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Item name: Sword of Ages
Item icon: Any Sword
Item type: Advanced
Item based on: Claws of Attack, Boots of Speed, (any aura that gives attack), Critical Strike.
Item description: Long ago this was a sword of great power, but long scince its power seemed to fade away. Maybe it still has a little?
Item tooltip: Add 40 damage, +10% movement speed, +5% attack speed, and a 30% chance to do x10 damage.


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Advanced version:
Item name: Sword of Nature
Item Icon: Nature Sword
Item type: Advanced, Special Creep (Creep = Someone or Something in description)
Item based on: Claws of Attack
Item description: This Sword has only been seen a very few times in the history, it's said that the Sword was forged by the Night Elves when they first came to this world, anyway it was stolen by someone or something, and since then it hasn't been seen.
Item tooltip: Adds 34 to the hero's attack damage and 10% life steal. Also gives a 25% chance to spawn a Treant from an enemy unit when it's killed by the carrier.|nLife stealing and Treant spawning chance does not stack.
Observate that for this trigger you need:

1. An ability, I used Brilliance Aura and changed icon and made it only target "Self".
2. An buff for the ability, I used Brilliance Aura, changed icon and description.
3. A variable called "Random_Integer"

The variable isn't neccesary though, it's possible to make the trigger without it.

Here's the trigger:

Nature Sword
        Unit - A unit Dies
        ((Killing unit) has buff Sword of Nature ) Equal to True
        Set Random_Integer = (Random integer number between 1 and 100)
        If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions)
            If - Conditions
                Random_Integer Less than or equal to 25
            Then - Actions
                Set Temp_Point = (Position of (Triggering unit))
                Wait 0.50 game-time seconds
                Special Effect - Create a special effect at Temp_Point using Abilities\Spells\Undead\DarkRitual\DarkRitualTarget.mdl
                Special Effect - Destroy (Last created special effect)
                Unit - Create 1 Treant for (Owner of (Killing unit)) at Temp_Point facing Default building facing degrees
                Unit - Add a 40.00 second Generic expiration timer to (Last created unit)
                Custom script:   call RemoveLocation (udg_Temp_Point)
            Else - Actions
                Do nothing
Originally posted by 131ackout
Everyone except for lord_dakoth get a rep...
I guess you can't give me rep :p If you remember I'd be happy if u gave me later ;)

> This item needs triggering, it's not very hard though, but still, ask me if you want to see my triggers.
No, it doesn't. You can base an ability off Orb of Lightning (New), give it a 25% chance to trigger, and replace the field where it says "purge" to Black Arrow with 0.5 duration
Yeah you're right... anyway, it's faster to do it with triggers >.>


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Item name: Dragon Armor
Item icon: Emm... idk realy
Item type: Best Items
Item based on: Frostguard
Item description: Relese the power of the dragon armor.
Item tooltip: Grants +100 in damage and +100 in armor and a Command aura and Endurance Aura


Go Weegee!
Item name: Dragon_Slayer
Item icon: Spear (if there is one)
Item type: If you have a boss make it drop from it.
Item based on: Gloves of haste
Item description: This Godly Sword was created by the dragon god himself to tame the dragons of the world. Gives 50%attack speed and a chance to strike a critical (your amount here)


Item name: Bloodpike
Item Icon: LINK
Item type: Advanced, drops from a boss.
Item based on: Cheese! :D
Item description: Gives the hero +45 damage and every attack made on the target by the hero increases the damage of your next attack by 5 (stacks, based on Incinerate)
Item tooltip: This bloodthirsty blade seems to get stronger with every attack.


Nice items...

rep to: Dragon_Lance and hasslarn. (I'll take the command aura out, because, well, it has 100+ damage. :D)

Carl-Fredrik, I do remember to give you the rep, but must spread first. :)


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Item name: Ragnorock
Item icon: ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtons\BTNArcaniteMelee.blp
Item type: Best Item
Item based on: Claws of Attack (Or maybe Orb of Fire)
Item description: An ancient sword lost a millennium ago and grants everlasting power to whoever holds it.
Item tooltip: Adds 30 extra damage (Change to whatever you want), and gives immolation to the holder.


You can change this now in User CP.
Item name: Dragon Armor
Item icon: Emm... idk realy
Item type: Best Items
Item based on: Frostguard
Item description: Relese the power of the dragon armor.
Item tooltip: Grants +100 in damage and +100 in armor and a Command aura and Endurance Aura
Really original :p


Item name: Charm of Brute Force
Item icon: Khadgar's Gem of Health
Item type: Shop item
Item based on: Gauntlets of Ogre Strength
Item description: Wearing this makes you feel strong.
Item tooltip: Gives +25 damage and +25 Strength.


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Item name: War's Claymore
Item icon: A Claymore
Item type: Best Item (Two-Handed Sword)
Item based on: A Claymore of Ares Maybe?idk
Item description: The Claymore of the god of war, Ares.
Item tooltip: +125 damage, 50% Endurance Aura that affects teammates too,but decreases enemy endurance by 10%, 25% more damage dealt for teammates nearby,

(Sorry if its too powerful, im still tryna balance items I make, feel free to nerf/buff it any way u want)


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Item name: Dragon Armor
Item icon: Emm... idk realy
Item type: Best Items
Item based on: Frostguard
Item description: Relese the power of the dragon armor.
Item tooltip: Grants +100 in damage and +100 in armor and a Command aura and Endurance Aura
How About For Item Icon, Red Scaly Armor?
Sorry if its not the brightest idea, im not very creative <-<
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