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I want to make a roleplaying map where up to four players choose their hero from a hero selection pool (i need help with that) the only problem is, i cant start the game where you dont start out with a town hall and 5 workers. (also need help) and maybe some triggered events that spawn a few creeps to attack my little zoo (its my map, it can be of whatever i want :D) so the hero gets exp. another thing, how do you make the heros level 5 creep limit off?

Edit: I iz noob at this compared to you guys
I would recommend joining a RPG team, or choosing a less... extensive... game.

To start a game without the townhall:
Go to trigger editor, go to Initiation folder, and delete the melee game setup trigger.

To spawn creeps:
Every X seconds
Create X amount of Y unit, for Neutral Hostile.
Order (newly created unit) to walk/attack to unit(zoo).

To make creeps levels higher:
Go to object editor and go to level and hold shift and click on the level variable.
to remove the starting units at the start of game go to trigger editor > Initialization > Melee Initialization and remove every action in it

for creep spawning I suggest you using loops and array rect/region variables since that the safest system as far as I know

first set all your spawning rects/regions in a array in map init

set spawn_point[1] = first region
set spawn_point[2] = second region
set spawn_point[3] = third region
set spawn_point[...] = other regions

then in another trigger

e: every x seconds of game time
a: For each [Integer A] from 1 to (number of regions you have)
          set spawn_region[Integer A] = spawn_point[Integer A]
          create x footman for Player X at spawn_region[Integer A]
          set attacking_point = (some region where you want your unit to move)
          order last created unit to attack move to attacking_point
          custom script: call RemoveLocation(udg_attacking_point)

   custom script: call RemoveLocation(udg_spawn_region[1])
   custom script: call RemoveLocation(udg_spawn_region[2])
   custom script: call RemoveLocation(udg_spawn_region[3])
   custom script: call RemoveLocation(udg_spawn_region[...])

since I'm a bad JASSer I haven't used the loop to remove locations in custom script xD
I think this is leakless but I might be wrong (it leaks only once at the very start of the map where you set the regions in spawn_point variable) and this hasn't been tested, but it should look something like that

EDIT: Fabioz, you fast :p
well thanks for answering, but by creeps i meant hero level, i cant get it to level after the hero reaches 5.
he means that hero can't get exp from creeps after he reaches level 5
I think its done in gameplay constants under hero XP gain stuff

EDIT: max hero level cap is also done in gameplay constants
if he can't get past level 5 on creeps, something's wrong :S
there's nothing you should need to change to do that.
all custom games are like that... 5 is max on creeps. then you have to level off computers or other players
I didn't understand you meant neutral(hostile) creeps.
Here's how to fix it:
Go to gameplay constatnts.
Find the field saying "Hero XP Gain - Creep Reduction Table"
Here's the percentage of XP gained from creeps per level.
as you can see the 5th number is 0 meaning 0% xp gained.
Just change these numbers and you will be fine.
now how do i make the person start out as a wisp that picks a hero out of a few in the corner?
  • Wisps
    • Events
      • Map initialization
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • Player Group - Pick every player in (All players) and do (Actions)
        • Loop - Actions
          • Unit - Create 1 Wisp for (Picked player) at (Center of (Playable map area)) facing Default building facing degrees


Spawn stuff
  • Wisps
    • Events
      • Time - Every 2.00 seconds of game time
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • Unit - Create 1 Footman for Player 1 (Red) at (Center of (Playable map area)) facing Default building facing degrees

okay? :D
oh.. and for the wisp to make hero?
  • MakeHero
    • Events
      • Unit - A unit enters Region 000 <gen>
    • Conditions
      • (Unit-type of (Entering unit)) Equal to Wisp
    • Actions
      • Unit - Create 1 Priestess of the Moon for Player 1 (Red) at (Center of (Playable map area)) facing Default building facing degrees

:D thats it... basic stuff.. :)
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