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neckface presents:​


a single-player campaign spanning four individual maps​

What is It?
Fire and Blood is a classically-themed single-player RPG in which you control a party of four heroes. Loosely inspired by Warcraft and WOW themes and lore, your group of four young adventurers explores a mystical and lavishly designed world fraught with adventure, danger, and loot.

Why Play It?
I designed Fire and Blood as a "back-to-basics" solo RPG. Initially you choose four heroes from a pool of 20 different character classes, of course making sure to balance your party between might, muscle, and healing. After the opening cinematic you are free to explore. Freely travel back and forth between overwold maps, and explore dungeons as often as you like to collect the best loot and acquire powerful abilities.

In this alpha "preview" release, the gameworld spans three separate maps--two overworld and one dungeon (my plan over time is to include 3 more dungeons and 6 more overworld zones, but at the pace I work, I feel it prudent to release just the first chapter).

  • 20 Unique Character Classes
  • 120 Custom Abilities
  • Open-World Travel
  • Agility-Based Evasion System
  • Damage Display System
  • Challenging Strategic Gameplay
  • Lush, Detailed Terrain
  • Fearsome Dungeon and Overworld Bosses
Character Classes
Of course, to attain real ultimate power you need some serious heroes! Draw your heroes from a pool of awesome and unique warriors. Each hero has 1 innate ability, which is mana free (or passive), four basic, levelable abilities, and one ultimate ability (achieved at level 7 in the alpha). The strategies you use and the gameplay experience you have is largely determined by the group heroes that you pick!

Fighter Archetypes:
(Primary Attribute: Strength. The Fighters are the shields of your party, with their innate ability to taunt and their high armor and hit points)
Warrior, Brawler, Berserker, Paladin

Thief Archetypes:
(Primary Attribute: Agility. Useful for speedy attacks and mana-independent DPS, this group has quite a few tricky abilities that serve many different purposes...from pickpocketing for gold to subduing foes and controlling combat)
Thief, Assassin, Blade Dancer, Bounty Hunter

Wizard Archetypes:
(Primary Attribute: Intelligence. These are your nukers, your big guns, and your crowd-controllers. However, once their mana runs out they are dead in the water)
Mage, Frost Mage, Stormcaller, Pyromancer

Healer Archetypes:
(Primary Attribute: Intelligence. A member of the Healer class is absolutely essential to the success of the party. While defensive by design, some of these casters also have surprising offensive abilities, especially the Shadow Priest)
Priestess, Ecomancer, Crusader, Shadow Priest

Summoner Archetypes:
(Primary Attribute: Varies. This group is the maverick, hybrid class. Each hero summons a type of pet, (or totems) to enhance their basic abilities.)
Beastmaster, Huntsman, Warlock, Shaman

The story of Fire and Blood starts very simply. Your four young heroes have lived their lives training in the martial and mystical arts with the Warmasters, an ancient and monastic military sect. The Warmasters, though very small in numbers, have a long history of aiding kingdoms in need, battling for good when their need is called for. Before any padawan can attain the title of Master, they must complete what is called the Gojun A'am--simply translated as "The Quest." However, Gojun A'am is not defined. A padawan must discover his or her purpose over the course of a yearlong journey out into the world. Our story begins on the Gojun A'am day of our four heroes, as they leave their monastery and begin their pilgrimage in search of their quest...


Where is the File?
Too big to host here. Get it here:
or here:

Model and Skin Credits
I downloaded a butt-ton of models and skins from WC3 Campaigns and the Hive for this project. I take no credit for the beautiful custom skins and models in this project. Credits:
KC -Grendel alfredx_sotn Ampharos_222 Aquis ArchonClock/Archonian /Grey Archon
Black_Stan buster Callahan Cavman Celestea CloudWolf CombatTheWombat
D.O.G. Dan van Ohllus Dentothor Deolrin Dionesiist diosilva16 erwtenpeller
eubz Fan Frankster General Frank happytauren HappyTauren
Hawkwing hellblazer-14 hortaxman jigrael Kehel Kimberly Kwaliti
Leopard Mc ! Mephestrial Mr Meesh pins PROXY [email protected] Radagast Sellenisko
shamanyouranus shiiK Skipper soulreaver6 Tarrasque THE_END Tiki wij

Thank you for reading! I welcome your feedback and bug reports.


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Would much appreciate more than just a logo and and introduction text, screenshots and game idea's/styles would be much better.

Unfortunately, the 'want' for Single Player RPG's isnt very high atm. So unless this map/campaign is going to be 5-STAR-AWESOME, you need to re-think this one.

Try find some angle that makes your RPG unique, different to the common style as there are many other RPG's out there than offer great things and are MultiPlayer.

Please supply more information on your project. Goodluck.


terrain contest winner! :) dance contest loser. :(
Thanks Inflicted. why do they put the post button next to the preview button? ;)
Anyway, I hear you about the demand. This project was made really, for myself, as it was something that I always wanted to do since I was a wee lad. But, the amount of love and care and time that went into it, I think, make it worthy of checking out, hence my post. Enjoy!


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Ah you definitely changed your initial post ;P

haha, well I'l download it on the weekend. Took a peek at the Screenshots, and it looks fairly exciting.
Shall give feedback when able.


terrain contest winner! :) dance contest loser. :(
Hi! Just wanted to bump this thread as I updated the link to the campaign file. Please check it out: I think you won't be disappointed!


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Neckface! As you said: Better late then never, so I'll be checking your maps right now. Apart from that, two questions: 1) Is it open for feedback? and 2) Couldn't quite find the campaign tutorial you told me, any links? (kinda-off topic, Ik but...)
(edit): Hm. It seems as though that filedropper is still quite angry at me, any other way you can share this campaign?
Waiting for a reply,


terrain contest winner! :) dance contest loser. :(
Hey ghosttharain, I updated the file on a few websites, and I also included one more level!
If you look at the first two maps you can see how I did the save/load code. Have fun!


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Geez, Neckface I really hate to reply this late.. I'm really sorry, but I was kinda busy. I'll gladly check it out (every.single.class if I can), do you still need some feedback?
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