive.

Q: Will there be spikes at the side walls like last time?
A: I don't know really, they were quite fun sometimes causing a pinball effect on players, but I will see what you think and might add it later on.

Suggestions and feedback needed
Of course all suggestions and thoughts are highly welcome! The more the merrier, no suggestion can be a bad one, and feel free to ask if there is anything grinding your gears. :thup:

Added some new images with a couple of changes of terrain and such, also featuring the current versions of the House-robots:

Some info on the current progress:
The map is being built up piece by piece, currently there is a lot of more work to do before it can even be released as an alpha, but I will try my hardest and hope to see a release eventually.

The pit is working as intended, the House-robots have their areas and models updated, and the Arena Master has taken place into the game.

The Arena Master will be the announcer, he might actually have recorded sounds by a voice actor, just for the extra awesomeness, and he will also use his magical powers for random events.

Bases are now personal. Instead of one big base everyone will now have their own little hideout at which they can buy spells/items between the fights, and even try them out.

(This is only temporary, suggestions on terrain and other edits highly appreciated.)

That's all for now, hope you like it!


I will work hard tomorrow
If you don't reduce the increment of your texture brush I'll send a horde of angry Banelings at you.


Let the game begin...
If you don't reduce the increment of your texture brush I'll send a horde of angry Banelings at you.
Hehe, sorry but texture isn't my best side really, being colorblind doesn't help much at all either... ^^

If you could help me with tips and tricks I would really appreciate it. :)


Let the game begin...

Added some new screenies and new info, check it out in the first post. Feedback, ideas and thoughts are as always highly appreciated.


New Member

Added some new screenies and new info, check it out in the first post. Feedback, ideas and thoughts are as always highly appreciated.
Hey please dont take this the wrong way, i never played the original robot wars map, but im assuming that this is based from the Robot wars gameshow?
If that is the case, i never saw any robots using spells.

My idea of a robot wars custom game, would be to start off with a basic robot, build it up by winning matches that give you money, then by upgrades etc. not spells.

But perhaps it isnt based on the Game show, if it isnt then please excuse me. :D
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