World Russia: Nearly 200 people including schoolkids ‘poisoned in Moscow after chemical leak’

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    AROUND 200 people - including school children - are reported to have been poisoned in a chemical leak just outside Moscow.

    More than 20 kids have been hospitalised after a possible hydrogen sulphide leak at the nearby Yadrovo dump, Russia's TASS news agency reported.

    Footage from Volokolamsk, home to just 23,000 people, shows hundreds of people queuing for treatment outside the local hospital.

    They were all reported to be suffering from the same symptoms - dizziness and nausea.

    A local source told TASS: "The teachers noticed the children began to feel unwell and immediately called the hospital."

    Local education chief Ekaterina Volkova later revealed the symptoms were a result of a suspected hydrogen sulphide leak.

    Read more here. (The Sun)

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